John and the Whale of a Tale-Drama Skit

John and the Whale of a Tale-Drama Skit

Themes: Jonah & the whale, obedience, running away from your problems; facing your problems
Categories: Bible Characters, Children, Life Situations, Youth 

John has to go to the dentist but he doesn't want to, so he decides to run away.  Two friends remind him of what happened to a guy named Jonah when he tried to run away from his problems.  Suddenly, after stopping to rest, John finds himself transported to a boat in the midst of a storm, and the next thing he knows, he's been eaten by a whale.  Will he be like Jonah and find a way out or will he be trapped in the belly of the whale forever?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (4 Male, 2 Female)
One of the male characters could be gender neutral.
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:           As the skit opens, Liza and Meg are on stage talking


Liza:                 What did you get Theresa for her birthday?


Meg:                I got her that piano charm to go on her silver bracelet. 


Liza:                 She’ll love that!  She’s been eyeing it for months.


Meg:                I know.  Are you going to her party?


Liza:                 Yeah, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep the party a secret.  I almost let it slip again yesterday. 


Meg:                Liza!


Liza:                 I can’t help it I’m excited!


Meg:                Me too but you can’t tell her.  It will ruin the surprise.


Liza:                 Luckily it’s only another day away.  I think I can hold out until then.  (looks off to the side “behind” Meg)  That’s weird.


Meg:                What?


Liza:                 John is running.


Meg:                What’s so weird about that?


Liza:                 He’s running really fast.


Meg:                (turns to look) That is fast!  Where do you think he’s going?


Liza:                 It looks like he’s coming this way.  (pause) I think he’s headed right for us.


Meg:                Does he see us? 


Liza:                 He’s not getting out of the way. 


Meg:                (turns to look at Liza) Surely, he’ll see us…


Liza:                 Look out!


(John enters really fast and plows right into Meg, which causes her to fall into Liza—they all three fall down )


John:               I’m really sorry.  Here, let me help you up. (he helps Meg)


Meg:                (angry) What is wrong with you?  Didn’t you see us?


John:               I’m really sorry.  I guess I was in a hurry.


Liza:                 (still on the floor) Excuse me, I could use a little help here!


John:               Oops!  Sorry.  (he helps her up)  Are you okay?


Liza:                 What is your problem?  Were you raised in a barn or something?


John:              I must not have been paying attention.


Liza:                 You think?


John:               I was just trying to get out of the house.


Meg:                Why in such a big hurry?


John:               I have a cavity and my mom told me I had to go to the dentist today but I don’t want to. 


Meg:                So, you were running away?


John:               Yeah.  If my mom can’t find me, then I can’t go to the dentist. 


Liza:                 Doesn’t that seem a little childish?


John:               Have you ever been to the dentist?   I’d rather do anything than go to the dentist!


Meg:                You know, if you don’t get that cavity filled it’s going to get worse.


John:               I don’t care.  I’m not going!


Liza:                 How about going shopping then?


John:               What?


Liza:                 Meg and I were just about to go shopping.  I still need to get a present for Theresa’s surprise birthday party. 


Meg:                Yeah, you want to come with us?


John:               Shopping?  I don’t think so.


Meg:                Why not?


John:               (arrogant) Because I am a big, tough, stud of a man and men like me don’t do shopping.


Liza:                 How tough can you be?  You’re afraid of the dentist!


John:               (a bit whiny) Have you ever seen those needles they use?  They’re scary.


Meg:                Whatever. Just remember, you can’t hide forever.  You’re mom’s going to find you sooner or later.


Liza:                 Yeah, and remember what happened to Jonah when he tried to run?


Meg:                He got swallowed by a big, fat whale!


(both girls laugh)


John:               I’m not too worried.  There hasn’t been a lot of whale sightings around here.


Meg:                Well, Liza and I are out of here.  See ya later.


Liza:                 Have fun hiding. 


(Liza and Meg exit)


John:               (yawns) All that running has made me sleepy.  Maybe I’ll just sit here and rest for a few minutes.  (he lays down on the stage—after a few seconds we hear some loud snoring)


(A “crack” that sounds like thunder is heard)


John:               (wakes up with a start) What was that?