Who Do You Trust-Drama Skit

Who Do You Trust-Drama Skit

Themes: Trust, faith, Satan's lies, obedience, choices, consequences of actions
Categories: With God, Personal, God/Satan, Topical, Christian Living 

Welcome to our version of "The Dating Game," where who you trust makes all the difference.  The audience recognizes our 3 panelists as Satan, God and Your Inner Child, but the two contestants haven't got a clue!  Who's advice will the contestants follow and what kind of fun and fabulous prizes await them?  Find out, when you play, "Who Do You Trust?"


This skit is written like a game show, and even includes built-in commercials that are optional for your use.  If you choose to use the commercials, you will need extra actors, not listed above.  Also, names of cities or organizations will need to be changed in order to accommodate your surroundings.  

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 2 Female, 1 Neutral)
Length: 15-20 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: This is similar to the old version of the "Dating Game." There should be 3 chairs on the right side of the stage, and 2 chairs on the left, with some kind of divider in between, so the contestants and the panelists can't see each other. The set could have a large banner hanging on the back wall with the words "Who Do You Trust?" on it.

The commercials in this skit are optional.

(Game Show music plays)

Host: (Runs out and grabs microphone) Good evening everyone and welcome to our game show "Who Do You Trust?" where contestants seek the advice of members of our secret panel. Depending on who they trust, our contestants can win some fun and fabulous prizes. So, let's get started, and meet our panelists.

Panelist #1, tell us about yourself.

Satan: Well, I'm known to many as the "Father of Lies," "The Prince of Darkness," or sometimes just "The Enemy." but my friends call me Satan. My hobbies include lying, deceiving, manipulating, cheating, distorting the truth and many other deadly sins. My turnoffs are prayer, church, Christians, revivals and the truth. My biggest pet peeve is Jesus.

Host: Well, thank you Panelist #1 and good luck. Panelist #2, tell us about yourself.

Child: Well, I'm known to most as "Your Inner Child." My hero is Peter Pan because he didn't want to grow up, and neither do I. I like to be the center of attention and I enjoy lots of praise. I like when other people cater to my whims, and I like to have my own way. I'm most happy when life is all about me.

Host: All right, thank you Panelist #2. And that brings us to our third and final Panelist. Tell us about yourself.

God: Well, I also have many names that people may recognize. I've been known as "Abba, Father," "The Alpha," "The Omega," "The Great I Am," and "Jehovah," but I'm most widely known simply as "God." I enjoy talking with people, creating things from scratch, and setting people free. Other hobbies and interests include miracles, forgiveness, salvation, and I love fruit.fruit of the spirit, that is.

Host: Okay, thank you Panelist #3. Well, there you have it folks. Let's hear it for our 3 panelists.

(Applause sign is held up, encouraging audience to clap)

Now that we've met our panelists, let meet our contestants. We've had them secluded off stage in a sound proof room, so they've heard nothing up to this point. Let's bring them out one at a time. Our first contestant is Alice Quinberry from Tennessee. Come on out, Alice!

Alice: (runs in from off stage) Hi y.all. I'm so glad to be here.

Host: Tell me Alice, why are you here today?

Alice: Well, my boy friend has asked me to marry him but I'm not sure if he's the right guy for me, so I'm hoping the Panelists can give me some advice and help me make the right decision.

Host: You've come to the right place Alice. Have a seat and good luck.

(Alice takes a seat)

Now, let's meet our second contestant, June Ballard from California.

June: (enters from off stage, waving at the audience) Hi everyone.

Host: June, it's good to have you here. Tell us, what are you hoping will happen here today?

June: I'm hoping to get some good advice about my job. Last year I started a new job as a free lance magazine writer but now that company wants to offer me a full time position on their writing staff. I'd have my own monthly column but this job involves moving to another city and state. I don't know if I should take the job or not, so I want the advice of your panelists.

Host: I'm sure they'll be able to help you. Take a seat June, and good luck to you.

(June sits)

Before we begin our game, we need to take a short break and hear a word from our sponsor. So stay tuned, and we'll be back right back.

(Commercial break #1 Car Salesman)

Salesman: Howdy folks! Are you in the market for a good used car, but don't know if you can trust your car salesman? Are you tired of guessing whether or not he's telling you the truth? Well, here at Slick Sam's were changing all that! We take the guessing game out by lying to you straight to your face. No more wondering if it's the truth, you'll know for a fact it's a bold faced lie! Watch, as we put our philosophy to the test.

Excuse me, ma.am, are you looking for a used car today?

Woman: Yes, I am.

Salesman: Well, then take a look at this here little beauty. This car has been gently used by only one owner to drive to and from church every Sunday.

Woman: What are these scratches and dents on it? Has it ever been in an accident?

Salesman: No ma.am this car has never been in an accident, and these dent and scratches were put in by the manufacturer himself to help with wind resistance. It's part of the overall plan to get you the best gas mileage possible.

(opneing the car door) Ma.am, this motor purrs and the engine is like new. Even the upholstery is still as smooth as the day it was made. Why don't you get behind the wheel, and see for yourself what a beauty this car is.

(Woman gets into car, starts it up as it makes horrible noises)

Woman: What's that?

Salesman: That's just the manufacturer's clever way of letting you know that your engine is free and clean of any harmful pollutants that may damage this here fine motor.

Woman: You've made a believer out of me Slick Sam! I'll take it! Thanks! (she drives off as she waves)

Salesman: Remember, at Slick Sam's we lie straight to your face, so you know you can trust us!