Amazing Grace-Drama Skit

Amazing Grace-Drama Skit

Themes: God's grace; what grace means
Categories: Youth, With God, Sin, Life Situations, Topical, Christian Living 

Teenager Matt has been told repeatedly not to play golf in the backyard. Today, however, he is convinced he'll be more careful, even though in the past, several golf balls have landed over the fence and into his neighbor's yard.  His sister warns him against such play but Matt doesn't heed her warnings.  Sure enough, one golf ball too many sails across the neighbor's fence and breaks a window.  Matt is horrified, until the neighbor extends some "grace" his way, and tells him not to worry about paying for the window.  Matt is relieved and grateful but his sister is outraged. She cannot comprehend the meaning of grace and demands he be punished for his reckless act.


This skit was written to introduce the concepts of grace.  It asks several questions, but does not attempt to answer them. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
The adult male character can be gender neutral if necessary
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A backyard.  Molly (a teenage girl) sits in a lawn chair with headphones on, listening to music.  Matt (a teenage boy & Molly’s brother)
 enters with a few golf balls
and a golf club.

 Molly:               (takes off her headphones) What are you doing?

 Matt:                I’m gonna hit some balls.

 Molly:               In the backyard?

 Matt:                (sarcastic) No, at the Taj Mahal.  What do you think? Of course in the backyard.

 Molly:               I thought Mom told you not to hit balls in the yard anymore.

 Matt:                No, she said if I couldn’t be careful then I shouldn’t hit balls in the yard anymore.  I plan on being careful.

 Molly:               You’re supposed to go down to the park if you want to practice hitting golf balls.

 Matt:                The park is too far away.

Molly:               It’s only like a ¼ mile.

 Matt:                I don’t feel like walking.

 Molly:               You could ride your bike.

 Matt:                My bike has a flat tire. 

 Molly:               Because you didn’t fix it last time when Dad told you to. 

Matt:                What are you, the recreation police?

 Molly:               I don’t want to see you get into trouble.

 Matt:                Why would I get into trouble?

 Molly:               Because you’re not supposed to be hitting golf balls in the yard.

 Matt:                I told you, I’m going to be careful.

 Molly:               Were you careful last time when you hit a bunch of balls over the fence into Wilson’s yard?

 Matt:                I went and picked all of them up.

 Molly:               Only after his lawn mower blade was nearly destroyed because he didn’t know they were in the grass. 

 Matt:                I apologized for it.

 Molly:               You should have been more careful.  

Matt:                I’m going to be more careful!

 Molly:               If you say so.  (she puts her headphones back on)

 Matt:                (mocking her) “If you say so.”  Well, I do say so.  Who does she think she is telling me what to do? I’ll hit balls in the yard if I want to. (he exits)

 A few moments pass.  Molly’s eyes are closed and we see her bobbing her head as she listens to her music. Suddenly we hear Matt’s voice off stage.

 Matt:                (off stage) Uh-oh! (he comes rushing in) Molly, did you hear that?

Molly doesn’t know he’s there

 Matt:                (yelling) Molly!

 Molly:               (immediately opening her eyes and seeing Matt, takes off her headphones) What?

 Matt:                Did you hear anything?

 Molly:               You mean besides this awesome new group, The Rolling Pinheads

Matt:                I’m serious.  Did you hear anything?

 Molly:               Like what?

 Matt:                Like maybe glass breaking?

 Molly:               Matt, what did you do?

 Matt:                I’m not sure.  I was hitting some balls.  I was being real careful but I wanted to try out one of Dad’s new drivers.  It has a lot more power than I thought it would.  That golf ball traveled pretty far. 

Molly:               Where is it now?

 Matt:                Last I saw it was sailing through the air into Wilson’s yard.  That’s when I heard the sound of glass breaking.  At least I think it was glass.

 Wilson enters with something resembling pieces of broken glass in his hands

 Wilson:            It was glass, all right.

 Molly:               Oh no!