Hangin in the Hood-Drama Set

Hangin in the Hood-Drama Set

Themes: God's promises/prophecies, parallels the prophecy of Jesus
Categories: Youth, With God, Personal, Children, Christian Living 

Four teens are no strangers to a hard way of life in the inner city but with the help of a local super hero, Duct Tape Man, the teens learn that life won't always be the same.  These skits are based on God's promise to send Jesus through the line of King David, prophecy that one day a savior would come and the actual birth of Jesus. 


1. Tork--a tough guy who thinks he's better at basketball than he really is
2.  Malcolm--a tough guy with the talent of an artist.  He tries to hide his sensitive side
3.  Jada--a tomboy who hides her talent for writing
4.  Keisha--a talented basketball player who pretends not to be so she can impress Tork
5. Vonelle--a promised one chosen to change the inner city and the lives of the people in it
6.  Duct Tape Man--a local super hero who claims "God 'sticks' to His promises"

Part 1: Discovering the Talents (God gives David a heart of worship)

Tork, Malcolm, Jada and Keisha are all teens living in the hood.  Tork claims he's a great basketball player, Malcolm just wants to be "tough," Jada tries to be a tomboy and Keisha pretends she doesn't know much about sports.  But each is hiding a secret: Tork isn't as good as he thinks he is on the court, and because Keisha has a secret crush on Tork, she leads him to believe she's not as good as she really is when it comes to b-ball.  Jada and Malcolm may act tough but they have a soul for the "arts": Jada is an aspiring writer and Malcolm has tremendous talent as a painter.  When Duct Tape Man, the local super hero appears, (DT for short) he uncovers their secrets in order to prepare them for the change that is to come.  He tells them God wants them to use and develop their talents because change is coming to the hood and they need to be ready.

Part 2:  A Promise Spoken (God promises a Messiah)

It's been 6 months since DT showed up to uncover the teen's hidden talents, but instead of using their talents for God, it seems the gang has been up to no good.  Tork can't stop getting into fights because he's angry that a "girl" is better than him on the court; Malcolm is only interested in painting graffiti; Keisha has been conning boys into playing ball with her, then stealing their money; and Jada has started a gossip column in her newspaper.  When DT comes to check on his "peeps" he discovers a group in chaos.  It seems they are tired of waiting around for this "change" to happen and they have fallen into harmful patterns.  But when DT prophesies a woman is coming who will not only change the whole neighborhood but the lives of the teens as well, the group promises to hang on just a little longer and repent from their "evil" ways.  

Part 3:  The Arrival (the birth of Jesus)

Three more months have passed since DT's prophecy and everywhere he looks, Tork thinks he's found their "savior."  He even thinks it could be the little old lady with the cane down the block.  When no "savior" shows up, the teens hypothesize that when she does, she won't be like an ordinary person: she'll obviously be rich, with a limo, furs and diamonds.  They think nothing of Vonelle then, an ordinary woman new to the neighborhood, who shows up asking for directions.  They easily dismiss her as being a "nice lady."  But when DT arrives back on the scene, he can't believe his peeps aren't more excited about just having met the woman who will be the most influential person in their lives. The teens are hesitant to believe such a dramatic change could come from such a simple but nice lady.  When they finally realize whom they've just met, the kids begin to get excited about the future of the hood, as well as the changes that are coming for each of them.  


This is a series of 3 skits. The skits build upon each other, and each are about 5-10 minutes long. Due to the nature of the skits, they cannot be sold separately.

This series was originally written for a mission trip in the inner city.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 5-10 minutes
No in set: 3
Excerpt (Sample)

Part 1: Discovering the Talents


Setting: The inner city, where a group of teens hang out.  All the characters should be dressed casually in sportswear.  The girls are tomboyish and the guys try to act cool and tough. 

 As the skit opens Jada sits on the floor, writing in an old ratty notebook that is falling apart.

 Jada:               (speaking tenderly as she writes) “As she drove away from the city, it began to lightly rain.  It was almost as if the city was sad she was leaving, shedding a few tears at her departure.”

 (pause, she puts the pen in her mouth to think for a second, then continues to write and speak aloud)

 “And as she left the city for what she knew would be the last time, Meesha couldn’t help but shed a tear or two of her own.”

                         (looking over what she has written) Oh yeah, that’s good stuff! (she continues writing)

 Offstage we hear the voices of Malcolm and Tork

 Malcolm:          What you talkin’ ‘bout, fool?  You ain’t never been to no country field!

 Jada:               Uh-oh, somebody’s coming!  (she quickly hides her notebook)

 Tork:                Have to!

 Malcolm:          Have not!  You’re lyin!

 After disposing of the book, Jada tries to act non-chalant, as the boys enter

 Tork:                (bounces a basketball as he enters—the ball should be worn and doesn’t bounce well) I am not, I went to my grandma’s house once when I was little.  I saw one then.

 Jada:               (to Tork) Saw what?

 Malcolm:          This fool claims he saw a real, live fox before.  I told him no way.

 Tork:                Way!

 Jada:               I’ve heard of foxes out in the country before.  What’s so unusual ‘bout dat?

 Malcolm:          He claims it was all white.

 Jada:               You tryin’ to play us, boy?

 Tork:                I’m not trippin.’ I’m speaking truth.

