A Pirates Treasure Modified-Drama Skit

A Pirates Treasure Modified-Drama Skit

Themes: God's word, hidden treasures, God's word is for everyone, coming back to the church
Categories: With God, Church Relations, Topical, Spiritual Growth 

Captain Jack and his sidekick, Grunt, have found a treasure map, promising to lead them to riches and everlasting treasures, but only if they can crack the secret code.  They have great difficulty until Indiana Jones appears and promises to save the day.  However, when the map leads them in an unexpected direction, Captain Jack is ready to draw his sword in protest.  He learns the everlasting "treasure" is really God's son, Jesus, and the “hidden treasures” are God’s word.  Will Captain Jack find the kind of treasure he seeks or will he learn "all that glitters is not gold"?


This is a variation of a previously written skit called "A Pirates Treasure," emphasizing Jesus and God's word.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (3 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A pirate’s lair. This skit can be divided into 2 parts and performed as 2 short sets with some sort of music or other activity in between, or it can be combined for one set.


Grunt:              (looking closely over Captain Jack’s shoulder) What’s it say boss? Huh? Huh? (jumping up and down excitedly) What’s it say?


Captain Jack:  (looking at what appears to be a treasure map) If you’d stop breathing down my neck for just one minute Grunt, I could tell you! Aargh!


Grunt:              (backs off) Sorry Captain.  I’m just so excited! 


Captain Jack:  This isn’t the first map we’ve ever found Grunt.


Grunt:              I know but I always get excited when we look for treasure.  It’s so...so...


Captain Jack:  (uninterested) Exciting?


Grunt:              Yeah. So, what’s it say?


Captain Jack:  Stop yappin’ and I’ll tell ya!


Grunt:              (gives him a salute) Aye, aye Captain!


Captain Jack:  (reads aloud) “My Dearest Princess”...


Grunt:              (getting extremely excited) Princess!  Ooh, this is gonna be good, I can tell!


Captain Jack:  (warning) Grunt!


Grunt:              Sorry.


Captain Jack:  (continues to read) “My purpose is that they...”  (squints, sighs heavily and gives a dirty look to Grunt)


Grunt:              What?  What’s the purpose?


Captain Jack:  (yelling) That’s what I’d like to know!  Somebody (emphasizes the word “somebody” as he looks at Grunt) got grease all over the map and now the words are smudged!  It’s barely readable.  Aargh!


Grunt:              (looking at his hands innocently) Oops!


Captain Jack:  (angrily, starts to hit Grunt with the map) I’ll “oops” you!


Grunt:              Careful Captain, the treasure map!



Captain Jack:  (pulling back, to Grunt) Thanks to you, we don’t even know if this is a treasure map!


Grunt:              What else does it say?


Captain Jack:  (squints at the map) It’s hard to make out but it says “My purpose is that” ...smudge, smudge, smudge....”in order that they may know the mystery...”


Grunt:              I love a good mystery!  But mystery of what?


Captain Jack:  I don’t know, that’s why it’s a mystery!  (pause) Let’s see, (continues to read) “in order that they may know the mystery of...” smudge, smudge...(pause, as if trying to make out the next words, then smiles wide, looking at Grunt) ”the mystery of hidden treasures!”


Grunt:              (begins to jump up and down) I knew it!  I knew it had to be a treasure map! (dances around in circles) We’re gonna be rich!  We’re gonna be rich! (grabs Captain Jack and jumps up and down with him)  We’re goin’ on a treasure hunt and we’re gonna be rich!  Yahoo-eee!


Captain Jack:  Yahoo! (excited, then composes himself) Yes, well, before we get too excited, we have to figure out where to begin the search. 


Grunt:              Does the map give us any clues?


Captain Jack:  (give Him a confused look) That’s what the map is for, Grunt.  It tells you where to start and where to end.


Grunt:              I knew that.  So, where do we start?


Captain Jack:  (looks back at the map) With all these smudges on it, it’s hard to say.  But it does have some letters and numbers down here at the bottom.  It says, “C-O-L. 2:2-3.” That’s got to be some kind of code.  Have any idea what it means?