A'Camping We Will Go-Puppet Skit

A'Camping We Will Go-Puppet Skit

Themes: Thinking of others; "The Golden Rule"; Unselfishness; Helping others; Loyalty; Bible story of Ruth
Categories: Family, Children, Topical, Bible Characters 

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Super Dude?" 

Super Dude is a puppet character who has a difficult time relating to the "human" world. His helpfulness is often misguided, as he forgets that as humans we are limited in our own abilities, and that what the world says, and what God says are often different.

A boy contemplates the pros and cons of going on a camping trip with his little brother

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (2 Male)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Brad: (calling) Super Dude! Hey Super Dude, where are you? I need to talk to you. Super Dude!

SD: (enters) I heard your troubled cry my man. Super Dude is here to help. What seems to be the problem?

Brad: Super Dude, have you ever had a little brother?

SD: No, can’t say that I have. I did have a pet lizard once—is that the same thing?

Brad: Not really, but maybe you can help me anyway. I need some advice.

SD: Then you’ve come to the right place. Giving advice is what I do best. Fire away.

Brad: Well, my little brother Jimmy is supposed to go on a camping trip with some of the boys from his Sunday school class. He was really looking forward to it, but then his best friend, Craig, got chicken pox and now Craig won’t be able to go.

SD: I see. So, you’ve called upon me to help you find a cure for your brother’s friend’s chicken pox. I suggest taking a big box of oatmeal, mixing in some water and flour to form a paste, then have Craig rub it all over his body.

Brad: Does that really help get rid of chicken pox?

SD: Not exactly, but he’ll have so much fun making such a big mess that he’ll forget he has chicken pox.

Brad: I’ll keep that in mind. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. See, since Craig can’t go on the camping trip, Jimmy wants me to go instead. Do you think I should go?