Survivor Hawaii Puppet Skits-Puppet Set

Survivor Hawaii Puppet Skits-Puppet Set

Themes: Wisdom, Foolishness; Focus, Keep your eyes on God, Vanity; Compassion, Sensitivity to others, Helping, Serving, Friendship; Faith, All things are possible with God, Supporting others, Teamwork; Staying Alert, Being Prepared; Forgiveness, Compassion, Redemption, Second Chances, Understanding
Categories: With God, Personal, Children, Life Situations, Topical, Bible Characters 

A Game of Survival: Adventure begins when seven puppet characters are marooned on the beautiful island of Hawaii's Kauai. Each week the puppet characters face challenges and depending on their performance, it could get them voted off the safari permanently. This time, each puppet is allowed one luxury item from home to help make their stay on the islands a little easier.  Their goal is to be the only person not voted off the safari, thereby winning the title of " Ultimate Survivor," and an  appearance on a t.v. show.

Skit 1:  Introduction of Characters

6 Characters are introduced and they compete in their first challenge of building a hut

Skit 2:  I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

One player loses a challenge because he loses  focus on his task

Skit 3:  Thanks for the Help

One player blows a big challenge in order to lend a helping hand to another

Skit 4:  Gone Fishing

When players must work in teams for their challenge, one player hopes she doesn't let her team mate down

Skit 5:  While You Were Away

A player misses out on a huge reward because she wasn't alert

Skit 6:  The Winner

After a severe near mishap, the winner is finally announced


These skits may be purchased as a set only.  The skits build upon each other and should not be used individually.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 8 (4 Male, 3 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
No in set: 6
Excerpt (Sample)

Props: All items should fit in puppet’s hands (Use rubber bands or Velcro to hold in place)


Caterpillar in jar (can be a paper caterpillar or pipe cleaner in a clear plastic cup)

Fishing pole (made from string and a dowel rod)

Drum sticks


Broom (from a play set or something very small)

Joke book

Teacher: I want to welcome everyone to I’m a Survivor! Tribal Hawaii. This is going to be very similar to the game on t'v. "Survivor" but if you’re not familiar with that show, then let me explain how all of this is going to work.

We are going to have 7 contestants playing a game of survival on an island in Hawaii. The only food our contestants will have to eat is what they can find on the island—things like fish, coconuts, bananas etc. Except for their clothes, the players must leave everything else at home. The only exception is what we will call a "luxury item." This is something each player feels they cannot live without while they are in Hawaii. This could be a toothbrush, a wash rag, deodorant or whatever the player wants. Only one luxury item per person is allowed.

Each day our players will compete in a challenge or a test. Whoever wins will get a reward, but whoever loses will get nothing! Every day, each player will vote for one person they want to see leave the island. The player with the most votes must leave Hawaii and return home. That player will not be back the next day. The object of the game is to be the last player left. Whoever is left at the end of the game will win a chance to appear on t'v. in a music video.

So, the name of this game is outwit, outlast and outplay the other opponents. Only the smartest, the bravest and most courageous person will win.

Now, let’s meet our players.

(One by one the puppets pop up and introduce themselves. When they are finished they pop back down, and the next puppet pops up, so there should only be one puppet "on stage" at a time.)

CHAZ: (conceited, self-absorbed--enters with a mirror in his hand) Hey. My name is Chaz. (looking in the mirror, patting his hair) I’m sooo cool, and I’m also the best looking guy on this island, or anywhere in the world for that matter. I brought this mirror with me as my luxury item because I just couldn’t go six whole weeks without looking at myself! Man, am I gorgeous! If it was up to looks alone, I’d win this game in a heartbeat. But even if I don’t win, at least I gave you all a thrill just by letting you be around someone as good-looking as me. I’ve got to go now and practice my charming smile. See ya around kids. (exits)

CHELSEA: (air-headed, ditsy—she has pom-poms in her hands) Hi everyone. I’m Chelsea. Isn’t that Chaz a dream! He’s sooo handsome! Whenever he smiles at me I feel all goofy inside and I think I’m going to faint. If I don’t win this game, I hope he does. What a hunk! (In cheerleading fashion, she jumps and yells, as a cheerleader would, rooting for her favorite team) Goooo Chaz! In case you can’t tell, I’m the head cheerleader at my school. I brought my pom-poms with me because I just love to do cheers! (As she does her next cheer, she should wave her pom-poms and jump up and down again like a cheerleader) Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar…..All for Survivor, stand up and holler! Yeaaaa Survivor! Anyway, I can’t wait to play this game. Wish me luck! (exits)

