A Harvest Tale-Drama Skit

A Harvest Tale-Drama Skit

Themes: Reaping what you sow; fruits of your labor; people want reward without work; "good deeds" & blessings; laziness; rewarding hard work
Categories: Topical, Life Situations, Christian Living, Children, Fall Harvest, Family 

Written in light-hearted rhyme, this "fable" type skit openly shows the concept of "reaping what you sow."  A mother has 3 children who like to play and laugh but when it comes to work, only one of them sees the benefits of balancing work and play.  The other two like to complain and whine, while at the same time receiving all the benefits of someone else's hard labor. When economic times get tough and putting food on the table becomes even harder, a wise mother gets an idea: she tells each of her children to plant seeds in a garden and nurture it and watch it grow.  But, she warns: they will reap whatever they sow.


This skit can also be performed using puppets.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (1 Male, 4 Neutral)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Narrator:            Once upon a time in a land not so far away,

There were three young children who loved to laugh and play.

 Child 1 enters

 Child 1:            “I hate to work, I love to play, and that’s my philosophy.

Why should I work and sweat, when I can get what I want for free?” (Child 1 exits)

 Child 2 enters

 Child 2:            “I like to laugh and make everything fun,

And when it comes to work, I usually leave things halfway done.” (Child 2 exits)

Child 3 enters

 Child 3:            “I like to play but I know there’s work to be done too,

And by keeping things balanced it makes life easier for me & you.” (Child 3 exits)

 Narrator:            Now during some seasons, times were often tough,

                        Money was tight, which usually made things rough. 

                         Putting food on a table to feed a small crowd 

                        Often proved hard with what the small budget allowed.

 Mom and 3 children enter

 Child 1:            “I’m still hungry!  I want more than my share!”

Narrator:            So he took another helping even though there wasn’t much there.

 Child 2:            “I want more food!  I’m still hungry too!”

 Narrator:            So the mother gave him her food.   What else could she do?

 Child 3:            “I’m not as hungry tonight as the rest of you seem,”

Narrator:            So she divided her food amongst her family’s team.

                        Now the mother noticed what the kind child had done.

                        She wasn’t being selfish or just out for fun.

                         She gave from her heart because she was kind.

                        And right then and there a plan formed in the mother’s mind.                              

                         The wise young mother formulated a great plan,

                        To teach her children a lesson and help feed her hungry clan.

 Mom:               “Listen my children, and please hear what I say.

                        I’m going to give you a project to start on today.

                         You know that big field way out in the back;

                        Behind the small pond, near the dilapidated shack?

                         I want you to plant some seeds and line then in a row

                        And tend to them faithfully and then watch them grow.

                         I warn you to take these words of mine to heart.

                        Think about them carefully before you start.

                        Your garden will take time to nurture and bloom

                        But if you do it right, you’ll see good results soon.

                         But if you’re lazy and don’t tend to its needs,

                        You’re garden will whither and produce nothing but weeds.

                         Now one last thing of my words you must keep,

                        Use your time wisely; for whatever you sow, you will reap.” (she exits) 

Narrator:            It didn’t take long for Child One to complain:

 Child 1:            “How dare she expect us to grow our own grain!”

 Narrator:            Child Two, didn’t see things much differently:

 Child 2:            “We’ve never done this before.  Why is she expecting this of me?”

 Narrator:            Child Three saw things in a completely different way:

Child 3:            “Though I don’t know the reason, I’m still going to obey.”

 Mom and 3 Children exit

 Narrator:            So off went the children to plant several seeds,

                        While the mother closely watched each of their deeds.

Child 1 enters

 Narrator:            Child One began digging his rows in the dirt

                        But it didn’t take long to figure out:

Child 1:            “This is hard work!

                         It’s not fair that I’m working out here in the sun!

                        What I really should be doing is out having fun.

                         I think I will pretend these rows to make,

                        And hope my mother doesn’t discover they’re fake.” 

 Narrator:            So, with very little effort and even less sweat

                        In one bad decision, the boy’s fate was set.

 Child 1 exits, as Child 2 enters

 Narrator:            Child 2 had good intentions; he started out well,

                        But somewhere in the middle his high ambitions fell.

 Child 2:            “My garden looks good, I see only some weeds;

                        Now I think it’s time to tend to my own personal needs.

                         I need some laughter; and I want to play.

                        Besides, I’ve put in lots of work these last few days. 

                         I started out right and that should be enough,

                        If these plants won’t keep growing, I guess it’s just tough!”

 Narrator:            So with those last words, Child 2 went in search of fun.

                        Still not learning his lesson, he left the job half done.

 Child 2 exits, as Child 3 enters

 Narrator:            Child Three was unique; she worked very hard,

                        As she raked and planted, and pulled weeds from her yard.

 Child 3:            “My garden is growing; new blooms I see.

                        I hope my hard work will make my mom proud of me.

                         I see lots of potatoes, lettuce, carrots and beans,

                        Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and many other greens. 

                        As I look around, I see a feast before my eyes;

                        Seeing the fruits of my labor is the ultimate prize.”

 Child 3 exits

 Narrator:            And so it went day after day,

                        Each child tending the garden, in his own individual way. 

                         One was lazy with no fruits to his name;

                        Another one quit and had pretty much the same. 

Narrator:            But one was diligent; her work didn’t stop,

                        After many months she had harvested quite a crop.

                         All the while the mother watched her children with care;

                        Waiting to see what they would bring to the dinner table to share.