Survivor Serengeti Puppet Skits-Puppet Set

Survivor Serengeti Puppet Skits-Puppet Set

Themes: God uses ordinary people; Sportsmanship, Willing to try new things, Focusing on the future; With God all things are possible, Expect the unexpected, Never be afraid to try; Friendship; Revenge, Unfair treatment, Betrayal; Cheating, Pressure, Perfection, Shame, Guilt; Consequences of sin, Bad choices, Revenge, Personal attacks; Redemption, Perseverance, Forgiveness
Categories: Personal, Children, Topical, Bible Characters 

A Game of Survival: Adventure begins when eight puppet characters are marooned on the plains of Africa's Serengeti, where they compete for the title of "Ultimate Survivor." Each week the puppet characters face challenges and depending on their performance, it could get them voted off the safari permanently.  Their goal is to be the only person not voted off the safari, thereby winning the title of " Ultimate Survivor," and a grand prize trip. 

Skit 1:  Introduction of Characters

8 Characters are introduced and they compete in their first challenge of building a statue from popsicle sticks

Skit 2:  Worm in the Apple

After the last challenge of eating apples with  worms in them, the players contemplate their futures in the game

Skit 3: Nothing is Impossible

One of the players thinks the game is all over for him, when he discovers the next challenge involves something he doesn't know how to do: swim

Skit 4:  The Alliance

Two of the characters decide to form an alliance, hoping to eliminate the others

Skit 5:  The Sabotage

One player feels betrayed by the others, so he sabotages the game for an unsuspecting person

Skit 6:  Caught Cheating

One player experiences guilt after cheating on a challenge

Skit 7:  Enough is Enough

One player goes against his better judgment and gets "even" with another player

Skit 8:  The Winner

After a long and trying game, the winner is finally announced


These skits may be purchased as a set only. The skits build upon each other and should not be used individually.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 9 (4 Male, 4 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
No in set: 8
Excerpt (Sample)


A bow for Angelina’s hair, any color

A pair of glasses for Dexter

2 t-shirts, one for Johnny and one for Dave

A team jersey and a headband for Shamequa

A military type shirt or camouflage shirt, and a hat to match for Sarge

A pink or pastel colored shirt for Sweet Sue, with matching hair ribbon or bow for her hair

A big flowered shirt or boy’s masculine shirt for Madge

An "update page"—a piece of colored paper to be used to update the kids on how the first challenge went

Ballot box

Ballots with names of puppet to be voted off

TEACHER: (In front of stage, talking to kids. The following words can be read as is, or can be paraphrased.) How many of you have either heard about or watch the t'v. show "Survivor?" Well, here in our classroom we are going to have our own version of that show. I want to welcome you all to I Survived! Serengeti Safari. (Puppets behind state simultaneously go Ssssssss!) The Serengeti, not to be confused with spaghetti, is a place located in the wild lands of Africa. For the next 8 weeks we will watch a group of courageous contestants battle the stifling heat, wild animals, and other dangers of these African lands, in order to win the ultimate prize—a trip to Disneyland to meet the head cheese himself, Mickey Mouse.

Here at our Serengeti Safari (puppets go Sssssss!) the name of the game is to outwit, outlast and outplay the other opponents. That means that only the smartest, the bravest and the most courageous person will win.

Each week, our players will face a series of challenges and tests. If they pass the test, they get a reward. If they don’t pass, they get nothing. At the end of each week, each player will vote for one person they want to see leave the Serengeti Safari. (Sssss!) The player with the most votes must leave the Serengeti and return home. The object of the game is to be the last player left. Whoever is left at the end of the game wins the trip to Disneyland and the chance to meet Mickey Mouse.

Are there any questions?

Now, let’s meet our players. (One by one the puppets pop up and introduce themselves. Whey they are finished they pop back down and the next puppet pops up so there should only be one puppet "on stage" at a time.)

ANGELINA: (snooty, prissy) Hello everyone. My name is Angelina. I just want to say that if I had known there wasn’t going to be any electricity on this Serengeti Safari (Sssss) I wouldn’t have come in the first place. I mean, how am I supposed to blow dry and curl my hair? And my skin is far too delicate for this blistering heat. I need some moisturizer in the worst way. Can anyone direct me to the nearest JC Penney’s? (she exits)

DEXTER: (arrogant) Good day everyone. My name is Dexter and my plan is simple--I’m going to win this game because I’m so smart. If you gave me a Q-tip, some dental floss and a curtain, I could build you a house. I was also the only person to discover what the secret ingredient was in the McDonald’s Big Mac. And when playing the game of "Clue" I always know who committed the crime, with what, and in which room. Winning this game will be a piece of cake. Nobody here can match my brains and intellect. (exits)

JOHNNY: (friendly, outgoing) Hi. My name is Johnny. I came here to play this game because I thought it would be fun to make some new friends. Back home, I like to ride my bike and play with frogs. I’m a pretty good swimmer too, so I hope we get to do a lot of that here. I’d like to win this game, but if I don’t, I’ll be happy if I can just make a new friend. I wish everyone good luck! (exits)

SHAMEQUA: Howdy. My name is Shamequa and I just love playing sports! I love basketball, baseball, volleyball and soccer. I run track at my school and I’ve won lots of awards. I would play football too but the boys won’t let a girl play on their team. I think it’s just ‘cause they know I play better than most of them and they don’t want to be outplayed by a girl. Anyway, I think I can win this thing because I’m in great shape. I can outlast anyone on this team! (exits)

SARGE: (very gruff) People call me Sarge. I don’t take orders from anyone! I’m always right and my way is always best. If you disagree with me you’ll be sorry. I think I’ll win this game for two reasons--First, because I deserve it. I’m in excellent condition, I’m smart and I’m rough and tough. And I can be sneaky if I have to be. Second, because the other players will be too scared of me to vote me off. They’re all a bunch of wimps! I’ve got this game in the bag! (exits)

SWEET SUE: (in southern style) Hi y’all. People call me Sweet Sue because I’m just soooooo sweet! I’d never hurt a fly and I’m super nice to everyone. I try to see the best in people and I’d do anything I could to help someone in need. I don’t know if I’ll win this competition or not but I think I’ll be around until the end because I’m just tooooo sweet to vote off. I wish we could all go to Disneyland to meet Mickey, but since we can’t, I’ll just wish everyone the best of luck. Do your best y’all! (exits)

DAVE: (shy) Hi. My name is Dave. I’m just an ordinary guy. I came here because I’ve always wanted to visit Africa and I thought this would be a good adventure for me. I’m hoping I’ll get to see lion or a wildebeest but not up too close! I don’t know if I have what it takes to win this game or not. I’m not very athletic or overly smart so I don’t know if I’ll be able to pass the challenges. I do have courage though. I’m not afraid to fail so I don’t mind trying new things. Maybe that will be enough. If not, at least I tried. (exits)

MAGDE: (mean and rough) Yeah, I’m Madge. I didn’t have a problem coming to the Serengeti because I like to sweat and get dirty and I don’t care if I take a shower or not. I’m not here to make friends or to see big animals—I’m here to win this game, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to make sure I win. I’m strong and I’m tough and nobody will play this game better than me. I’m here to win! (exits)

TEACHER: Well, there are our 8 contestants. Now that you’ve had a chance to meet them, the players are off to face their first challenge. We’ll check back later and see how they did. We’ll also find out who will be the first to get voted off Serengeti Safari. (Sssss!)