Fight for Purity-Drama Skit

Fight for Purity-Drama Skit

Themes: Standing up for what you believe in; purity of mind and body; inappropriate behaviors and relationships; morals; values
Categories: Youth, Personal, Topical 

Little by little Rita, a teenage girl, is compromising her values (sneaking into bars, watching inappropriate movies etc.) to please her cute boyfriend, Harry. But when her friend Jason challenges Harry's values, Rita's eyes are opened.  It seems Harry and his buddies have a contest to see who can corrupt young girls the fastest and Harry's sights were set on Rita.  In the end, Rita stands up for what she believes in and gives Harry a "piece of her mind" that he won't soon forget. 


This skit was originally written for teens to remind them to keep their bodies, as well as their minds pure and to fight for values and self-respect.

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)


Setting:   As the scene opens, 2 teenage girls, Patsy and Rita are talking.

Patsy:              So, tell me more about this great guy you met.

Rita:                 (excited) Oh my gosh, he’s like so cute! When he smiles he has these little dimples on the side of his cheeks, and he drives the most awesome car! We went for a drive the other night and it was incredible!

Patsy:              The guy?

Rita:                 No, the car! It looks like something out of a movie.  The doors open by sliding up.  We make such a cute couple.

Patsy:              (confused) You and the car?

Rita:                 No silly, me and the guy.  He’s so adorable.  I can’t wait ‘til you meet him.

Patsy:              What time is he supposed to be here?

Rita:                 Soon.

Patsy:              What’s he like?

Rita:                 I already told you, he’s cute.  Oh, and he dresses good too.  His pants are up around his waist where they’re supposed to be instead of dragging down around his knees.  You should see him, he’s got this one pair of black jeans that makes him look like a greek god.  (sighs) Soooo soft.

Patsy:              (confused) The jeans?

Rita:                 No! His hair.  It’s like fine silk.  I love rubbing my fingers through it.

Patsy:              But what does he like to do?  What does he believe in? 

Rita:                 I don’t know.  Lots of stuff.

Patsy:              What do you two have in common?  Is he a Christian?

Rita:                 Why all the questions?  You’ll see what I’m talking about when you meet him.  You’re gonna love him.  But not too much—he’s mine! Oh look, here he comes! (hurries to meet Harry)

Harry enters, gives Rita a big hug

Harry:              Hey sweet thing, did you miss me?

Rita:                 You know it, baby!  Come here, I want you to meet my best friend. 

They move towards Patsy

Rita:                 Harry, this is Patsy.  Patsy, this is Harry, the guy I’ve been telling you about. 

Harry:              (to Patsy) I’m honored to be in the company of two such beautiful ladies.  It’s nice to meet you Patsy.  I’ve heard a lot about you.

Patsy:              I’ve heard a lot about you too.  Well, not a lot actually but I hear you have a nice car and tight jeans. 

Rita:                 (embarrassed) Patsy!

Patsy:              Sorry.  I get nervous around new people and I say stupid things. 

Harry:              Don’t worry about it. 

Patsy:              So, Rita was just telling me about what you two like to do for fun.

Harry:              Oh yeah, we’ve got a lot in common. Don’t we, Babe? (to Rita) Did you tell her about the movie we saw the other night? 

Rita’s eyes get big and she begins to shake her head “no” in a non-chalant way, hoping

Patsy doesn’t see

Patsy:              What movie?

Harry:              “Flames of Fury.”  It was the best!

Patsy:              (looking to Rita, concerned) Flames of Fury?  Isn’t that rated “R”? 

Rita:                 (trying to act innocent) Was it?  I didn’t notice.

Harry:              How could you not notice?  It has like the most cuss words in a movie ever. It was awesome!

Patsy:              I heard it had a lot of graphic violence and nudity too.

Harry:              It did.  Another reason why it’s one of my favorites, if you know what I mean.  (winks and smiles)

Patsy:              Rita, how could you go see something like that?

Harry:              Oh, it’s cool, don’t worry.  My cousin works at the theater so he snuck us in.

Patsy:              That wasn’t what I meant.  Rita?