Whistle While You Work-Drama Skit

Whistle While You Work-Drama Skit

Themes: Serving God with joy; finding joy in any circumstance; encouraging one another; discouraging negativity
Categories: Youth, Christian Living 

When Chad volunteered to help clean his his friend's grandma's house, it sounded like a good idea at the time.  After all, Chad was trying to impress a girl named Snow White (no relation to the Disney character).  But now that he's standing ankle deep in dust and mess on an early Saturday morning, Chad doesn't think it sound like such a good time, especially since Snow, who he thought was going to be there too, left for the Shakespeare Festival that weekend.  Now tired and grumpy, Chad wants to back out, but his friend Mickey won't let him because he's already promised his grandmother they'd help.  But while Mickey is off looking for cleaning supplies, Chad falls asleep and suddenly several people who look a lot like the 7 dwarves appear.  They claim to be JIDIS (JID-eyes): Joyful Individuals who Delight In Service. Or individually knows as: Cheerful, Blissful, Joyful, Chipper, Perky, Jolly and Sunny.  With the help of the JIDIS, Chad learns that being joyful no matter what your situation is a whole lot better than being grumpy.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 9 (1 Male, 8 Neutral)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A Grandma’s living room.  Two boys, Mickey and Chad, stand in a very messy house.  The “background” can be implied if desired, but several cleaning props should be real: a vacuum cleaner, dust rags, mop, broom, window cleaner, paper towels, sponges and a bucket etc.  

As the scene opens, Chad stands with his arms folded to his chest.  He is surrounded by cleaning supplies and he does not look happy. 

Mickey:            (enters with a broom and dustpan in his hands) Sorry it took so long.  I looked everywhere but I finally found it. (holds up the broom and dustpan)   Wouldn’t you know it, it was in the last place I looked.   

Chad:              Where was it? 

Mickey:            In the broom closet. 

Chad:              (rolls his eyes and sighs) Why didn’t you look there first

Mickey:            How was I supposed to know it was in there?

Chad gives me Mickey  “duh” look 

Mickey:            (confused at first but then a look of recognition) Oh, I get it: broom, (points to broom) broom closet.  (hits himself on the head) At least I’ll know for next time.  Live and learn. 

Chad:              (mumbles under his breath) Doubtful.  

Mickey:            What? 

Chad:              Nothing.  (somewhat gruffly) Give me that.  (snatches the broom roughly from Mickey) 

Mickey:            What’s wrong with you today, Chad? 

Chad:              What’s wrong with me?  (angry) What’s wrong with me?  I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me, Mickey.  (shouting) It’s 7 a'm. on a Saturday morning and I’m standing in your Grandma’s house up to my ankles in dust! 

Mickey:            May I remind you that you volunteered to help clean my Grandma’s house.  No one forced you to be here.  What happened to (in a mocking tone)I just want to lend a helping hand to your poor, elderly Grandmother”? 

Chad:              Your cousin, Snow, was standing there at the time.  I was trying to impress her. 

Mickey:            Ohhhh, I thought were just being nice. 

Chad:              No! I only “volunteered” because I thought Snow, was going to be here.  You told me she comes to visit on the weekends.  

Mickey:            She normally does but this is the weekend of the Shakespeare Festival, and Snow never misses that. 

Chad:              That would have been good to know before you scheduled our little “outing” for this weekend!   

Mickey:            (scratching his head) Yeah, I guess so.  Sorry, but hey, look at it this way, at least you get to help out a nice old lady. I know Grandma White will really appreciate the work we do. 

Chad:              Whatever. (complaining) I’d rather be at home sleeping. 

Mickey:            I bet Snow will appreciate it too, once she hears about it. 

Chad:              That’s an unusual name for a girl. It’s so weird your aunt & uncle named their daughter Snow.  

Mickey:            Yeah, they’re big fans of the Disney movies.  (having a “light bulb’ moment) Hey wait a minute, my cousin’s name is Snow.  

Chad:              That’s what I just said. 

Mickey:            But her name is Snow White!  That is so cool! 

Chad:              You’re just now putting that together? 