 Jada:               Uh-huh, like that time you told us you saw Kobe Bryant in the crib. 

 Tork:                It was him!

 Malcolm:          Right, like our boy Kobe gonna be hangin’ out at the Suds N’ Stuff Laundromat.   You frontin’ us!

 Keisha enters

 Tork:                It sho looked like him. 

 Keisha:            He tellin’ that lame Kobe Bryant story again?

 Jada:               (smiles, goes to greet Keisha) Hey girl, whatch’ya been up to?

 Jada goes to Keisha and they do some kind of “girl” hand-slap greeting

 Keisha:            Oh you know, little a dis, little a dat.  (to Tork) Hey Tork, you gonna give me a re-match on that b-ball game? 

 Tork:                Why?  You ready for another whoopin?  I beat you pretty bad last time.

 Malcolm:          Take it easy on her, Tork.  Remember, she’s just a girl. She don’t know nothin’ ‘bout playin’ ball! 

 Tork:                Hey, when you play with the Tork you get the flame.  If you don’t want to get burned then you stay off the court.  Know what I mean? 

Keisha:            It’s okay Malcolm.  I’ll take my chances. 

 Jada:               (takes Keisha aside)!  Pretendin’ you like basketball just to be near that brother….Girl, you got it bad!

 Keisha:            Shhh! He’ll hear you!

 Jada:               He’s going to figure it out one of these days.

 Keisha:            If he’s smart, he will.

 Jada:               (laughs) Then maybe you ain’t got nothing to worry ‘bout!

 Keisha:            (angry/joking) Watch it now, that’s my man you’re dissin!

 Jada:               He ain’t your man, yet.

 Keisha:            We’ll see. 

 Tork:                (throws the basketball to Malcolm) Come on bro, get in on the action.  Let’s make it two on one.  You and Keisha against me.  (smiles) I can take ya both.

 Malcolm:          (throws Jada the ball) Maybe Jada will play and we can make it 2 on 2. 

 Jada:               Not today, Malcolm. (throws the ball back to Malcolm)

 Tork goes to Malcolm and takes the ball from him

 Tork:                (noticing something on Malcolm’s arm) Hey Mal, what’s that on your arm?  Are you bleedin?

 Malcolm:          (looks at his arm and wipes at it) Nah.  I’m okay.

 Tork:                (examines it closer) It looks like paint.  You been paintin’ somp’in?

 Malcolm:          (immediately defensive) Me?  Painting?  No!  Why would I be painting anything?  I don’t have anything to paint!

 Tork:                Chill, bro!  My bad!

 Malcolm:          So are we gonna play or what?

 Jada:               (looks off to the side) Hey guys, what’s that? (she points to the side)

 Keisha:            (looks in the distance) I don’t see anything.

 Jada:               Right there. Look, it’s something big and shiny.

 Malcolm:          (happy for a distraction) Where?  I don’t see…Whoa! What is that?

 Tork:                I don’t know but I think it’s coming our way!

 Jada:               Should we be scared?

 Keisha:            (stepping back) Oh yeah! 

Duct Tape (DT for short) man enters.  The others look him up and down 

DT:                  (speaks in a deep, super hero voice) Be easy my young friends!

 Tork:                Dude, what are you supposed to be, some kind a wankster? 

DT:                  Wankster?  No, my friends, I am not a wannabe gangster.

 Jada:               Then what are you supposed to be?

 DT:                  Do you like my outfit?  I thought it was slammin’!

 Keisha:            Who are you?

 DT:                  (puts his hands on his hips and shouts) I am Duct Tape Man!

 The others all laugh

 Malcolm:          We’re sorry.  We’ve just never heard of you and you do look kinda buggin.

 DT:                  You’ve never heard of Duct Tape Man? 

 They all shake their heads “no”

 DT:                  I spread God’s word, sharing the Good News with others.

 Malcolm:          What good news?

 DT:                  God “sticks” to His promises. 

Blank stares from the others

 DT:                  He’ll get you out of “sticky” situations.

 Blank stares from the others

 DT:                  “Stick” with God and you can’t go wrong.  Come on people, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of me!

 Keisha:            We don’t get too many superheroes in this part of town. 

 DT:                  I know. That’s why I’m here.  But I still can’t believe you’ve never heard of me.

 Tork:                So why are you here? 

DT:                  I have a big announcement!  One that will change the face of this entire neighborhood and will turn your lives upside down!

 They are all immediately interested

 Jada:               What do you mean turn our lives upside down?  What’s the big announcement? 

 DT:                  Oops!  (covers his mouth quickly) Sorry, can’t tell you yet. I’m getting ahead of myself. 

 Malcolm:          You can’t drop a bomb on us like that and then not tell us what it is! 

DT:                  Sorry.  No can do. You’ll find out soon enough.  For today, we have other business to attend to.

 Keisha:            What kind of business?

 DT:                  We’re going to look at your gifts.

 Tork:                Our Christmas gifts?  Dope!

 DT:                  No, young man, not your Christmas gifts, you’re unique, individual gifts—your talents.

 Jada:               Talents?

 DT:                  Yes.  God has given each one of you a unique talent and He expects you to use it. 

Keisha:            How are we supposed to use ‘em around here?  This ain’t exactly Beverly Hills.

 DT:      It won’t be like this for long.  But we’ll get to that later.  Right now, I’ve got something to give each of you.