The Harvest-Drama Skit

The Harvest-Drama Skit

Themes: "The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few;" helping your neighbor; laziness; putting others above yourself; look at yourself first before criticizing others
Categories: Relationships, Christian Living, Fall Harvest 

Two scarecrows "guarding" a large cornfield notice there's much work to be done in the field but very few workers to do it.  On a scorching harvest day Jane, a young teen finds herself harvesting corn alone.  When a few friends drop by she thinks she's finally found some help with her task, only to discover that no one is willing to lend a hand to a girl in "a dirty corn field." Finally, Jane's mom shows up with some recruits, but it seems they're only interested in complaining, drinking Diet Coke and resting in the cool shade.  All help and hope seems lost, until help comes in the form of two unlikely sources: the scarecrows.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 10 (2 Male, 6 Female, 2 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample taken from the middle of the skit.

Ashley:            I'd hate to work in the fields all the time.  It's so boring.  Aren't you bored? 

Jane:               I try not to think about it.  I focus on the work I have to do.

 Ashley:            But this is going to take forever! 

 Jane:               The sooner we work, the sooner we'll be done.

Liza:                Really Kate, how long do you think this is going to take? 

Kate:                I don't know.  We'll work a few hours today and see how far we get and then we'll come back tomorrow and do the same.  We'll keep going until the job is done. 

Liza:                I'm with Ashley.I think I need a break.  If I'm not careful, I might chip a nail.  

Ashley:            It's so hot, mother.  Maybe we should find some shade and go sit under it for awhile.  I don't want to get sunburn. 

Liza:                Good idea, Ashley.  Let's got by that tree over there.  The shade and the rest will do us some good. (they both exit) 

Scarecrow 1(mocking Liza and Ashley) .Oh, I might chip a nail!.  .Oh mother, there's nothing but water to drink.  I can't survive without my Diet Coke! Boo hoo hoo!.  Those two are nothing but a bunch of whiners! 

Jane:               Mom, I thought Ashley and Liza came out here to help us but they haven't done much of anything!  How are we ever going to get this field harvested with just the two of us working? 

Scarecrow 1:  This isn't fair. 

Scarecrow 2:  What do you expect? The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  

Scarecrow 1:  No, this just isn't right.  

Jane:               What are we going to do, mom?  We'll never make it! 

Scarecrow 1:  Oh, they'll make it.  I'll make sure of that! (he goes off stage in the same direction that Liza and Ashley went) 

Scarecrow 2(calls after him) Where are you going?  You can't do that! 

(Screams are heard off stage from Liza and Ashley)

 Kate:                What was that?

 Jane:               I don't know.  (looking around) That sounded like Ashley. (noticing the missing scarecrow) Mom, didn't we have two scarecrows here just a minute ago?

 Kate:                (puzzled) Yes, we did. 

Jane:               Then where is the other one?

 Kate:                I don't know.

 Scarecrow 1(enters grabbing Liza and Kate by the shirt collars and 'dragging. them in) All right you two, apologize to Jane and Kate. 

(Jane and Kate look wide-eyed at the scene before them, not knowing what to
 do or how to react)

Ashley:            (scared) B-b-but you're a're not supposed to talk. 

Scarecrow 1:  Well get over it, because I do.  Now, I think you owe these two lovely ladies an apology. 

Scarecrow 2(to Scarecrow 1) Just what do you think you're doing?  You're scaring these poor people to death!

 Kate:                (taken aback) Oh, my goodness!

 Scarecrow 2:  I'm sorry.  I know this must seem unusual to all of you, but yes, we can talk.  Do you think you'll be all right?

 Jane:               (beginning to calm down) This is so cool!

 Scarecrow 1:  I haven't heard an apology yet! 

Ashley:            Why should we apologize?  We didn't do anything!

Scarecrow 1:  Exactly!  You were asked to do a job and so far all you've done is loaf around, whine and complain while these good people have been working their fingers to the bone!

 Liza:                Why, I never!

 Scarecrow 1:  That's obvious lady!