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Christian Living-Life Situations Drama Sets


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Eye of the Storm - Drama
A group of teens is in for some stormy weather, in more ways than one.
Themes: Weathering the storms of life, God's protection during difficult times
Characters: 6 Length: 3-5 minutes Number in Set: 3
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(17 Skits) 
Reporting from BethlehemA reporter tries to get the scoop on baby Jesus
A Modern Day BirthWhat if Jesus had been born in today's world?
The Christmas AdditionTraditions clash when old decor meets the nativity
Operation GrinchTeens learn Christmas isn't just about presents
The Ginger Man's ChristmasA gingerbread man comes to life & spreads cheer.
Gathering of AngelsAngels need to tell humans about Jesus birth
If There Was No JesusWhat if Jesus was never born
Love is the Greatest GiftHoliday characters learn why love is the best gift
Room with a ViewJesus birth from the animal's perspective
A Manger SceneThe traditional story told with a bit of humor
The Greatest Gift of AllThe real reason for Christmas
The Popularity ContestIs there room for Santa and Jesus?
Christ in ChristmasActivities done in the spirit of Christmas
Hark on the ArkThankfulness on the ark
Shine OnJesus Light Shining in us
I'm So BlueBeing special in God's eyes
Traditional ValuesCompromise and uniting as one
Marthin Luther King Jr. Day
(3 Skits) 
The WitnessesMartin Luther King Jr's life & death remembered
FulfillmentPast meets present
I Have a DreamContributions of Martin Luther King
Black History Month
(23 Skits) 
Dreams Begin with DreamersThe impact of the dreamers in our history
PersevereObama speaks to Mandela and Marting Luther King
The WitnessesMartin Luther King Jr's life & death remembered
Hair We Go AgainMadam C.J. Walker's hair care beginnings
Night WatchLincoln to sign the Emancipation Proclamation
Color My WorldChildren learn being different isn't always bad
Color My World at SchoolChildren learn being different isn't always bad
Peanut GalleryGeorge Wshington Carver & the peanut
Unforgettable OA fun tribute to Oprah Winfrey
This Means WarCivil War statues come to life in a museum
Use Me UpA tribute to the life work of Oprah Winfrey
ReminiscingAfrican American icons reflect on their lives
Name that ContributorA guessing game of Black History
Call to WorshipWorship during slavery
Thrill RideAppreciation for Michael Jackson's life work
Going UnderA slave family escapes to freedom
Symbols of FreedomVarious voices in black history
FulfillmentPast meets present
Invention ConnectionAfrican American Inventors
I Have a DreamContributions of Martin Luther King
GenerationsChanges in black history
The Seat of her PantsRosa Parks
The Future is HistoryContributions to Black History
Valentine's Day
(17 Skits) 
Oh, the Places You Can GoA young couple analyzes their future together
Hillbilly LoveOpposites attract
The Perfect BlendComparisons of marraige to a good cup of coffee
My ValentineFour children learn about sharing God's love
Pretty Woman at the WellMelodrama about the woman at the well
Sweet AdelineA woman wants more romance from her husband
Games People PlayA couple manipulate each other to get their way
Seasonal ConceptsEvery marriage experiences ups and downs
Cupid's ArrowA husband and wife switch roles
Would You Be MineCompromise in relationships
Classic MilesMaintaining your relationship
God's ValentineGod's Love
Light My FireRekindling the romance
Looking for LoveDefining Love
I Love You, ButMarriage relationships
Love Me TenderMeeting each other's needs
How Do I Love TheeGod's Love