PETE: (has a fishing pole in his hand) Hi everybody. I’m Pete. I’m sure glad I got to come to Hawaii. I love the water! I like to swim and sail, and go boating. I also love to fish. That’s why I brought my handy-dandy fishing pole with me. I’m hoping I can catch us some good fish to eat while we’re out here. When I’m not fishing, I like to play baseball and hang out with my friends at home. I think I have a good chance of winning this game because I’m a hard worker and can do a lot of different things pretty well. But you never know, all the other people out here have a good shot too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. See ya later. (exits)

BOOMER: (has drumsticks in her hand) Hey everyone. My name is Boomer. I guess people call me that because I love to play the drums and I don’t go anywhere without my drumsticks. I’ve got this great big set of drums at home that I got for my birthday one year, and whenever I’m not doing something else, I’m playing my drums. I don’t have to have my drums to play on though, I can play on anything. Watch. (she begins to bang the drums on the puppet stage) Pretty cool, huh? My neighbors say I drive them crazy with all my banging and drumming, but maybe things will be different here in Hawaii. I sure hope I win this game. I’d love to play my drums on t'v. in a music video. Sure hope I get the chance. I guess we’ll find out soon. See ya around. (exits)

STANLEY: (He has a caterpillar in a jar) Hi. My name is Stanley. This is my friend, Squire. (He holds up the jar)(exits) He’s a caterpillar and he’s one of my favorite bugs. I found him down the street where I live about a month ago, and he’s been with me ever since. Whenever I get sad, I like to hold Squire and let him crawl up my arm. It tickles and it always makes me laugh, which helps me feel better. I love all kinds of bugs really, but Squire is my favorite. At home, I have a great big indoor garden with lots of flowers and plants. I keep all kinds of bugs inside, but none that could hurt the plants, of course. I think it’s fun to go out there and poke around in the dirt and watch the bugs. It’s not for everyone but I like it. That’s why I think I’ll do well here on the island—a lot of people are afraid of bugs, but not me. Well, it’s time to feed Squire, so I’ve got to go. Catch ya later.

LYLA: (Has a broom in her hand) Hi kids. My name is Lyla. I don’t like for things to be messy or dirty. That’s why I brought this broom with me, so I could keep things neat and clean. There sure is a lot of dirt and sand on this island. I’ll probably be busy sweeping quite often. I noticed that some of the other players are pretty messy: they’ve got clothes laying around all over the place and the sand has started to get into everything already. I don’t know how they stand it! I try to keep my area as clean as possible. You won’t find dirt anywhere near me! Oh no, I see a pile of dirt right over there. I better go clean it up before it gets any worse. See you later kids. (exits)

WILLIE JACK: (has a joke book in his hand—he enters telling a joke) "What did the teddy bear say when asked if he wanted dessert?" (waits a second, then gives the answer) He said, "No thanks, I’m stuffed!" Haaa Haaaa! (laughs hysterically at his own joke) Get it? Teddy Bears are stuffed animals, and the Teddy Bear said he was stuffed, which meant he was full. Get it? Isn’t that a great joke? I just love that one! Haaa Haaa! (He finally settles down) Hi, I’m Willie Jack, by the way. I brought my joke book along with me because I just love jokes. I like to tell jokes, I like to read jokes, and I like to play jokes on other people. At home they say I’m a "class clown" because I’m always getting in trouble for joking around. I don’t know what the big deal is….a little joke never hurt anybody. I can’t wait to try out some of my new jokes on these other players here in Hawaii. I’ve got a million of ‘em! I don’t know if I’ll end up winning this game or not, but I’m sure gonna have fun for as long as I’m here! I’m going to go practice telling some more jokes, so I’ll catch up to you some other time. Later taters. (exits)

TEACHER: Well, there you have it. There’s our 7 contestants for Tribal Hawaii. They’ll be back later so we can see how they all did on their first challenge and also to see who is the first to be voted off.