All Talk Adult-Drama Skit

All Talk Adult-Drama Skit

Themes: Gossip, the tongue as a "two edged sword," words can hurt, hurting others unintentionally
Categories: Relationships, Topical, Sin, Life Situations, Christian Living, Personal 

Gossip is the guest on The Sherry Flinger Show.  Gossip seems to be quite a celebrity: she's invited to all the parties and is adored by loyal fans. Through the show's callers, we discover why she's so popular and the effect she can have on all those she comes in contact with.


This skit is written in a format more suitable to the  issues of adults.  This skit is also available in a youth version, with the topics more age appropriate.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (1 Male, 4 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Host: (energetic and excited) Hello everyone and welcome to the Sherry Flinger Show! I'm your host, Sherry Flinger. Joining me on the show today is someone I'm sure you're all familiar with, so give a warm welcome to my very special guest, Ms. Gossip.

(Gossip enters, waves at audience and sits down in chair)

Host: I'm so glad you could be with us today Gossip.


Gossip: I'm very glad to be here Sherry. Thanks for having me.


Host: Okay, let's get right to it. For anyone watching today, who might not know who you are, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself.


Gossip: (in disbelief) Well, it's hard for me to believe there might be people out there who've never heard of me Sherry. I don't want to brag, but I am probably THE most popular person on the planet! People love me, and they can't seem to get enough of me.


Host: Tell us what you mean by that.


Gossip: Just check my calendar.I'm always booked, because I'm invited to nearly every social event: every dinner party, every office gathering, every phone conversation, every church fellowship, every sporting event..'need I go on? What can I say, people adore me!

Host:                      I can't disagree with you there.  Tell us, why do you think people like you so much? 

Gossip:                   Simple: I'm easy to be around and I make people feel good about themselves. I make them laugh, and I'm fun and exciting.  I'm also a great storyteller, and you know how everyone loves a good story.  When I speak, people hang on my every word.  They can't wait to hear what I have to say next.   

Host:                      So tell me Gossip, what is the best part about being you?   

Gossip:                   I'd have to say two things: First, I'm addictive. Once people meet me, they just can't get enough of me, which is great for my career. Second, I'm harmless, with no serious side effects.  All you get with me is some light-hearted fun and entertainment. So, it's great to be me! 

Host:                      It sounds like you're definitely a great person to have around!  Let's hear from some of your fans now.  I believe we have Jack on the line.  Jack, say hello to Gossip. 

Jack:                       (from off stage) Hi Gossip.  I just had to call to tell you that I think you're fantastic! 

Gossip:                   Thanks Jack.  That's always great to hear.  Tell, me how have I impacted your life? 

Jack:                       Well, for one thing you helped get me a big promotion at work.   

Gossip:                   (interested) Tell me more. 

Jack:                       Paul, this other guy from work, and I were up for the same job.  I just figured Paul had it .in the bag..  You know the type--coming in early, working hard, encouraging his co-workers, making the office a pleasant work environment.  That kind of stuff. 

Gossip:                   So then, how did you end up with the job, Jack? 

Jack:                       I just took some of your advice.  I'd noticed Paul, who is a married man, and his secretary going out to lunch a couple times a week, so I took it upon myself to mention it to some of my other colleagues.   

Gossip:                   And? 

Jack:                       And, I also suggested that their lunch breaks seemed to be getting longer and longer, and that their affection for one another seemed to be .growing,. if you know what I mean.   

Gossip:                   Ooh, this is getting good.  Go on. 

Jack:                       Well, before you know it, rumors had spread all over the office. Fortunately for me, by the time my bosses heard about it, old Paul was pretty much out the door.  He gave his two weeks notice, and he was gone.  So, thanks to you, I ended up getting the job and the promotion.  I just can't thank you enough!   


Gossip:                   You're so welcome Jack.  Glad I could help.  Good luck with that new job.