Fight for Communication-Drama Skit

Fight for Communication-Drama Skit

Themes: Relationships between parents and teens; communication; seeing someone else's viewpoint; listening
Categories: Youth, Family 

Mom and Dad and their two teenage children, Kyle and Lisa, seek the help of a counselor to try and repair their relationship. The convesation quickly turns into a "boxing match," pitting parent against child.  During the "fight" things become more clear as they each begin to see things from the other's perspective.  It looks like hope will spring eternal, but in the end, old habits die hard. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (2 Male, 2 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A therapist’s office that turns into a boxing ring. Mom & Dad sit next to each other, facing Kyle & Lisa who also sit next to each other, in the center of the stage. 

Dad:                (cocky, to kids) Are you worried?

Kyle:                No.

Dad:                (trying to scare Kyle & Lisa, speaks in a deep, raspy voice) You should be. 

Kyle:                (not intimidated) Why?  We haven’t done anything wrong. 

Lisa:                Yeah, you’re the ones who need help, not us!

Mom:               (shaking her head, very defensive) Oh no, we (points to herself and Dad) are not the problem here; you two are the problem. (points to Kyle  and Lisa)

Kyle:                Our only problem is that we have parents who are…(turns to Lisa) what’s the word I’m looking for….(turns back to parents) oh yeah, “psycho!” (emphasizes the word strongly)

Mom:               (angry, stands up quickly and gets in Kyle’s  face) Psycho?  (grabs Kyle’s shirt andshouts in a wild-eyed frenzy) I’ll show you Psycho!

Counselor enters and Mom immediately lets go of Kyle, and changes her demeanor to be sweet and demure

Mom:               (to Counselor) Hello. It’s so nice to finally meet you. (shakes Counselor’s hand) I’m Barb.  This is my husband Bob, and our two children, Kyle and Lisa.

Counselor:      Hello, I’m Counselor Danville.  It’s good to see all of you here.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Dr. Carter and Mom sit

Counselor:      Now, what seems to be the trouble?

Mom & Dad and Kyle and Lisa all begin talking loudly and quickly, at the same time, so that they’re voices are all mixed together and indistinguishable between who is saying what.  The parents should say things like: They’re lazy.  They never do anything around the house but sleep all day and eat.  They don’t respect us at all.  They don’t follow the rules.  They think they own the house.  They think they know everything.  Etc.

The kids should say things like: They never listen.  All they do is boss us around and

make us do things we don’t want to do.  Nothing we ever do is good enough. All they

want to do is lecture us on how to behave, what to wear, where we should go, what

friends to have…. Etc. 

After a moment, Counselor breaks in

Counselor:      (yelling above them) Time out! 

Everyone stops talking immediately

Counselor:      I see we have a lot of issues to work through but I can’t hear you all at once.  So, why don’t we start with the parents first.

Kyle:                Sure, take their side.

Counselor:      I’m not on anybody’s side but I do need to hear the issues in a civilized manner.  I promise Kyle, you’ll get your turn.  Now, let’s begin with you. (indicating Dad

Dad:                These two have no respect for their mother and I. 

Lisa:                What are you talking about?  You don’t respect us!

Dad:                It’s hard to respect someone who has no goals.

Lisa:                We have goals.  You just don’t like it because they aren’t the goals you want us to have.

Dad:                If they were realistic goals, maybe I’d respect them. 

Lisa:                And maybe I’d respect you if you weren’t such a dork!

Mom and Dad gasp

Counselor:      Whoa, whoa! Hold on here.  Let’s not resort to name calling.

Lisa:                (settling down) I’m sorry.

Counselor:      What about you? (indicating Mom)  What would you like to say?

Mom:               I’d like to hear some words come out of our children’s mouths besides “I don’t know,” “Whatever” and “Just chill.”

Kyle:                (defensive) You want some words?  I’ll give you some words!

Counselor:      Stop it.  Settle down—all of you.  Okay Kyle, what would you like to say to your parents.

Kyle:                I think it’s hard to talk to someone who doesn’t listen.

Counselor:      That’s a good start. 

Mom:               It’s hard to listen to someone who gives you the silent treatment.

Kyle:                Maybe you get the silent treatment because it doesn’t go any good to say anything, because you never listen. 

Mom:               Maybe I’d listen if you had something worthwhile to say. 

Kyle:                Maybe I’d say something worthwhile if I knew you would listen!

They all start shouting at each other again, repeating the things they’ve already said to each other.

Counselor:      (yells) Enough! I feel like I’m in a boxing match and I’m the referee!

Mom & Dad, Lisa & Kyle: (all at the same time) Boxing match?

All of a sudden the music theme from the movie “Rocky” is played.  If you don’t have access to that song, a bell can be heard to signal the start of a fight.  The actors begin taking off an outer layer of clothing, to reveal “boxing” types of outfits underneath, like shorts & t-shirt.   Underneath the counselor’s original clothing is a black and white striped shirt that looks like a referee’s shirt, and a whistle. 

Mom & Dad are in one corner and Kyle and Lisa are in the opposite corner.

Counselor:      (blows the whistle) All right boxers, come out fighting.