To Tell or Not to Tell-Puppet Skit

To Tell or Not to Tell-Puppet Skit

Themes: Wrong doing; Repentance; Confession, Courage; Peer Pressure; Bible story of Esther
Categories: Personal, Children, Sin, Life Situations, Topical, Bible Characters 

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Super Dude?" 

Super Dude is a puppet character who has a difficult time relating to the "human" world. His helpfulness is often misguided, as he forgets that as humans we are limited in our own abilities, and that what the world says, and what God says are often different.

A young girl contemplates telling the truth, after she commits a terrible act

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Melissa: (wailing) What am I going to do? I should have never helped Karen and Sarah! I feel awful! (sobs loudly)

(Super Dude flies in)

Super Dude: Watch out! (He barely misses Melissa and crashes into the ground. He gets up slowly) Aaarrgh, I’ve got to get that landing down!

Melissa: Who are you? Wait a minute, I think I know you. You’re that hero guy, Super Doop.

SD: That’s Super Dude!

Melissa: Oh, right.

SD: I couldn’t help but overhearing you as I was flying by. I do have super hearing, you know. Is there anything I might be able to help you with?

Melissa: (sobbing on Super Dude’s shoulder) I can’t take it anymore, Super Dude! The guilt is terrible! (sobs louder)

SD: Why don’t you tell me what happened, and we’ll see if I can help.

Melissa: It’s about the new girl who just moved in across the street. One night, some of my friends and I threw rotten eggs at her window.

SD: Why would you do that?

Melissa: My friends all think Janie is weird. She and her family do some things in a way that’s different than most of the people we know, and because of that, my other friends don’t like Janie.

SD: So you thought it would be a good idea to throw rotten eggs at her window?