Heat of the Moment-Drama Skit

Heat of the Moment-Drama Skit

Themes: Sex and intimacy in marriage
Categories: Love & Marriage 

Peter and Rachel have just returned from their honeymoon, and their friends want to hear all about it.  Rachel focuses on the romance and intimacy of this new venture in her life, while Peter can't help focusing on the physical side of their union. Follow this couple as we catch a glimpse of various stages in their lives, and witness how both sex and intimacy changes and grows through the years.


Because of the subject matter, this skit is intended for more of an adult audience

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A living room.  A welcome home party is being thrown for Peter and Rachel, who have just returned from their honeymoon.  A banner is displayed on stage that says, “Welcome back honeymooners!”  

As the skit opens, Rick and John sit in chairs, while Sue stands, staring out a pretend window. 

Peg:                 (enters) Do you see them yet? 

Sue:                 No.  It’s not like Peter and Rachel to be late.  I wonder what’s keeping them. 

Rick:                (to John) They’re newlyweds.  I bet I know what’s keeping them! 

John:               (with a “knowing” look) Go Pete! 

Rick and John give each other a “high five” 

Peg:                 (sighs in disgust) Honestly, is sex the only thing you guys think about?

Rick and John look at each other and shake their heads “yes” 

Rick:                Pretty much. 

John:               Yeah. 

Sue:                 Here they come!  

Peg and Sue walk to the side of the stage where Rachel and Peter will enter, as the guys stand up and prepare to greet the guests of honor.  Pete and Rachel enter, very happy, with wide smiles 

Sue:                 (gives Rachel a hug as she enters) Welcome home! 

Rachel:            Thank you. 

Peg:                 (hugs Rachel) You look so happy.  I guess married life agrees with you. 

Rachel:            (looks at Pete and smiles, then back to Peg) It does!  Thanks so much for having this party.  You didn’t have to go to all this trouble but I appreciate it. 

Peg:                 It’s no trouble at all.  

Sue:                 Besides, we want to hear all about the honeymoon! 

Sue ushers Rachel to one side of the room, where the three women sit, all eyes glued on Rachel 

Rick:                So do we! 

Rick does the same with Pete, ushering him to the opposite side of the room, where they sit looking at Pete expectantly.  Both groups become unaware of the other as they begin to talk.  While one “group” is talking the others remain still.  

Peg & Rick:     (simultaneously, Peg speaking to Rachel, Rick to Pete) So, how was it? 

Sue and Peg hang on ever word Rachel speaks, as do Rick and John with Pete’s words 

Rachel:            It was gorgeous. 

Peter:              She was beautiful. 

Rachel:            I’ve never seen water so clear before, with so many shades of blue!  

Peter:              I was never more attracted to her. 

Rachel:            We walked along the beach holding hands, talking, then we held each other at sunset.  

Sue:                 I love Hawaii.  

Peg:                 Sunsets on the beach are the best. 

Rachel:            There was a full moon the first night and as we were walking in the sand, Peter stopped and took me in his arms.  He brushed the hair off of my face and looked deep into my eyes, then he kissed me.  

Peg:                 That’s so romantic! 

John:               Way to get her “in the mood!” 

Rachel:            I know.  He must have known how romantic a kiss on the beach under a full moon would be. 

Peter:              I couldn’t wait anymore.  She looked so hot!  

Rachel:            I was melting! 

Peter:              She was driving me wild! 

Sue:                 Then what happened?  

Rachel & Pete: (simultaneously) We went back to the hotel. 

Peg:                 Did you bring your special honeymoon lingerie? 

Peter:              Oh yeah! 

Sue:                 Was it that pink one you talked about? 

Rachel:            Yeah, the one with all the lace down the front.  

Peter:              Don’t remember what it looked like.  All I know is I could see every shape and curve God gave her.  (looks up) Thank you Lord! 

Rachel:            I was so nervous.  

Peter:              I was so ready! 

Rachel:            I looked at him and I thought, “This is my husband. The man I’m going to share the rest of my life with.” 

Peter:              I was thinking, “That’s my wife.  Now I can finally… 

Rachel:            (interrupts before he finished his sentence) It was a little awkward at first. 

Peter:              It was the best experience of my life! 

Rachel:            But after, it was so tender.  We held each other.  

Peter:              I fell right to sleep.  

Rachel:            I laid there for a long time thinking about these intimate moments married people share.  

Peter:              I woke up ready for more! 

Rachel:            It’s been wonderful ever since.  We talk and laugh. 

Peter:              We go to bed early! 

Rachel & Peter:  (simultaneously) It’s all I could ever want!

Scene changes.  Using props nearby, the characters use hats, shirts, wigs etc. to indicate the passage of time.  Rachel should have a small pillow under her shirt to indicate a pregnancy.  It should be obvious but not too obvious—just a small bump. The “Welcome Back” banner is replaced with “Happy 10th Anniversary.”  Peter and Rachel exit the stage, the others remain.  

Sue:                 (looking at her watch) They’re late again.  I wonder if something happened. 

Rick:                If I know Pete, I’m sure he made something happen! 

Peg:                 Will you two cut it out!  They’ve been married for 10 years now.  I’m sure they’re beyond all that stuff. 

John:               Guys never move beyond “all that stuff!” 

Sue:                 Here they come.  

Peter and Rachel enter, looking a little tired. 

Peg:                 Hi guys.  Happy Anniversary! 

Sue:                 You two look tired.  Are you okay? 

Rachel:            Yeah.  We’re fine. 

The guys and girls all gather in groups again but on opposite sides of the stage as before.  Again, they are oblivious to each other’s conversation. 

Rachel:            We just had a late night. 

Rick:                Way to go, Pete! 

Peter:              It’s not like that.  We were up most of the night, talking.  

John:            (disappointed) Talking?