Leggo the Lingo-Drama Skit

Leggo the Lingo-Drama Skit

Themes: How communication has changed with the addition of things like texting, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of "cyberspace" mediums
Categories: Life Situations, Christian Living, Personal 

Mike hasn't seen Larry in awhile so when he runs into him by chance, he strikes up a conversation with him.  The only problem is Larry doesn't understand a word Mike is saying--he can only communicate through confusing text messages, which proves frustrating for Mike who can't comprehend the texts. When a stranger named Lucy comes along, she begins to interpret Larry's messages but this only seems to further infuriate Mike, who doesn't comprehend why a seemingly intelligent person cannot communicate verbally anymore.


This humorous skit takes a light-hearted look at how communication in our society has changed over time.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Any of these characters can be gender neutral
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Leggo the Lingo 

Setting: Larry, a man, sits in a chair with a cell phone in his hand.  He is punching buttons on the phone, apparently texting.  Throughout the skit, Larry never says a word. Two other chairs are also on stage.  

Mike enters. Seeing Larry, Mike stops to talk to him. 

Mike:                Hey Larry, how are you doing?  What brings you to this neck of the woods? 

Larry looks up from his phone, nods his head in acknowledgement and smiles at Mike. Larry begins texting. 

Mike:                Larry?  (somewhat confused by Larry’s behavior) What are you doing?

Larry looks up and stares blankly at Mike 

Mike:                I asked what you were doing in this neck of the woods. 

Larry looks at Mike quizzically, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head—not understanding what Mike is saying. He once again begins texting. 

Mike:                Come one, Larry.   Stop playing games.   

Mike sits in the chair next to Larry, as Larry looks at him 

Mike:                Hey, did you catch that game at the high school last week?  For awhile there, I didn’t think the Panthers were going to pull it out. It was a close one.  Did you see it? 

Larry continues to stare quizzically at Mike 

Mike:                I said…(cupping his hands, he shouts in Larry’s direction) did you happen to see the game the other night?  (uncapping his hands) Are you deaf today or something? 

Larry points to his cell phone, then to Mike, then back to the cell phone. 

Mike:                That’s a cell phone.  

Larry points to the phone and then back to Mike 

Mike:                That’s a cell phone and I’m Mike.  Great, now that we have that settled can we cut out the game of Charades and talk? 

Larry has no idea what Mike is saying.  

Mike:                (getting frustrated) What is wrong with you?  (greatly stressing each syllable carefully) Do..you.'speak..English? 

Larry sighs loudly and reaches over to pull a cell phone out of Mike’s shirt pocket. 
Larry hands the cell phone to Mike, then begins to text something on his own  phone. After a second, Larry points at the screen on Mike’s cell phone. 

Mike:                (looks at the screen, then reads each letter aloud) L T N S S U P.  (very confused)  What is this, a secret code or something? 

Larry again texts something then shows Mike the screen 

Mike:                This is a bunch of question marks.  What’s going on here?   

Larry texts again 

Mike:                (looks at the screen then reads aloud) Question mark, T S.  

Larry stares at his own cell phone screen and waits expectantly 

Mike:                (frustrated) I don’t understand what you’re doing!  I have no idea what this means!  

Larry continues to stare at his phone in anticipation 

Mike:                This is insane! 

Larry types something again and points at Mike’s cell phone 

Mike:                (looks at the screen again, very, very confused) What???  Stop it, Larry!  

Larry types again 

Mike:                (reads aloud) T S A P.   (he loses it and begins to yell) Stop it!  I’m sitting right here!  (Mike reaches over and begins to “shake” Larry) Talk to me, Larry!  Say something! 

Lucy enters with a laptop in hand and upon seeing Mike and Larry, she intervenes 

Lucy:               What’s going on here? (pulling Mike away from Larry, then speaks to Mike) Are you crazy?  You’re assaulting a man in broad daylight! 

Mike:                I can’t help it.  He’s driving me crazy!  

Larry begins texting again 

Mike:                (to Lucy) Look, he’s been doing that the whole time I’ve been here.   

Lucy:               (beginning to understand) Do you have a cell phone? 

Mike:                Yes. 

Lucy:               Can I see it? 

Mike:                (hands her his phone) He doesn’t say anything.  He just sits there and keeps sending me all these crazy messages but I can’t understand it.  I think it’s some kind of code or something.   

Lucy:               (looking at the phone) I think I see the problem.  This man can only speak in text messages.  

Mike:                What are you talking about? 

Lucy:               Texting.  He can’t communicate with you verbally.  He only speaks in and understands text messaging.  That’s what all these letters are—they’re actually symbols for words.  

Mike:                They are? 

Lucy:               Yes. 

Mike:                How do you know that? 

Lucy:            Because I’m multi-lingual.  I speak Twitter, Facebook, My Space and Text Messaging very fluently.  Here, I’ll translate.