Spring Has Sprung-Drama Skit

Spring Has Sprung-Drama Skit

Themes: Spiritual spring cleaning; ridding yourself of old sins & habits; letting others help you; friendship; recognizing destructive patterns in your life
Categories: Relationships, Topical, Sin, Life Situations, Christian Living, Friendship, Women's Ministry 

Jane is surrounded: she's got over-flowing cabinets full of negative thoughts, bad habits and excessive junk food. Piles of past and present sins are stacked on her floor, as well as mounds of obligations she's committed herself to.  Her floor rug is lumpy from everything she "sweeps under the rug," like all the little "white lies" she often tells. Jane is tired and weary but help is on the way!  Two friends show up at her door to help her do a little "spring cleaning."  Once Jane clears away the clutter, she begins to see her life in a new light.  


This skit requires the use of several "every day" props, and has an alternate ending, so you choose which one best fits your theme.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (4 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

SettingA room in a house.

 PropsThis skit requires some creative use of props.  Stacks of magazines and papers surround the woman in the skit.  Also on stage are cabinets packed full of all kinds of things. Items could be hanging out of them as well.  Cardboard boxes or crates, laundry baskets etc. could be used to represent the cabinets, and other smaller boxes could be wrapped and placed inside the larger .cabinet. boxes with the names of various items or activities from the skit written on the outside of the box.  For instance, small boxes could be covered with the words 'negative thinking. on them.  For some of the food items, actual boxes or empty containers could be used.  A rug should be placed on the floor with crumpled up pieces of papers underneath it.  The rug should be obviously lumpy and uneven.  A Bible should be on one of the stacks, and be covered with dust.  (Any kind of powdered substance works good for this, like baby powder or baking soda etc.) Other props: A chair, trash bags, dust cloths, pen, paper, and a broom & dust pan, and a wrapped gift will also be needed.   

(Jane sits in a chair, looking wearied and frazzled) 

Jane:    (looking around) What a mess!  (she picks up the pen and writes

something on a  piece of paper)

 (A knock at the door is heard.) 

Jane(calling) Who is it? 

Pat:      (off stage) As if you didn't know!  

Jane:   Hi Pat. 

Fran:    And Fran! 

Pat:      It's spring-cleaning time! 

Fran:    (off stage) We're here to help! 

Jane:     (panicked) I don't need any help spring-cleaning.  Thanks anyway! 

Pat:      (off stage) Don't be silly! We all need spring-cleaning. 

Jane:   Not me!  I've got everything under control.   

Fran:    (off stage) Let us in, Jane!  

Jane:   I appreciate the offer but no thanks! Go away! 

Pat:      I know where you keep your spare key!

Jane:   (sighs heavily) All right, all right. Just a minute. (In a rush, Jane crumples up the paper she was writing on and lifts up the rug, where lots of other crumpled up papers already lie, and throws the paper into the rest of the large pile, then puts the rug back down.) 

Jane:   (calling) Come on in. 

(Pat and Fran enter with a broom & dust pan and some trash bags) 

Pat:      (looking around) It looks like we got here just in time! 

Jane:     (embarrassed) Look, I know the place is a mess but I'll get to it eventually.  Really, you don't have to stay.  

Pat:      You've been saying that for months. We're doing this today. 

Fran:    Where do you want us to start? 

Jane:   At the neighbor's house? 

Fran:    (laughsand snorts) Oh Janie, you're a riot! 

Pat:      How about over there with the cabinets? 

(Jane runs to the cabinets and spreads her arms out over them as if to guard them) 

Jane:   No!  

Pat:      Jane, you're acting so weird!  What's wrong with you? 

Jane:    Nothing!  I just meant, there's nothing in here of any importance.  No need to poke around in these puppies. 

Fran:    (pulling Jane out of the way) Don't be silly!  You're cabinets are overflowing.   

Pat:      Yeah, you definitely need some help organizing all that stuff.  Let us help. 

Fran:    So, what do we have here?  (she pulls a few boxes off of the shelf) Hmmm, negative thoughts'negative thoughts about the youth director's program last Sunday.'negative thoughts about the new neighbors moving in across the street.'negative thoughts about how your husband, Bob, reacted to dinner last night.. Well, this won't do at all.  Let's just put a bubble around all these negative thoughts and blow them away. 

(she uses her hands to form an imaginary bubble around each box--she lifts her
hands to her mouth holding the imaginary bubble, and in a .corny. way she very sweetly blows the bubbles away, then throws the boxes in the trash bag.  The more she .over acts. this, the better) 

Fran:    There, all better! (she looks in the cabinet again, and pulls out several more boxes of negative thoughts)  Uh-oh, what's this?  More negative thoughts?  (she shakes her head and looks pitifully at Jane) No, no, no, this won't do.  (she again .bubbles. each box and blows them away, then throws them in the trash) 

            Really Jane, you need to get rid of those negative thoughts more often.  Look how much space they filled. (indicating some empty space) 

Jane:   I know.  I'm a horrible person.  I'm so negative about everything. 

Fran:    (gently shaking her finger at her) No, more negativity!  Now, bubble up that thought and blow it away. 

Jane(shaking her head 'no.) That's okay. 

Fran:    (a bit more firm) Janie, bubble up that negativity and blow it away right now before it settles back into your cabinet! 

Pat:      You better do it before she bubbles you! 

(Against her will, Jane hurriedly forms a bubble around her head, then blows it away) 

Fran:    Thank you.  Now, doesn't that feel much better? 

Jane:   (un-enthused) Uh huh, just great. 

Pat:      Hey, let's see what's in that cabinet over there.   

(she moves to one of the other cabinets) 

Jane:   No, please, don't look in there! 

(Ignoring her, Pat begins to pull out several food items) 

Pat:      Oreo Cookies, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Honey buns, Potato Chips, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey's Candy Bars, Donuts..What is all this stuff, Jane?  I thought you were trying to be more health conscious. 

Jane:   I was.  I am.   

Pat:      Then, where did all this stuff come from? 

Jane:   The grocery store.  They were having a sale. 

Pat:      So you bought out the entire junk food aisle? 

Jane:   Not the entire aisle. 

Pat:      Half of it? 

Jane:   Maybe a fourth.   

Pat:      Jane!