Super Dude Puppets 3-Puppet Set

Super Dude Puppets 3-Puppet Set

Themes: Waiting on God; Dependence on God; Be Alert; Seeking God's Will: Bible story of Gideon; Thinking of others; "The Golden Rule"; Unselfishness; Helping others; Loyalty; Bible story of Ruth; Faith; Trust; Obedience; Precision; Bible story of Noah; Prayer; Fighting; Bullies; Standing up for yourself; Holding true to your beliefs; Bible story of Daniel
Categories: Personal, Children, Topical, Bible Characters 

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Super Dude?" 

Super Dude is a puppet character who has a difficult time relating to the "human" world. His helpfulness is often misguided, as he forgets that as humans we are limited in our own abilities, and that what the world says, and what God says are often different.

Skit 1:  Give Me a Sign

A boy searches for a sign that he should try out for the school basketball team

Skit 2:  A'Camping We Will Go

A boy contemplates the pros and cons of going on a camping trip with his little brother

Skit 3:  Float Your Boat

Noah asks for help in building the Ark

Skit 4:  Fight or Flight

A boy is bullied for praying at school


These skits may also be purchased individually.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (3 Male)
There are different characters for each skit.
Length: 3-5 minutes
No in set: 4
Excerpt (Sample)

Props: Blue dog, pink horse, pink fish w/purple stripes

(These can be pictures glued to a popsicle stick)

Gil: Okay God, if you really want me to do this, then just give me a sign. Any sign.

SD: (flying out of control overhead) Hey you, down there—watch out! INCOMMMMIIIINNNGGG!! (He crash lands right next to Gil—He pops up, dusting himself off) Hey there little guy. Sorry about that.

Gil: Is this the sign God?

SD: Sign? What sign?

Gil: Well, I was asking God to show me a sign if He wanted me to do something I was asking him about, and then all of a sudden you fell out of the sky. So, I was wondering if you were my sign.

SD: Well, as you can see, I am not a sign, nor am I carrying any sign. I am a super hero. I’m SuperDude!

Gil: Well, you still fell out of the sky right when I was asking God to send me a sign.

SD: Technically, I didn’t fall from the sky. I had a bit of a sniffle earlier so I took some cold medicine, but then I started to feel dizzy, so I thought I’d come down here and rest for a few minutes.

Gil: It looked like you fell to me.

SD: Let’s not argue over a technicality. As long as I’m here, is there anything I can help you with? Perhaps I can help you find this sign you are looking for. What does it look like?

Gil: I don’t know.

SD: What do you mean you don’t know? How will you know when you’ve found it if you don’t know what it looks like?

Gil: Well, it’s not an actual sign. It’s more like an idea or a concept.

SD: Okay, you’ve lost me. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Gil: Maybe it will help if I explain why I’m looking for a sign.