The Butterfly Effect-Drama Skit

The Butterfly Effect-Drama Skit

Themes: Transformation; transitions; forgiveness; lies we believe; allowing fears to drag us down; low self-esteem; the truth can set you free; God's goodness; leaving your past behind; new beginnings; fresh starts; a clean slate
Categories: Women's Ministry, With God, Personal, Topical, Sin, Life Situations, God/Satan, Christian Living 

A woman would love to leave her past behind and make a fresh start  with the love and help of her family. Just when she's made up her mind to do just that, Fear, Judgment, and twins Guilt and Shame are right on her heels convincing her of all the reasons she'll never succeed.  When God calls her on the telephone to see if she's made her final decision, she is so beaten down by her emotions that she doesn't even want to answer the call.  When she finally does, she has all but decided to give up on the possibility of a whole new life, until God convinces her to hang on until He can send someone over to help.  Within seconds, Truth is knocking at her door, ready to shed God's light on her life.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 6 (1 Female, 5 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Judgment:            He'll be calling soon.  Have you made your decision yet? 

Woman:            I think so. 

Judgment:            Well, don't keep us in suspense.  Are you going to go or not? 

Woman:            (excited) Yes.  I'm gonna do it.  I'm moving back near my family.  

Fear:                Are you sure that's a good idea? 

Woman:            Why wouldn't it be? 

Shame:            Remember what it was like when you were growing up? 

Guilt:                You were always compared to your brother.  

Shame:            And your sister. 

Judgment:       Remember what a disappointment you were?  You never could quite measure up. 

Woman:          That was a long time ago.  Things will be different this time. 

Fear:                Based on what?  

Shame:           In case you haven't noticed, your life hasn't been a picnic since you moved here five years ago.  You're in way over your head. 

Judgment:       Financial troubles. 

Fear:                Destructive relationships. 

Guilt:                Making one mistake after another.  

Judgment:       You're not any different now than you were when you moved here.  

Fear:                Moving back won't help.  You'll be the same pathetic person in a new location. 

Woman:          Don't talk to me like that!  I know I've made mistakes but I don't want to make any more.  That's why I'm going back.  I need a fresh start, and my family will help me.  

Judgment:       Maybe for awhile, but what happens when they get tired of picking up all the pieces?  Or cleaning up the messes you've made? 

Fear:                They'll leave you just like everyone else in your life.  

Woman:          (defensive) No!  My family loves me.  

Judgment:       What are you going to do for a job?  How are you going to support yourself? 

Woman:          (hesitant) I.I don't know.  I'll find something. 

Guilt:                You dropped out of college, remember? 

Shame:           You don't have any skills.  

Fear:                You can't pay your bills working at McDonalds, sweetheart. (laughs evilly)    

Guilt:                But at least she'll get some free food!  We know she won't starve! 

Shame:           (looking directly at the woman, who becomes more and more distraught as the others continue to talk)  Was it, my dear?   Oh, starving was never her problem.

Judgment:       No.  She always found a way to eat..a bag of potato chips here, a whole cake there.  

Shame:           Hiding candy bars in the closet for when life got too difficult.  

Guilt:                Throwing up when she'd had too much. 

Fear:                Always wondering when someone would discover her true secret of being so thin.  

Shame:           Do you really want to put your family through all of that?  Wouldn't you be better off staying here with us? 

Judgment:       We've always been here for you. 

Fear:                And we always will be.  You don't need anyone else.  

Woman:          Stop it! 

(Phone rings) 

Judgment:            That's Him.  

(The woman is hesitant to answer the phone.  She lets it ring.  It continues to ring throughout the dialogue) 

Judgment:            Aren't you going to answer it? 

Fear:                He's going to want an answer. 

Woman:            I know.  

Judgment:            What's the matter?  Not so sure anymore? 

Guilt:                You could just let it ring. He's called before and you didn't answer. 

Woman:            I know, but I. 

Guilt:                What? 

Woman:            I wanted it to be different this time.