An Uncontrollable Story-Full Length Play


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An Uncontrollable Story-Full Length Play

Themes: Joseph and his coat of many colors (loosely); computer technology; character revolt; things aren't always what they seem

When Samantha (Sam) begins writing a modern day version of the Bible story "Joseph and his coat of many colors," she is
surprised to see her characters come to life and begin making "changes" to her storyline. Sam insists she is the writer and they
must do what she tells them; however, the characters have other ideas and refuse to say the lines Sam writes for them.  As Sam
tries to convince the characters to see things her way, suddenly a strange computer virus shows up that affects people and places Sam has never heard of, which seems somewhat impossible.

But that's just the beginning of the bizarre  events that begin to take place, like her main character (Joe) suddenly disappearing,
weird fainting spells for Sam, and a revolt that leads fictional characters to write Sam out of her own story.  But when Joe
reappears and needs Sam's help to keep them all alive, Sam is nowhere to be found. In the end, it's up to Joe to save them all.
But along the way Joe makes an interesting discovery, something that no one, not even Sam could have ever wrote or predicted!

With a surprise ending your audience will never see coming, this play is as fun to watch as it is to perform!


This play was originally written for a group of young actors (jr. high - high school) in our town who were interested in performing in a community play. 

There are no "royalties" to perform this play--you may present it as many times as you wish, as long as the same person or organization is the same as the one who purchased the play. (In other words, please do not share copies of the script with those who have not purchased it.)

One complete script book per character, plus an additional five books, will be mailed to you.  This full length play may not be downloaded online.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 15 (5 Male, 10 Female)
Length: 45-60 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Act One: Scene One


Setting:           At beginning of play, Sam sits off to the side of the stage in front of the curtain, with a desk and laptop.  She will remain here throughout most of the play.  The first few pages of the scene are done in front of the curtain.  The curtain does not open until Act. 2. Until then, Joe enters and stands in front of curtain.)


(Sam sits off to the side of the stage, talking as she types) 


Sam:                Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there lived a young boy.


(Joe enters and stands center stage)


Sam:                He was a handsome boy with kind eyes and a nice smile.


(Joe smiles widely at audience)


Sam:                This boy...


Joe:                  (interrupts, speaks directly to Sam) I need a name.


Sam:                Excuse me?


Joe:                  I need a name.  You can't keep calling me "this boy."  Give me a name.


Sam:                Okay, your name is... (thinking)


Joe:                  I'm waiting.


Sam:                Just give me a minute.  (pause, thinking) Your name is...(pause) Frankie.


Joe:                  No.


Sam:                Ralph?


Joe:                  (disbelieving) Ralph? 


Sam:                Larry?


Joe:                  Get serious.


Sam:                Okay, your name is...Oh, I know: (authoritatively) Ridge. 


Joe:                  (skeptical) Ridge?  What kind of name is that?


Sam:                It's a strong name. 


Joe:                  It's a soap opera name. 


Sam:                It holds authority.


Joe:                  It holds the side of a cliff.  Not Ridge. This is important.  My name is pivotal to the story.


Sam:                Then what do you suggest?


(Joe gives her a knowing look) 


Joe:                  Why not Joseph?


Sam:                It's a little predictable.


Joe:                  But it fits.  How about Joe?


Sam:                I like it. Okay Joe it is.  Can I get on with my story now?


Joe:                  (shakes his head "no") What's your name?


Sam:                What difference does it make?


Joe:                  It makes a difference to me.  I'd like to know your name.


Sam:                You know, you really shouldn't be talking to me anyway.  It's very distracting.


Joe:                  (bows) Excuse me your highness.


Sam:                (sighs and rolls her eyes) Look, I didn't mean it like that.  My name is Samantha.


Joe:                  (bouncing back) Hi Sam, nice to meet you.  Now, get on with the story will you, you're wasting valuable time.


Sam:                (smiles) Thank you. (thinks for a moment) Now, where was I?


Joe:                  I had kind eyes and a nice smile.  (pause) And I was smart.


Sam:                How do you know you're smart?


Joe:                  I'm a character in a story and I'm talking back to the author.  Of course I'm smart.  Right?


Sam:                Yeah, you're smart. 


Joe:                  I knew it.


Sam:                Look Joe, don't get too cocky with me, or I'll change the lead character from Joseph to Josephine.  Get it?


(Girl enters from backstage)


Girl:                  I'll do it!  (raises her hand high) Pick me!  Pick me!


Sam:                (to Joe) Are you gonna behave?


Joe:                  (shyly) Yes, ma'am.


Sam:                I think I'll stick with Joe for now.


Girl:                  (sad, dejected, with her head down) Oh.


Sam:                But don't worry.  I'll use you later. 


Girl:                  (excited) You will?


Sam:                I will.


Girl:                  (hopeful) Promise?


Sam:                I promise.  Now, let me get back to work.


Girl:                  (salutes her) Yes, ma'am!


Sam:                Let's see.... ah, yes...Joe was kind and thoughtful. 


(Joe smiles and "gushes" over Sam's words)


Sam:                And he was a computer genius.


Joe:                  (shocked) I am?


Sam:                Yes.  Now be quiet.  Joe's mother had died a few years ago...


Joe:                  (suddenly sad) She did?


Sam:                I'm afraid so.


Joe:                  How?


Sam:                Car accident.


Joe:                  But that's so sad.  Can't you change it?


Sam:                Sorry Joe, but no, I can't change it.  Like you said before, it's pivotal to the story.


Joe:                  Why?


Sam:                Because if you're mom was still around, your dad would have no reason to be remarried and you wouldn't have stepbrothers and sisters.   


Joe:                  I have brothers?


Sam:                Well, you have one stepbrother, one sister and three stepsisters.


Joe:                  Four sisters? No, I gotta have some more bros so we can shoot some hoops, play a little football and do other guy stuff.


Sam:                You don't shoot hoops and play football. 


Joe:                  Why not?


Sam:                You're a computer geek, remember?


Joe:                  Computer genius.


Sam:                Whatever.  Computer geniuses aren't interested in sports.


Joe:                  Says who?


Sam:                Says, me!  I'm the writer!


Joe:                  But Sam...


Sam:                (calling offstage) Oh, Josephine!


(Girl peeks her head hopefully through center curtains)


Joe:                  Okay, okay, no sports.  I'm a computer genius.  (he shoos Josephine away-the girl bites her bottom lip in sadness, then disappears behind stage)         So, I've got a little sister....


Sam:                Jessie.


Joe:                  A stepbrother...


Sam:                Tony.  (hesitantly) And Joe?


Joe:                  Yes.


Sam:                Don't get mad, but he is an athlete.


Joe:                  Come on, Sam you're killing me here!


Sam:                But Joe...


Joe:                  I know, it's pivotal to the story.


Sam:                Yes.


Joe:                  Okay, I'll live with it.


Sam:                Your stepsisters are: Jackie, Sharon and Nancy.


Joe:                  (fake smile) Great.


Sam:                And that's where our story begins. 


Joe:                  Awesome.  Where should I stand?


Sam:                I'm afraid you're not in the beginning of the story.  You shouldn't even be here now.


Joe:                  Where am I then?


Sam:                You took your little sister out for ice-cream after school.


Joe:                  (displeased) Ice-cream?


Sam:                What can I say--you're a nice guy. Now, get out of here, so I can do some work.


Joe:                  You're the boss.  (salutes her and runs offstage)


Sam:                Finally.  Now, maybe I can write without all these distractions.


Joe:                  (offstage) I heard that!


Sam:                Go eat your ice-cream!


(End of sample)