Love Thy Brother-Drama Skit

Love Thy Brother-Drama Skit

Themes: Brotherly love; respecting and loving others; parallels the concept of when we love God, we will automatically love others; (in the same way, if we love each other, lots of the world's problems could be easily solved because most of them would never occur in the 1st place if we followed this rule)
Categories: Youth, Children, Life Situations, Topical, Christian Living 

Kate and Tom are helping their Dad build a tree house.  They've laid out the plans and now they are ready to start building.  But when Kate's friend, Lori, stops by to inspect the plans, she is surprised to discover some odd notions Kate has about the rules of the tree house.  Lori think they should immediately put up a "No boys allowed" sign, but when Kate says they can't do that because her brother is a boy, Lori finds this a bit strange, since she thinks he's the main boy they should want to keep out!  Other oddities like Kate and Tom knowing each other's  secret compartment locations and Kate's overall courtesy to her brother, along with her refusal to make a list of rules for him to follow has Lori baffled.  But when Kate announces she and her brother only have one household rule in general, it really pushes Lori over the edge, especially when she learns that rule is to love and respect each other.  Since Lori has never heard of such a thing, she begins to wonder about Kate's sanity and the future of their overall friendship.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

This is a sample from the middle pages of the skit.

Tom:                Hi Lori! (quickly runs by her and exits) 

Lori:                 Hi Tom.  (to Kate) Where’s he going in such a hurry? 

Kate:                He’s going to tell Mike about our new tree house.  We’re gonna start building today. 

Lori:                 Cool! Now, we’ll finally have some place to meet for Powder Puffs. 

Kate:                I know.  I can’t wait! 

Lori:                 (excited) Okay, the first thing we have to do is to make a huge sign that says “No boys allowed.”  Do you have any poster board and some paint? 

Kate:                Yeah, but what do we need those for? 

Lori:                 I just told you, so we can make a sign to keep boys out.  

Kate:                But my brother is a boy. 

Lori:                 Duh!  He’s the main boy we want to keep out. 

Kate:                But this is his tree house too.  I can’t keep him out.  

Lori:                 Of course we can.  He’s a boy and boys are big pains. 

Kate:                My Dad said this tree house was for both of us and all of our friends, so I can’t say no boys are ever allowed.    

Lori:                 All right, fine—no sign for now.  When we hold our first Powder Puff meeting we’ll make a sign then.  

Kate:                Why? 

Lori:                 Did you have dumb pills for breakfast or something?  (getting aggravated) I told you, to keep the boys out! 

Kate:                Tom won’t bother us during our meetings. 

Lori:                 Of course he will.  He’s a boy, and boys live to irritate their sisters. 

Kate:                Not Tom.  If he knows we’re up here, he won’t bother us at all.  

Lori:                 What planet is he from? 

Kate:                (innocently) What do you mean? 

Lori:                 (giving up) Never mind. Forget about the sign.  (noticing the plans) Hey, are you going to have secret compartments built in? 

Kate:                Yeah, one for me and one for Tom. 

Lori:                 And you know where each other’s compartments are? 

Kate:                Yeah, so? 

Lori:                 Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of a secret compartment?  What if you want to put something personal in there, like your diary or something? 

Kate:                Then I’ll put my diary in there.  What’s the big deal? 

Lori:                 Because Tom will know where it is, and he’ll read it.  Then he’ll know all your secrets, Kate!  Unless…(pause) you know where his compartment is too, right? 

Kate:                Yes. 

Lori:                 Okay, then we’ll be able to sneak into his secret compartment and blackmail him with anything we find in there.  

Kate:                Blackmail him?  What are we, CIA?  I’m telling you Lori; this will not be a problem.  

Lori:                 You’re right, it won’t be a problem because we are going to sit down and come up with a list of rules for this tree house.  

Kate:                But we already have… 

Lori:                 (ignoring Kate) We’ll include punishments for rule breaking, and we’ll put it all in a contract and make Tom and his friends sign it.  That way, if any of the rules are broken, we can enforce the punishments.   

Kate:                I don’t know about this, Lori.  I really don’t think any of this is going to be a problem… 

Lori ignores Kate and picks up a pen and begins writing on a piece of paper 

Lori:                 Okay, the first rule is: When girls are in the tree house all boys must stay out!        

Lori:                 Second rule: Take your shoes off before entering the tree house. (to Kate) We don’t want to track mud and dirt inside.  We want everything neat and tidy for our meetings. 

                        Third rule: No writing on the walls of the tree house.  (to Kate) You know how boys like to deface property.  

                        Fourth rule: No snooping in girl’s secret compartments. 

Kate:                Lori… 

Lori:                 (ignores Kate) Now, for the punishments.  (taps her pen on the table) What should we make the little weasels do if they break any of the rules?  Oh, I know, we could…. 

Kate:                (interrupts her) Lori, stop it!  

Lori:                 What? 

Kate:                I’ve been trying to tell you that we don’t have to make all these rules.  Tom and I have our own rules and they’ve always worked well in the past.  

Lori:                 (surprised) You do? What rules? 

Kate:                Well, it’s more like rule, actually.  

Lori:                 You only have one rule?  How can that possibly work?  At my house we’ve got like a hundred rules and my brother and sister and I still can’t get along! 

Kate:                At my house we only have one rule: Love and respect each other.  

Lori:                 (not impressed) That’s it?  That’s your big, impressive rule? 

Kate:                Yeah. 

Lori:                 That’ll never work.