Forces of Evil-Drama Skit

Forces of Evil-Drama Skit

Themes: Why bad things happen to good people; why God allows evil in the world
Categories: Youth, With God, Personal, Topical, Life Situations, God/Satan 

Wilson is upset and angered by some bad news his friends, the Langley's, have received.  It seems the Langley's are being sued by a crew member who was doing some work on their roof.  The crewman showed up drunk for work one day, fell off of the roof and sustained some serious injuries. The man is claiming the roof was unstable and that, not his drunkenness, was the reason for his fall.  To top it off, the Langley's learned this was not the first time something like this has happened with this particular work crew--it seems to be a pattern of business but so far, no one has been able legally to "punish" them for their acts. This leads Wilson, and his two teenage neighbors to begin questioning why God allows such evil to take place in the world.


This skit was written to introduce the concepts of why evil is allowed to exist in the world.  It asks several questions, but does not attempt to answer them. 

Style: Drama

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
The adult character can be gender neutral; the other parts are that of teens
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Two teens, Matt & Molly play a game of checkers. 

 Wilson enters, obviously angry

 Wilson:            (in a very loud, angry voice) What is this world coming to? 

Matt:                Wilson, are you okay?

Wilson:            (noticing Matt & Molly, trying to calm down) Oh, hi Matt.  Hi Molly.  I didn’t see you there.

 Matt:                Is something wrong?  You look really upset.

 Wilson:            Actually, yes, there is something wrong.  I just received some bad news.

 Molly:               Is there anything we can do to help?

 Wilson:            No, I don’t know think so but I appreciate the offer.

 Molly:               Wanna talk about it?  It might make you feel better to get whatever’s bothering you out in the open. 

 Wilson:            Why not?  It couldn’t hurt.  (he takes a seat)

 Matt:                Are you sick?  Did you get some bad news about your health?

 Wilson:            No, it’s nothing like that.  It’s not even about me directly.  It has to do with some close friends of mine.  They live down the street.  Maybe you know them: Jim and Pat Langley. 

Molly:               Are they the ones with that cute little girl with the long curly hair?

 Wilson:            That’s them. You may have noticed they were having some work done on their roof recently.

 Matt:                I think I saw a crew at their house a couple weeks ago. 

 Wilson:            Well, one of the men on the crew showed up drunk one day. 

 Molly:               Isn’t that kind of dangerous when you’re working on a roof?

 Wilson:            It can be dangerous anytime but especially when you’re working on a roof!

 Matt:                What happened?

 Wilson:            The guy was horsing around and he fell off.

 Molly:               He fell off a two-story house roof? Is he okay?

 Wilson:            Not exactly.  He’s got a broken neck, two broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a fractured ankle. 

 Matt:                He’s lucky to even be alive!

 Wilson:            Lucky for him, yes.  The Langleys aren’t so lucky, however.  The guy is suing them. 

Molly:               Suing them?  Why? 

 Wilson:            They guy is claiming it was an unsafe working environment.  He says the roof was unstable and that’s what caused his fall. 

 Matt:                I thought you said the guy was drunk.

 Wilson:            He was. 

 Matt:                So, isn’t that what probably caused his fall?

 Wilson:            More than likely but because the accident happened on the Langley’s property, they are responsible for the accident.

 Molly:               But that’s not fair!

 Wilson:            It gets worse.  When the lawyers did a little investigating they found this roofing crew has done this kind of thing before.  This isn’t the first time someone has shown up drunk on the job and had an accident that resulted in suing the owners of the home. 

 Molly:               Do they do it on purpose?

 Wilson:            I don’t know for sure but after an accident the guys lay low for awhile then change the name of the company. 

 Matt:                To avoid suspicion?

 Wilson:            Probably. They keep changing the name of the company so it’s been hard to get any legal action against them.  In the mean time, they are able to sue innocent people for hundreds of thousands of dollars and get away with it.

 Matt:                Isn’t there something the Langley’s can do?

 Wilson:            The lawyers are looking into it but so far the roofing company has won every case they’ve pursued. 

 Molly:               But that isn’t right! 

 Wilson:            I know.  That’s why I’m so upset.  The Langley’s are good people. 

Matt:                No wonder you’re so angry, Wilson.  It even makes me mad to see the Langley’s being taken advantage of by that roofing company.  It’s not fair.

 Wilson:            No one said life was fair, Matt.

 Molly:               But shouldn’t it be?  Isn’t God supposed to stop this kind of thing from happening?