Gettin By With a Little Help From Your Friends-Drama Skit

Gettin By With a Little Help From Your Friends-Drama Skit

Themes: Based on I Timothy 4:12: "Let no one despise thy youth"; helping one another; working together; problem solving; even if you are young or small you are important and can make a contribution; friendship
Categories: Children, Friendship, Youth 

Loosely based on the characters from "Charlotte's Web," this puppet skit finds Fern (a young girl) in the barnyard crying because she will be unable to attend Space Camp, due to poor crops in her father's fields.  When her barnyard friends find out, they want to help but don't know how. Charlotte, a friendly spider, finds the group wallowing in discouragement but gently reminds them there's plenty they can do if they'll all work together. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 8 (1 Male, 3 Female, 4 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A barnyard. 




Fern--a young girl                   Wilbur—a pig

Charlotte—a spider                 Templeton—a rat

Sam—a sheep                        Gussy—a duck

Thunder—a horse                   Bessy—a cow



(Skit opens with Fern on stage, crying)


Wilbur:             (enters) Fern, are you okay?


Fern:                (trying to compose herself) Oh, hi Wilbur.  Yes, I’m fine.


Wilbur:             If you’re fine, then why are you crying?


Fern:                (sniffles a little) Crying? I’m not crying.


Wilbur:             Yes you were.  I heard you. 


Bessy:             (enters) Hey you two.  What’s up?


Wilbur:             Fern is crying.


Bessy:             Goodness, gracious child!


Fern:                (wipes away at tears) I’m not crying. 


Bessy:             (looking at Fern more closely) You are crying!  You’re eyes are all red and puffy. 


Fern:                It’s nothing.


Bessy:             I don’t buy that for one minute!  Now, tell ole’ Bessy what’s wrong.


Wilbur:             Yeah, we’re you’re friends, Fern.  Please tell us what’s wrong.  Maybe we can help.


Fern:                You can’t help me.  (begins to cry louder) No one can help me!


Templeton:      (enters) Hey, you mind keeping it down out here?  The rat is trying to sleep!


Wilbur:             Templeton, could you try to be a little more sensitive?  Can’t you see Fern is upset?


Templeton:      (looks at Fern) Oh, sorry. (looks back at Wilbur then speaks as if non-chalant) What’s wrong with her?


Bessy:             That’s what we’re trying to find out.


(Fern begins to wail, crying very dramatically)


Templeton:      Sheesh, is she gonna be all right?  She’s gonna bust a gut if she keeps this up!


Wilbur:             (gives Templeton a shove) Be quiet!


Bessy:             Fern, honey?  What’s wrong?  What is it that has you so upset?


Fern:                (in between sobs) I…just…found out… (cries harder)


Bessy:             You just found out what?


Gussy:             (from off stage) I told you he’d win! 


Thunder:          (from off stage) Of course I won.  Everybody knows a sheep can’t beat a horse in a race.  It’s all that wool.  It weighs you down.


(Gussy, Thunder and Sam enter—Sam should be next to Fern)


Sam:               (out of breath) Some…(panting hard) day, Thunder…(panting) I’m gonna win.  (panting) You’ll see!


Thunder:          Hmph! That’ll be the day!


Gussy:             (looking around at the others) Hey, what’s going on? Did you call a barnyard meeting without us?


Templeton:      I wish!


Wilbur:             No, Gussy.  Fern is upset.  She was just about to tell us something.


Thunder:          Well, don’t let us stop you. 


Bessy:             Go ahead, dear.  What did you find out?


Fern:                I just found out that I can’t go to Space Camp! (she buries her head in Sam’s wool and wails)


Thunder:          That’s terrible!


Sam:               Uh, Fern?


Wilbur:             We’re so sorry!


Sam:               Fern?


Templeton:      What’s the big deal?  So she can’t go to some camp, so what?


Gussy:             She’s been looking forward to that camp all year! 


Bessy:             Space Camp is all she’s talked about for the last few months!


Sam:               Uh, Fern? 


Fern:                (lifting her face) What is it, Sam?


Sam:               You’re soaking my wool. 


Fern:                (moves abruptly away) I’m sorry!


Sam:               It’s okay.  I’m often mistaken for Kleenex.


Bessy:             Why can’t you go to camp, dear?


Fern:                We don’t have the money.  The crops didn’t do as well this year because we didn’t get enough rain.  Without a good crop to sell, we don’t have enough money.  And without money, Billy and I can’t go to camp. 


Templeton:      (shocked) Billy isn’t going to camp either?


Fern:                No.  My parents can’t afford to send either one of us.


Bessy:             I’m sorry, Fern.  How can we help you?


Fern:                I don’t think you can.  I already talked to my parents and they didn’t have any ideas, so I doubt any of you can help. 


Wilbur:             But we want to try.  Don’t we gang?


(Various yes’s are heard through the group)


Fern:                I don’t know what I can do.  I’m just a kid.


Templeton:      (to the others) Look guys, we’ve got to find a way to help Fern and Billy get to camp. Now come on, somebody think of something!


Wilbur:             (touched) Templeton, I didn’t know you cared so much.


Templeton:      Are you kidding?  I’ve been looking forward to getting rid of that kid, even if only for two weeks. 


Gussy:             (horrified) How can you say that? 


Wilbur:             (equally horrified) Fern is one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving girls there is!


Bessy:             How dare you say something so awful about our Fern!


Templeton:      I wasn’t talking about Fern.  I was talking about Billy!  I could use some time off from that kid.


Bessy:             (softening) Oh.  Well, that’s different.  Billy can be a bit of a strain at times.


Templeton:      A strain to say the least!  That kid hangs me upside down and carries me around by the tail.  That is, when he’s not twirling me around like a jump rope! 


Thunder:          (knowingly) He pulls my tail.


Gussy:             He plucks out my feathers.


Wilbur:             He calls me “Porky.”


Sam:               He tries to shave my wool.


Thunder:          Sheep are supposed to get their wool shaved, Sam.


Sam:               Well, I won’t stand for it!  I’m very proud of my wool.  I’d feel naked without it!  Besides, if Billy had his way, he’d have me looking like some French poodle!


Bessy:             Oh here we go again, being insensitive to Fern.  We’re sorry—we know Billy is your brother and we shouldn’t talk about him like this. 


Fern:                He pulls the heads off my dolls and uses them for baseballs: I was looking forward to a break from him too!


Templeton:      All right then, what are we gonna do?  How can we help get rid of Bill…(correcting himself) I mean, how can we help Fern raise some money for camp? 


Fern:                Look everyone, I appreciate your concern, but I really don’t think there’s anything we can do.      


Wilbur:             Fern is right.  We’re just animals.  What could we possibly do?


Charlotte:        (from off stage) Oh Wilbur, haven’t I taught you and Fern any better than that?


Wilbur:             Charlotte?


Charlotte:        (enters) Yes.  I’ve been listening from the rafters and I know there’s got to be something we can do to get Fern to Space Camp. 


Templeton:      Don’t forget Billy!


Charlotte:        Yes, and Billy. 


Wilbur:             But what?


Charlotte:        Well, let’s put our heads together and think.


(Sam puts his head right up to Thunder’s)


Thunder:          (to Sam) What are you doing?


Sam:               I’m putting our heads together and thinking.