The Little Princess-Drama Skit

The Little Princess-Drama Skit

Themes: Our uniqueness; being special in God's eyes; self-esteem; accepting others as they are; we're all beautiful in God's eyes; God's princesses
Categories: With God, Children, Life Situations 

Jewel Phillips just knows she is a princess.  After all, her father is a king! Dressed in a tiara and feather boa, Jewel sure dresses the part, but tomboys Alex (Alexandria) and Myra aren't too convinced.  They think Jewel is a bit bonkers, considering her father really works at the local hardware store--there's no royal palace in sight!  But when Princess Olivia and Princess Gwen show up Jewel thinks she's found her long lost relatives. Alex and Myra remain skeptical until they learn that they too may be royalty, much to the dismay of Jewel.  Each girl then learns the true meaning of being a daughter of the "King of Kings," which has nothing to do with how you look but everything to do with God creating each one of us to be special and unique.


While originally intended for a youthful audience, this message has meaning for young and old alike.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (5 Female)
A mixture of adults and/or children can play these parts
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Myra:               You are not a princess! 

Jewel:              Yes, I am! 

Alex:                Prove it! 

Jewel:              Everyone who knows my father says he is a king: the people at church, my teacher, my neighbor and even my parents.  My mom says my father has a crown of glory and that he sits on a throne.  He's rich! 

Myra:               I don't believe it. 

Jewel:              It's true!  My father has many mansions, with streets made of gold.  The walls are built with jewels: rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls!  I think that's why they named me .Jewel..  Princess Jewel, to be exact. 

Alex:                (exasperated) For the last time, you are not a princess! 

Gwen:              (from off stage) Oh, but she is. 

Myra:               Who said that? 

Jewel:              See, I told you. 

Alex:                (pointing at Jewel) You said that.  How did you do that? 

Jewel:              Do what? 

Alex:                Make your voice sound like it was coming from over there. 

Olivia:              (from off stage) She didn't do anything, Alex.  

Myra:               (looking around) What's going on? Who are you? 

(Princess Gwen and Princess Olivia enter) 

Gwen:              I am Princess Gwen. 

Olivia:              And I am Princess Olivia. 

Alex:                (rolls her eyes) Oh brother, not more of them! 

Jewel:              (excited) Are we related? 

Gwen:              In a way, yes. 

Jewel:              I knew it!  

Alex:                (shocked) No way!  You all cannot possibly be. 

Olivia:              Princesses?  I'm afraid so. 

Jewel:              (smugly, to Alex and Myra) See, I told you I was royalty! 

Gwen:              (to Alex) But so are you and Myra. 

Alex, Myra and Jewel:  (simultaneously) Say what? 

(Alex and Myra are somewhat curiously excited by this possibility, but Jewel is in a state of utter shock and disbelief) 

Jewel:              (shocked) Can you please say that again? 

Gwen:              Alex and Myra are just as much a princess as you are, Jewel. 

Jewel:              But they don't look like princesses!  A princess doesn't wear blue jeans and go fishing, and they most certainly do not touch worms! 

Olivia:              Says who? 

Jewel:              Says all the storybooks!  

Myra:               I hate to say this, but I think Jewel is right.Alex and I don't fit the part of a princess.  Are you sure you've got the right girls? 

Olivia:              I'm sure.  

Jewel:              But Princess Olivia, how can that be? 

Olivia:              Let's all have a seat and I'll try to explain. 

(Everyone sits down) 

Alex:                The first thing I've got to know is, is Jewel's father really a king? 

Olivia:              Well, yes and no. 

Jewel:              Huh? 

Gwen:              (to Jewel) Your dad, Frank Phillips, is not a king.  

Jewel:              But. 

Gwen:              (ignoring her) But God, your father up in heaven, is a king.  

Jewel:              God is my heavenly father? 

Gwen:              Yes. 

Jewel:              And He's the king of all kings'the one everyone has been talking about? 

Gwen:              Yes. So, that does make you a princess but not exactly in the way you might think. 

Jewel:              Do I have a royal palace?  

Olivia:              No. 

Jewel:              A diamond tiara? 

Olivia:              No. 

Jewel:              A royal throne and ball gown? 

Gwen:              No. 

Myra:               Then what makes her.uh. I mean, us princesses? 

Olivia:              You are a princess because you are a child of the king.a daughter of God.  

Myra:               But we don't look. 

Olivia:              It doesn't have anything to do with how you look.  Or how you talk or walk or what you do.  You are a princess simply because God is the king of all kings! 

Gwen:              God made each one of us special and unique and every one of us is beautiful to Him.