Doubly Blessed-Drama Skit

Doubly Blessed-Drama Skit

Themes: God's blessings in our lives; God is there for us when we need Him; getting joy out of helping others; we are blessed when we bless others; obedience; the Holy Spirit at work in our lives
Categories: With God, Personal, Thanksgiving, Topical, Women's Ministry 

Four women, each in need of a blessing, listen and obey the Holy Spirit's leading.  Jaycee needs a babysitter; Pam needs assurance God has not forsaken her; Fran needs help writing a research paper; and Lorna needs a main course to serve the dinner guests she's about to have any minute.  In each situation, the Holy Spirit guides the women to be a blessing to each other.  In the process of giving a blessing, each woman also receives the very blessing she was seeking.


This skit reminds us that simply being a blessing is often a blessing in itself and that by helping others, we are also helped.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (5 Female)
The Holy Spirit Character could be gender neutral.
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Four chairs are on stage—two on one side and two on the other.  Near each of the chairs is a small table.  One table has a telephone and notebook on it. The other table holds a telephone. 

As the skit opens, Jaycee is sitting in a chair, holding two tickets.  She looks at the tickets and sighs deeply, with a sad look on her face. The Holy Spirit, dressed all in white, stands near her, watching. After a moment, the Holy Spirit stands behind Jaycee and puts a hand on her shoulder. 

Jaycee:            (brightening a little) Holy Spirit, is that you? 

Spirit:               (moves to stand next to her where Jaycee can see her) Yes. 

Jaycee:            (smiles) I’m glad you’re here.  

Spirit:               Couldn’t find a babysitter for the concert tomorrow night? 

Jaycee:            No.  We’ve only lived here a few weeks so we don’t know that many people yet.  

Spirit:               Feeling a little homesick? 

Jaycee:            A lot homesick!  I’m not used to being so far away from my family and all my friends.  Back home, finding a babysitter was never an issue but this time….well, I’m afraid these tickets are going to go waste. 

Spirit:               I wouldn’t give up so soon.  You never know what tomorrow may bring. 

Jaycee:            Unless you can physically manifest yourself into Super Nanny by tomorrow night, I’m afraid this situation looks rather dismal. 

Spirit:               I have an idea. 

Jaycee:            (excited) You’ll do the Super Nanny thing? 

Spirit:               No.  

Jaycee:            (disappointed) Oh. 

Spirit:               Why don’t you go talk to your neighbor? 

Jaycee:            (confused) Why?  

Spirit:               Because I asked you to.  

Jaycee:            But I don’t even know her.  I’ve only seen her in the yard a few times. 

Spirit:               I think today might be a good time to introduce yourself. 

Jaycee:            But I’m the one new in town. Shouldn’t she be coming over here to welcome me to the neighborhood? 

Spirit:               She needs you today, Jaycee.  Go talk to her. 

Jaycee:            You want me to just show up on her doorstep for no reason?  She’ll think I’m a weirdo or something. 

Spirit:               No she won’t.  

Jaycee:            But I’m not good at meeting new people.  I won’t know what to say.  

Spirit:               I’ll help you.  

Jaycee:            But… 

Spirit:               It will be okay.  I promise. 

Jaycee:            You won’t leave me? 

Spirit:               I’ll be right beside you.  Come on, let’s go.  

Jaycee:            All right. 

Jaycee stands up and she and the Holy Spirit walk to the opposite side of the stage  

Jaycee:            (stops near the other chairs, then calls out) Hello?  Is anybody home?

No answer 

Jaycee:            (to Spirit) She’s not here. Too bad.  (she starts to leave) 

Spirit:               (stops her and turns her around) Not so fast. 

Pam:               (voice is heard offstage) Is someone there? Who is it? 

Jaycee:            (to Holy Spirit) This is crazy!  What am I doing here? 

Spirit:               Answer her. 

Jaycee:            Do I have to? 

Spirit:               Trust me. 

Jaycee:            (calling out to Pam) It’s your new neighbor.  

Pam enters, somewhat confused 

Pam:               Hello.   

