Ring of Value-Drama Skit

Ring of Value-Drama Skit

Themes: Fighting for what you believe, shallow values
Categories: Youth, Topical 

The Ref has opened his boxing ring to those who have something worth fighting for. Or so he thinks.  Instead of injustices being fought for, he finds his contestants fighting over things like who is prettier, who is the most popular or who got the highest score on a video game.  In the end, the Ref throws the contestants out of his ring and tells them to come back when they've got something worth fighting for.


This skit illustrates the trivial things teens seem to fight over.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (2 Male, 2 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is from the middle of the skit.

Ref:     Let’s see if the ladies can do any better.  (looks to the side of the stage) Ladies, are you ready to rrrr-uuu-mmm-bbb-lll-ee? (draws out the word “rumble)

Trina and Tiffany(Tiff) enter the ring (both boys are dressed as female boxers: this may

include skirts with tights, heels, wigs, make-up etc.  They should each be wearing a pair

of mittens and underneath, their nails should be painted a bright color.  The costumes

can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.) The “girls”  “dance” around the ring as

boxers do, then they each take a corner of the ring.


Ref:     Let’s get this show on the road! In this corner (points to where Trina is standing) wearing the (purple) skirt, weighing in at one hundred….

Trina gasps and looks horrified, as she runs over to the referee and quickly whispers

something in his ear

Ref:     (clears his throat) I’ve just been informed that a “lady” never reveals her weight.  Let’s hear it for the “Tiny but Mighty” Trina McCoy!

Trina “dances” around and blows kisses to the audience then goes back to her corner

Ref:     And in this corner (points to opposite corner) clad all in pink, weighing in at..

Receives a devastating look from Tiffany

Ref:     Oops, I almost forgot…looking just lovely at any weight, “Luscious Legs” Tiffany Johnson!

Tiffany “dances” also around and blows kisses to the audience

Ref:     All right ladies, let’s have a fair fight. (Trina comes back to center stage)  No rabbit punches or hitting below the belt.  (looks at their hands) Those are not boxing gloves.  (indicating the mittens) What’s up with the mittens?

Trina and Tiffany: (at the same time, speaking in high pitched voices) I just had my nails


The two girls look at each and then giggle

Trina and Tiffany: (at the same time) Jinx! You owe me a Coke! (they giggle again)

Trina:   I didn’t want to ruin my nail polish by wearing those big, bulky gloves. I thought about not wearing any gloves but..

Tiff:      You’ve got to protect them with something.

Trina:   And mittens keep your hands so much warmer than gloves.  (takes off one mitten)(puts her hand on the Ref’s hand) See? All warm and toasty!

Tiff:      (gasps loudly) I love that nail polish! Burnt Amber isn’t it?

Trina:   (puts a hand to her heart, and “gushes”) How’d you know?

Tiff:      (pulls off one of her mittens and shows her hand to Trina) I’m the next shade up—Burnt Mahogany.           

Trina:            (gushes) Only someone with your skin tone could pull off that shade. It’s gorgeous!

Tiff:      Thank you!

Ref:     Ladies, did we come here to fight or to give each other a make-over?

Both ladies back off, try to act “tough” and put their mittens back on

Ref:     All right ladies, fight for your values! (he steps back and lets the ladies begin)

In the beginning the girls punches will be some sort of “wimpy” and “girly” but as the fight

progresses they will get “harder”.

Tiff:      Did you know that Ted Booker asked me to the prom? (wimpy punch)

Trina:   Really? He must have asked you after I turned him down. (wimpy punch)

Tiff:      Oh? I thought it was because I’m cheer captain and you’re on the bleachers. (wimpy punch)

Trina:   (puts her arms down) I love that song!

Tiff:      (puts her arms down) Isn’t Taylor Swift the greatest!

They both begin to sing together and swoon:

“If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along, so why can't you see?
You, you belong with me, you belong with me.”

Ref:     (can’t believe what he’s seeing) Ladies, please!

Once again the girls separate and try to act tough