Taterville-Drama Skit

Taterville-Drama Skit

Themes: Personality conflicts, working as a team, offensive behaviors, working with difficult personalities
Categories: Personal, Topical, Christian Living 

The monthly meeting at the Taterville church isn't going too well.  Agi Tater can't stop annoying everyone, Dick Tater won't give up any control, Hesi Tater has trouble speaking her mind, Speck Tater won't speak at all, and Facili Tater is losing control fast! Will this church be able to work out their differences or will chaos rule?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 7 (1 Male, 1 Female, 5 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A conference room. All Taters except Commen Tater sit around a table. Commen Tater stands off to the side with a microphone. Each character should be dressed to look like a potato.

Facili Tater: All right, this meeting will now come to order. For our records, let's begin with role call. Please raise your hand when I call out your name. Dick Tater.

Dick Tater: (raises his hand, speaks in a commanding, authoritative voice) Present. I was the first to arrive.

Facili Tater: Speck Tater.

Speck Tater: (looks around room at others, raises hand) Here.

Facili Tater: Agi Tater.

Agi Tater: (does not raise hand, uses sarcastic voice) You see me sitting right here, don't ya?

Facili Tater: Hesi Tater.

Hesi Tater: Um...

Facili Tater: What was that? Is Hesi Tater here?

Hesi Tater: (speaks softly, slowly) Um, yes. (raises hand) I'm...I'm here.

Facili Tater: Partici Pater.

Partici Pater: (raises hand, speaks enthusiastically) Right here.

Facili Tater: That of course, leaves me, Facili Tater. Now, for our first order of business.

(Commen Tater stands off to the side, not really a part of the gathering. Theothers ignore his lines and act as if he isn't there)

Commen Tater: (speaks into microphone in one hand, like a sports announcer) Hello Church fans. It's a wonderful day here in beautiful Taterville. Conditions seem right for a great meeting today. Our church spuds look energized and ready to go, so let's not delay the action any longer. Let's get right down to the field.

Facili Tater: Hesi Tater I believe you had something you wanted to discuss.

Hesi Tater: Yes, I do. Well, I hate to bring this up but....(long pause)

Agi Tater: But what? Get it out already!

Hesi Tater: I was in Sunday School class last week and I think....oh, never mind.

Dick Tater: You think what?

Hesi Tater: I don't know, maybe I shouldn't even bring it up.

Agi Tater: (very sarcastic) Why not? Don't quit now. You've got us all sitting on the edge of our seats.

Commen Tater: The room is silent. Every Tater is waiting in anxious anticipation of what Hesi Tater will do. Will she find the words in time, or be penalized for delay of game?

Partici Pater: It's okay, Hesi Tater. Go ahead. What did you want to say?

Hesi Tater: I think....I think.....

(Agi Tater sings the tune to "Jeopardy" as Hesi Tater struggles to get out the words.)

Hesi Tater: (speaking quickly) I think we need some new chairs for the adult Sunday School room. There, I said it!

Commen Tater: The offense is in scoring position.

Dick Tater: I disagree completely! We don't we need new chairs.

Commen Tater: The defense has blocked the forward motion!