Get in the Game-Puppet Skit

Get in the Game-Puppet Skit

Themes: Heroes follow God's plan
Categories: Personal, Children, Life Situations, Topical 

Shawn is new in town and can't seem to accept the rules of his new baseball team

Originally written as part of a set for LifeWay's "Game Day Central: Where Heroes Are Made," this skits focuses on how to become a hero both on and off the field by focusing on Jesus and following God's plan for your life.   Each skit can be used separately, since the concepts don't build on each other from day to day. Each day introduces an idea of what it takes to be a true hero, while using the backdrop of various sports events.


Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

(The character of Shawn should speak in a “hip-hop,” type of “back street” way.) 

George:           Shawn!  Wait up, I want to talk to you for a minute. 

Shawn:            (enters) Hey it’s my main man, Georgie Porgie.  What’s up dawg? 

George:           I’ve asked you like ten times not to call me that.  My name is George.  Just George. 

Shawn:            Man, you’re too sensitive.  You need to lighten up.  Now, “Just George,” what can I do you for? 

George:           (sighs) I want to talk to you about Randa. 

Shawn:            Man, I already know what’choo goin’ to say. 

George:           You do? 

Shawn:            Yeah.  I mean did you see the way that chick threw the ball from first base over to second?  Dude, my grandmother can throw better than that! 

George:           That’s kind of what I wanted to discuss. 

Shawn:            I knew it!  I knew not all you guys liked having girls on the team!  Okay, here’s what we do: at the next practice, I’ll “accidentally” throw the ball real hard at her elbow.  She’ll be out for the rest of the season! 

George:           No! That’s not what I was talking about at all! 

Shawn:            You’re right, that’s a little harsh.  Okay, I’ve got it: we get all the guys together and tell the coach we’ll all quit the team if he doesn’t get rid of all the chicks! 

Flo enters 

Flo:                  Who are you calling a “chick?” 

Shawn:            You!  (clucks like a chicken) Bawk, bawk! 

Flo:                  George, I thought you said you were gonna talk to this guy? 

George:           (to Flo) I’m trying to.  (to Shawn) Look Shawn, I know you’re new here and all, but you can’t go around saying things like that? 

Shawn:            Like what? 

George:           Calling girls “chicks,” for one thing.  They don’t like it. 

Flo:                  Yeah, it’s very rude! 

Shawn:            I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t know it bothered you that much.  

Flo:                  I’m not your “babe” either.  My name is Flo. 

Shawn:            So Flo, let me ask you a question: aren’t you afraid you’re going to mess up your hair or something playing baseball? 

Flo:                  (in disbelief) What? 

Shawn:            Don’t take offense babe, I mean, Flo.  It’s just that girls should be cheering on the sideline instead of playing
baseball.  You know what I mean? 

Flo:                  No, I don’t know what you mean!  I can play baseball as well as any guy out there. 

Shawn:            That’s unlikely. 

Flo:                  Why is that? 

Shawn:            Because you’re a girl.  Everybody knows guys play ball better than girls.