Super Who-Puppet Skit

Super Who-Puppet Skit

Themes: Being sensitive to the abilities of others; Strengths and weaknesses; Making new friends
Categories: Personal, Friendship, Children, Topical 

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Super Dude?" 

Super Dude is a puppet character who has a difficult time relating to the "human" world. His helpfulness is often misguided, as he forgets that as humans we are limited in our own abilities, and that what the world says, and what God says are often different.

Introduction of Super Dude: Two boys struggle to find something fun to do

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (3 Male)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Brian: What do you want to do today, Chad?

Chad: Want to play frisbee?

Brian: Naah, we did that yesterday.

Chad: How about watching t'v.?

Brian: No, too boring.

Chad: Then you come up with something, Brian.

Brian: Play baseball?

Chad: With only two people? I don’t think so.

Brian: There’s got to be something fun we can do.

Chad: (looking up) Hey, what’s that?

Brian: It looks like a bird.

Chad: It’s not a bird.

Brian: Okay, it’s a plane then.

Chad: It’s not a plane either.

Brian: Then what is it?

Super Dude (SD): (yelling) Look out below! (Super Dude quickly flies in and

crashes right into Chad, knocking him down.