Mickey:            Yeah.  I never thought about it before. 

Chad:              (mumbles) Not surprised.  

Mickey:            What? 

Chad:              Never mind.  Look, can’t we come back and do this another day? 

Mickey:            No.  

Chad:              But I don’t want to be here!  I want to go home and catch some Z’s. 

Mickey:            Are you going to be grumpy all day? 

Chad:              Yes!

Mickey:            Well, just turn that frown upside down, Mister. I already promised my grandma we’d help her today.  She’s counting on us.  Let’s just make the best of it.  

Chad:              Are you always this happy to do housework?

Mickey:            It gives me a good feeling to help others.  (looking around) Now, where did I put my dust cloth?  Oh, I think it’s upstairs.  I’ll be right back.  (he exits) 

Chad:              (pulls the dust cloth out of his pocket) He’ll be looking for this for awhile.  It will give me plenty of time to take a little nap.  

Chad lies down or sits in a chair and after a moment he begins to snore.  After another  moment “dream” music is heard (the playing of harps or something similar) and in skips the 7 JIDIS (JID-eyes): Blissful, Cheerful, Joyful, Sunny, Perky, Jolly and Chipper.  They should be dressed to resemble the 7 Dwarves, each in a brightly colored t-shirt. On the back of each t-shirt, there should be a letter, that when put together spells out the word J-I-D-I-S.  Everyone will have a letter on the back of his or her shirt except for Sunny. 

They JIDIS should enter in a straight line (one behind the other), each with some kind of cleaning supply in hand.  As they enter, they sing the “Whistle While You Work” song from the Snow White movie.   

JIDIS:               (all in unison, singing as they enter) 

“Just whistle while you work.
And cheerfully,
Together we
Can tidy up the place.

So hum a merry tune.
It won't take long
When there's a song
To help you set the pace.” 

Chad begins to stir and when he opens his eyes he is startled to see the JIDIS “dancing” merrily on stage. 

JIDIS:               (all in unison, continue singing)

 “Just whistle while you work.
And cheerfully,
Together we
Can tidy up the place!” 

The JIDIS all smile and look at Chad joyfully 

Chad:              Where did you all come from? 

Sunny:             The Land of Glee. 

Chad:              Who are you supposed to be?  The 7 Dwarfs? 

Chipper:          No, silly. We’re JIDIS.  (pronounced JID-eyes) 

Chad:              Jedi’s? (JED-eyes) As in Luke Skywalker and Star Wars? 

Perky:              No silly, not JEDis, JIDis. 

Chad:              (confused) Huh? 

As Sunny speaks each word, one by one the JIDIS turn around, revealing the letter on his or back, forming the word JIDIS to the audience. 

Sunny:             Joyful
                        Individuals who

 Chad:              Oh, I get it: JIDIS.  Very clever. 

Sunny:             Collectively we are known as JIDIS.  Individually we are: (as he speaks each name, that person turns back to face the audience) 

                        Blissful (turns around), Cheerful (turns around), Joyful (turns around), Chipper (turns around), Perky (turns around), and Jolly (turns around).  And I’m Sunny.  

Chad:              Of course you are.  But you still look like dwarves. 

Jolly:                (smiling brightly) And who might you be, Sir? 

Chad:              You can just call me Grumpy.  (points off stage) My pal in there is  Dopey.

Sunny:             It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Grumpy.  

Perky:              (to Sunny, very excited) Can we get started now?  Can we? Huh?  Can we? 

Chad:              Get started doing what? 

Chipper:          (in a very happy voice) We’re here to help you clean!  

Jolly:                (in a cheerleader type of voice) Yeeaaaaa, clean!  

Everyone except Chad starts jumping up and down hooting and clapping 

Chad:              You like to clean? 

Sunny:             If it will be of help to someone else, then yes.  Don’t you like helping people? 

Chad:              (in a grumpy tone) Not early in the morning on the only day I can sleep in! 

Blissful, Cheerful, and Joyful all run up Chad and give him a “group” hug  

Chad:              What are they doing? 

Sunny: They thought you needed some encouragement.