Jaycee:            (she extends her hand to shake) Hi.  I’m Jaycee. I moved in next door.

Pam:               I’m Pam. I’ve seen you out in the yard with your little girl.  

There is an awkward silence as the two stare at each other 

Pam:               Is there something I can help you with? 

Jaycee:            (to Spirit, who is unseen by Pam) I told you this was a bad idea.  Can we go now? 

Spirit:               Tell her that she’s more important than the lilies.  

Jaycee:            (confused) What?  What does that mean? 

Spirit:               Tell her.  

Jaycee:            But that doesn’t make any sense. 

Spirit:               It will to her. 

Jaycee:            Um…(hesitates) Pam… 

Pam:               Yes? 

Jaycee looks helplessly at the Holy Spirit 

Spirit:               Tell her. 

Jaycee:            This may sound crazy but I came over here to tell you that…(looks again to the Spirit who nods her head as if to say “go on”, then Jaycee looks back to Pam) I came to tell you that you are more important than the lilies. 

Pam stares at Jaycee blankly 

Jaycee:            (to Spirit) See, I told you this was a mistake!  She thinks I’m insane! 

All of a sudden Pam dramatically bursts into tears—the more dramatic the funnier it will be. Pam hugs Jaycee, crying on her shoulder 

Jaycee:            (to Spirit) Or not! 

Pam:               (stepping away from Jaycee, shocked) I’m sorry, it’s just that I can’t believe you just said that!  

Jaycee:            Do you know what it means? 

Pam:               Of course I do!  

Jaycee:            (surprised) Really? 

Pam:               Yes. This week I’ve been reading in Luke about how God cares for the lilies of the field but I just got laid off from my job. 

Jaycee:            I’m sorry to hear that. 

Pam:               Me too.  Without that second income, I don’t know how our family is going to survive.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and I told God He cares more about those stupid flowers than He does me! 

Jaycee:            You don’t really believe that, do you? 

Pam:               Not since you walked through that door!  Now I know God is telling me that He hasn’t forgotten me and that somehow everything will be okay.  Thank you for coming over.  You’ve been a real blessing to me! (hugging her again) 

Jaycee:            You’re welcome.  I’m glad I could help.  

Pam:               Maybe you could come back later in the week and we can have lunch.  Kind of a “welcome to the neighborhood” feast.  I make a mean ham & sausage quiche! 

Jaycee:            I’d like that.  Thank you. 

Pam:               I’ll see you on Thursday then.  Thanks again.  You have no idea how much your words meant to me. 

Jaycee:            Any time.  See you Thursday.

Pam sits in one of the chairs nearest her, as Jaycee and the Holy Spirit walk to center stage 

Jaycee:            (excited, to Spirit) Did you see that?  

Spirit:               I saw it. 

Jaycee:            Did you hear what she said?  

Spirit:               I heard her. 

Jaycee:            I didn’t have a clue but she knew exactly what it meant!  She said I was a blessing! 

Spirit:               I know. 

Jaycee:            That was amazing!  I’m so glad I listened to you. (still in disbelief) Did you see the look on her face when I told her what you said? 

Spirit:               Yes.  

Jaycee:            Watching her really made my day.  Thanks for choosing me to be the messenger. 

Spirit:               You’re welcome.  Plus, I think you made a new friend. 

Jaycee:            Yeah, I think I did.  Thank you so much! 

Jaycee heads off stage, still muttering to herself in disbelief as to what just happened.  The Holy Spirit walks to Pam and sits in the chair next to her. 

Pam:               (to Spirit, who she can now see) I cant’ believe that just happened! 

Spirit:               I told you I’d take care of you. 

Pam:               I know but sometimes it’s good to hear it out loud, you know? 

Spirit:               That’s why I sent Jaycee over. 

Pam:               Thank you! 

Spirit:               So, are you feeling better now? 

Pam:               Much! 

Spirit:               Good.  Then I think you should call Fran. 

Pam:               From my night class?  Why should I call her

Spirit:               Because I asked you to.