Fight for Faith-Drama Skit

Fight for Faith-Drama Skit

Themes: Lies vs. truth; Satan's deceptions; understanding your position in Christ; Jesus' work through us; deceiving spirits; strength in Christ; fighting for faith; standing up for your rights as God's child; victory over Satan
Categories: Youth, With God, God/Satan, Topical 

When Fred stepped into the boxing ring he had no idea what he was up against. Deceiver, one of Satan's female demons, was ready to take Fred down, and she pulled out all the stops in order to do so. Using lies and "trickery" she was easily able to defeat Fred, who had no idea of his position in Christ. He ends up knocked-out on the floor.  Things are different when Sarah, a young girl steps into the ring. Deceiver thinks she has another easy victory on her hands; however things turn out a bit differently when Jesus steps into the ring with Sarah.  Suddenly, all the old "stand-bys" aren't working because Sarah stands firm in her position in Christ, and Deceiver finds herself on the end of several punches. When she winds up on the floor, Satan himself stands in. In the end, with Jesus' help, Sarah proves victorious over Satan and his lies.

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 2 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample from the middle of the skit.

Sarah, a teenage girl or younger enters the ring.  Satan notices her.

Satan:              (nodding his head in Sarah’s direction) You want to try again?

Deceiver:         Oh yeah!  This one will be easier than the last. 

Satan:              Remember,

Deceiver:         I know, hit below the belt.

Satan:              You’re the best!

Deceiver and Sarah come to the center of the ring. Sarah looks nervous.  Bell rings

 to start fight.

Deceiver:         (mocking Sarah) What’s the matter little girl?  Are you going to cry?

Sarah:             (not convincingly) No.

Deceiver:         Are you sure?  Cause your mommy isn’t here to protect you.  It’s just you and me! (punches her in the face)

Sarah staggers back

Deceiver:         (to Satan) This is going to be even easier than I thought!

Deceiver and Satan laugh wickedly

Sarah:             (cries out) Jesus help me!

Jesus enters the ring and puts both hands on her shoulders

Satan:              (stops laughing as soon as he sees Jesus) Uh-oh!

Deceiver:         What’s the matter? (looks at Jesus, speaks to Satan) Who’s that?

Satan:              That’s trouble.  I better take over from here. 

Deceiver:         No way! I can take him.  I can take ‘em both!

Satan:              No.  This guy is gonna be more challenging.  It requires someone with more experience.

Deceiver:         (getting angry) I said, I’ve got it covered! Now, beat it!

Satan:              (gives her a sweeping bow) By all means, be my guest. 

Satan goes back to his corner. 

Deceiver:         Now, where was I?  Oh yeah, I was giving you a beating.  Ready for more? Or do you give up now?

Jesus:             (he takes his hands from her shoulders but continues to stand right behind  Sarah) You can do this, Sarah.  I’m right here. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. 

Sarah:             (to Deceiver) I’m ready.  (she gets in fight position)

Deceiver:         You’re worthless.  You’re a nobody.  (she swings but Sarah dodges out of the way—Deceiver is extremely shocked)

Sarah:             I’m a child of the King! And that makes me somebody!  (she punches hard and Deceiver falls on the floor, stunned) I’m special!

Voice:              (from off stage) One..two..

Satan goes to Deceiver

Deceiver:         (still shocked) She hit me. 

Satan:              I tried to tell you.

Deceiver:         But she’s just a little girl. 

Satan:              It’s not her; it’s HIM.  I’ve dealt with him before. 

Voice:              Six…seven…

Deceiver:         (gets up weakly, still in a daze) I can’t believe she hit me. 

Satan:              I better take this one. 

Deceiver, wobbly, goes to her corner

Satan:              (looking at Jesus) Never send a woman to do a man’s job.

Sarah:              Bring it!