911-Drama Skit

911-Drama Skit

Themes: Moms, loss of identity, changes after children
Categories: Women's Ministry, Family, Relationships, Mother's Day 

A frantic woman shows up at a police station to file a missing person's report.  "Alice Moore has been missing for maybe 3 or 4 years," the woman claims.  The officer is at once suspicious and begins asking questions about Alice's disappearance. "Why didn't you report this earlier?" he asks the woman.  Her reply was, "I figured she'd come back eventually, but she didn't."  The woman then goes on to tell how Alice lived a carefree life full of hobbies and interests, but that it all seemed to change after she had children.  When the woman finally shows the officer a picture of Alice, the officer wants to know if this is all a bad joke, because the woman reporting Alice missing, is none other than Alice, herself.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A police station: a desk with various items on it (folders, telephone, pens, etc.) and a chair to the side. A man dressed as a policeman sits at the desk, reading a file.

(Woman enters, and the Officer looks up)

Officer: (extending a hand shake) Hi, I'm Officer Jones. Is there something I can help you with today?


Woman: Yes, I'd like to report a missing person.


Officer: (instantly concerned) Okay, have a seat and I'll get some information from you.

(Officer pulls out a notepad and pen, while woman sits in chair)

Officer: Is the person you're looking for a child or an adult?


Woman: An adult. A woman.


Officer: How old is she?


Woman: About 27 I guess. (or whatever age fits your character)


Officer: Can you describe her for me? (Officer writes as woman talks)


Woman: (fit the description to suit the person playing this character) Let's see, she's got short, brown hair, green eyes, and a small pink birth mark on the side of her neck. She's about 5.4 and 120 pounds. Or at least she used to be.


Officer: (stops writing and looks up) She used to be?


Woman: It was a long time ago.


Officer: I see. How long has this woman been missing?


Woman: I don't know...a year. Maybe three or four.


Officer: (incredulous) Three or four years! And you're just now reporting it?


Woman: I assumed she'd come back eventually but she hasn't.


Officer: (putting down the pen) Look, I've got to be honest, it would be extremely difficult to find this woman. We'd have no idea where to even begin looking for her. I'm afraid we can't help you.


Woman: (frantic) Oh please, you've got to try! She's very special to me and I miss her so much! You've just got to help me find her! Please! You're my only hope. (begins to sob)


Officer: (softening) Okay, I'll try, but don't get your hopes up.


Woman: Oh thank you!


Officer: (picks up pen again) What do you remember about this woman? Did she work?


Woman: From what I remember, she worked as a nurse at Lincoln General.


Officer: At least that's a start. We can talk to some of the staff and see if they remember any unusual behavior before she went missing. What about her hobbies? What were her interests?


Woman: She used to enjoy working in her yard. Her whole lawn was like a magical place pulled out of a magazine or something. She had all different types of flowers, and bushes and even a little pond with fish in it.


Officer: Any other hobbies?


Woman: She used to exercise a lot. She was real big into fitness and eating healthy. She used to run 5 miles a day.


Officer: So, she's pretty trim and physically fit?


Woman: (shrugs her shoulders) Like I said, that was a long time ago.


Officer: Any special places she used to like to hang out?


Woman: The shopping mall..'the movie theater..'various sea food restaurants around town..'small groups at church...


Officer: I assume this woman is single.


Woman: Oh no, she's married with 3 children.


Officer: (suspicious) And the husband never reported his wife missing?


Woman: I guess he didn't notice she was gone.


Officer: In three or four years he never noticed his wife was missing?


Woman: I guess not.


Officer: I'm afraid to tell you this, but I suspect foul play, and this woman's husband could be the prime suspect.


Woman:          No!  Mark could never do anything like that!


Officer:            Tell me a little about him.  How was their marriage? 


Woman:          From what I could tell, it was good.  He was very attentive to her.  Although things did change a little after they had kids. 


Officer:            In what way?  Did he ever harm any of the children? 


Woman:          Gracious, no!  Nothing like that!  I just meant that they weren't able to spend as much time together as they would have liked.  They both seemed a little more tired, somewhat stressed.  They'd be late to a few meetings every now and then.  You know, typical parenting stuff.  


Officer:            This is very important, so I need you to think carefully.  When was the last time you remember seeing this woman? 


Woman:          I don't know.  I'd see her every now and then at the mall.  I'd be shopping and I'd look over and catch a glimpse of her.  I'd smile and wave.  Maybe say hello.  Then I wouldn't see her again for awhile.  


Officer:            Have you seen her recently?  Say, within the last month? 


Woman:          (thinking hard) No, I don't think so. 


Officer:            The last 6 months? 


Woman:          (shakes her head) No, I think it's been over a year. 


Officer:            Can you remember where you were or what the woman was doing the last time you saw her? 


Woman:          Yes, she was at my house.  


Officer:            Do you remember what time of year it was? 


Woman:          It was around Halloween I think. (pause) Yes, I remember now because she always enjoyed dressing up in these outrageously funny costumes.  The neighborhood kids always looked forward to seeing her costumes, almost as much as they enjoyed getting the candy. 


Officer:            So what was so special about that last Halloween? 


Woman:          After the birth of her first child, she didn't have the time, money or energy to put into a big costume so she just dressed up as a nurse.  She figured, she already had the outfit, from when she worked at the hospital, and it was something that didn't take too much effort. 


Officer:            You said "worked"...  Did she quit her job at some point? 


Woman:          Yes, she quit work to stay be a stay at home mom. 


Officer:            I see.  Please continue.


Woman:          Well, the next year, and another child later, she donned the same nurse's costume again.  


Officer:            And last year?  Same thing? 


Woman:          No.  By that time another child had some along and she couldn't fit into her old nurse uniform any more.  That's why I remember that day so well.  She was crying and going on and on about how she didn't even resemble the person she used to be anymore. 


Officer:            And that's the last time you saw her? 


Woman:          Yes.  At least I think so. 


Officer:            It sounds like she was depressed.  You don't think she'd do anything desperate do you? 


Woman:          No, I don't think so.  But it's been so long since I've seen her, that now I'm not so sure.  I'm very worried about her.  Do you think you can find her? 


Officer:            Honestly, I don't know.  I don't have much to go on and she could be anywhere by now.  


Woman:          But you will at least try, won't you? 


Officer:            I'll do what I can. 


Woman:          Thank you that's all I ask. 


Officer:            Oh, by the way, what is the woman's name? 


Woman:          Her name is Alice Moore. 


Officer:            (writes it down) Alice Moore.  Got it.  You don't by any chance happen to have a picture of Alice, do you? 


Woman:          Yes, as a matter of fact I think I do.  Let me see if I can dig it out.  (she looks in her purse and produces a picture) 


Officer:            (looks at the picture, then gets a confused look on his face) Is this some kind of joke? 


Woman:          No, of course it's not a joke!  This is a very serious matter. 


Officer:            Lady, this is a picture of you.