The Rocks Cry Out-Drama Skit

The Rocks Cry Out-Drama Skit

Themes: Ashamed of being a Christian; talking about God; the rocks cry out if God's people don't praise Him; peer opinions
Categories: Topical, Spiritual Growth, Life Situations, God/Satan, With God, Youth 

Teens John and Tom need a substitute guitar player for their church band.  They've found the perfect person, except they are too ashamed to ask him.  Says Tom, "I don't want Joe to think I'm a religious freak!" Thus, the surrounding rocks begin to speak out, laying claim to Jesus words that if God's people are silent, even the rocks will cry out.  At first, John and Tom think the talking rocks are cool, but when they find out they were the cause, and the reasons the rocks have come to life, they begin to rethink their original position. This light-hearted comedy will appeal to both teens and adults.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:            Two boys sit talking.  Scattered on the floor are large rocks, as well as 3 people dressed up to look like rocks.  The .people rocks. sit with their heads down, knees up and arms wrapped around their legs.  They sit perfectly still until the appropriate time. 

Tom:                So, did you ask him yet? 

John:               Who? 

Tom:                You know who. 

John:               The new kid? 

Tom:                Yes, the new kid.  Did you ask him yet if he could fill in for Michael next Sunday with the worship band? 

John:               No. 

Tom:                Why not? 

John:               Because I haven't had time. 

Tom:                Didn't you just talk to him yesterday? 

John:               Yeah. So? 

Tom:                Why didn't you ask him then? 

John:               It never came up. 

Tom:                You were supposed to bring it up.  Why didn't you ask him? 

John:               I felt funny about it.  I don't know what to say to the guy. 

Tom:                It's not that hard, John.  You just go up to the guy and say, "Joe, I think your guitar playing is awesome and I was wondering if you could help out our worship band by filling in for our guitar player next Sunday at church."  See, it's easy. 

John:               If it's so easy Tom, then why don't you do it? 

Tom:                Because we agreed you would do it. 

John:               It's not like it's set in stone or anything!  You seem to think it's so easy, and since you have all the right words I think you should ask him. 

Tom:                I don't want to ask him! 

John:               Why not? 

Tom:                Because you said you would do it! 

John:               Well, I don't want to do it now! 

Tom:                You have to. 

John:               Why? 

Tom:                Because we need a guitar player for next Sunday and you told Pastor Frank you knew someone who could fill in, and you said you'd ask him. 

John:               I don't want to.  You ask him. 

Tom:                I don't want to ask him either. 

John:               Why not? 

Tom:                I don't want him think I'm a religious freak! 

John:               Well I don't want him to think I'm a religious freak either! I don't think even goes to church. 

Tom:                Then what are we going to do? 

Rock 1:            (still not moving) Oh for Pete's sake, I'll do it! 

John:               (shocked) Who said that? 

Rock 2:            (not moving) I did. 

Rock 1:            (not moving) No you didn't, I did.

Tom:                (confused) What's going on?  (looking curiously at John) John, is that you?  

John:               It's not me! 

Rock 3:            (not moving) It was me. 

Tom:                How did you do that?  Your mouth didn't even move!  You never told me you were a ventriloquist.  

John:               I'm not!  It wasn't me. 

Rock 1:            (not moving) It was me! 

Tom:                (staring at John's mouth) That is so cool! 

John:               (annoyed) Would you quit staring at me!  I'm not doing that, okay? 

Tom:                (point to John) But if you're not doing it.(pause, then points to himself)) and I'm not doing it.(pause), then who's doing it? 

Rock 2:            (standing up) It was me! 

Rock 1:            (standing up, turning to face Rock 2) No it wasn't, it was me!  I said it first. 

Rock 2:            Well, I said it second! 

Rock 3:            (standing up) I said it third! 

John:               (in shock) Wait a minute, you're rocks. 

Rock 1:            (sarcastic) Well, give the boy a blue ribbon.he's obviously a genius! 

Tom:                (equally shocked) You can talk! 

Rock 1:            Yet another Einstein.  

John:               But that's impossible! 

Rock 2:            You made it possible. 

John:               Me? What did I do? 

Tom:                (in awe) Yeah, what did you do, John?  This is so cool! 

Rock 3:            Don't sell yourself short, Tom.  You made it possible too. 

Tom:                I did?  Awesome!  We can make rocks talk!  How did we do that?   

Rock 2:            By being ashamed to talk about God. 

Tom:                (not realizing what was just said) Cool! (then it hits him) Wait a minute.what? 

Rock 1:            You're ashamed of God, aren't you? 

Tom:                No! 

Rock 1:            What about you, John?  You're ashamed of God, right? 

John:               No, I think God is righteous!  I'm not ashamed of anything. 

Rock 3:            Then why won't you ask Joe to play in your church band? 

John:               (hanging his head down) Oh, that.