Getting the Boot-Drama Set

Getting the Boot-Drama Set

Themes: Spiritual training/concepts similar to Boot Camp, teaching concepts of humility, respect, loyalty, duty and honor
Categories: With God, Relationships, Children, Topical, Christian Living 

When four recruits show up for Boot Camp, they learn the concepts of what it means to show humility towards others; have respect for others; be loyal to your friends; how to successfully perform your duties and how to show honor to authority.  Based on various Old and New Testament Bible Stories, like: Jesus washing his disciples feet; the Good Samaritan; David and Jonathan; Joseph and his brothers and the Parable of the father and his two sons.

Part 1:  Unit 29 in Boot Camp has just recruited 4 new members:

1. Ford:  A girl who is paranoid and afraid of everything around her
2. Miller: A germ phobic, hypochondriac guy
3. Smith: A nice tough guy who seems perfect for the Army life
4. Jenkins: A pampered girl who thinks she signed up for free boots and other fashion accessories.

The group seems like an odd unit, which only gets worse upon meeting their Drill Sergeant, an odd-ball man who insists on being called "Major Dude."

For their first task, the group must conquer an obstacle course.  Everyone seems to do well except for Jenkins, who didn't want to ruin her $100 pair of designer shoes, so she took them off, only to find her feet become severely cut and bruised.  No one in the unit will help her, including the drill sergeant who declares: "You're on your own. I don't do feet."  And apparently, neither does anyone else in the group.  Miller is afraid he'll contract some kind of disease just by touching the feet, and Ford is afraid she'll cause gangrene.  Luckily, Smith comes to the rescue, for which Major Dude wants to give him a Medal of Honor. 

Part 2:  It seems Ford has gotten in trouble for spilling her lunch on the General's head, and has found herself scrubbing the barracks and latrines with her toothbrush.  When she finds there may be spiders nearby (which she is terrified of) she tries to enlist the help of her fellow recruits but it seems no one wants to help her.  Miller passes out at the mere thought of Ford's toothbrush coming in contact with all those germs and Jenkins has a hot date with a guy in another unit.  But once again, nice guy Smith comes to her rescue and not only helps her scrub the floors but promises to ward off any wayward spiders.

Part 3:  Because of Smith's participation in Ford's punishment the previous day, (which is a Boot Camp "no, no") the General is now calling for Smith to be put in one night of solitary confinement.  The only problem is, our fearless "hero" seems to be claustrophobic, or as Major Dude says, "crampo-phobico."  The only way out of the punishment seems to be for the entire unit to run 5 miles.  However, they've just come in from a 5 mile run, and are so exhausted they can barely move.  The unit has to decide if they are willing to help out a friend or let him suffer alone.

Part 4: Smith has been cleared for a weekend leave in order to attend his parent's 40th wedding anniversary, which he and his family have been planning for months.  He's all set to go when suddenly Major Dude announces he has forgotten his father's birthday (the General). It's too bad because the General is expecting a huge party complete with a fantastic gift.  So, Major Dude enlists the help of his recruits, and by "help" he means they get to do it all. The invitations, the food and the decorations don't seem to be a problem, but the gift proves more difficult.  Where will they find a spectacular gift at this late hour?  Unfortunately, Smith has to look no further than his parent's anniversary present.

Part 5:  For the last day of Boot Camp, Major Dude has one more task for his recruits: build for him the fort he never had as a child.  Some of the recruits balk at this, arguing this was not what Boot Camp was designed to be and that there are better ways to spend their time than building a fort. But Smith, knowing the importance of taking orders, agrees to do it.  However, later on  Smith changes his mind after remembering the thankless efforts he and the others put into the General's birthday party.  Major Dude took Smith's gift intended for his parents, and gave it to the General, passing it off as his own idea.  Smith gets "worked up" and decides not to build the fort.  In the meantime, the others begin to speculate what might happen if they don't build the fort, so they agree to do it.  In the end, Major Dude has a confession: he's only been pretending to be a "jerk" in order to observe the true characters of his recruits.  Smith learns the importance of trusting his commander and they all learn that nobody is perfect. 


This is a series of 5 skits. The skits build upon each other, and each are about 5-8 minutes long. Due to the nature of the skits, they cannot be sold separately.

This series was originally written as a companion to someone else's VBS program about Boot Camp.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (3 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
No in set: 5
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  An Army recruit station. 

 As the skit opens, Jenkins, Miller and Ford stand on stage, waiting.  Jenkins should be dressed somewhat fashionably with a .fancy. suitcase at her feet, filing her nails and blowing bubbles with her gum. Miller should be dressed plainly and have a box of Kleenexes or wipes in his hand. He should have some kind of .fanny pack. around his waist or a large bag or over his shoulder.  He should stand somewhat far away from the others.  He is a hypochondriac & a germophobe. Ford should stand very alert as to what is going on around her, but with a scared look on her face.  Ford is very .jumpy. and nervous/scared about everything.  Smith is the tough guy, and if possible be dressed in a camouflage shirt or pants or in Army .greens. of some kind.  

Smith enters with a duffle bag over his shoulder and a piece of paper in his hands. He surveys the others, wondering if he's in the right place.

 Smith:              (in disbelief) You guys can't possibly be the recruits for Unit 29, can you? 

Ford:                (immediately nervous) Why?  What have you heard?

 Smith:              (confused) I haven't heard anything. 

 Ford:                You're here to kill us, aren't you?  (falling to her knees, head down, hands in a begging position) Please don't hurt me! I'll do anything you want.  Here, you can have my watch. (holds out her hand to show the watch) It doesn't keep very good time but it looks good on your arm.  Just please don't kill me!

 Smith:              I'm not gonna kill anyone!  I was just wondering if I was in the right place.

 Ford:                Oh.  (getting up) If it's all the same to you then, I think I'll keep my watch.

 Jenkins:           From the looks of you, you're definitely in the wrong place!

 Smith:              (relieved) Thank goodness! For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to train with you guys for the next few weeks.  (realizing how that sounded) No offense. 

 Jenkins:           Well, you don't have to worry about that.  This isn't the Army, honey.  This is boot camp.

 Smith:              (worried again) Did you say boot camp?

 Jenkins:           Yeah.  Isn't it great!  All we have to do is sign up and then they give us all the free boots we want! 

 Miller:               (shocked) You think you're here for free boots?

Jenkins:           Well, I'm hoping there are other kinds of shoes too, not just boots, and maybe some outfits to go along with the shoes.   I never knew there was such a thing as boot camp.  If I did, I would have signed up a long time ago.  I love fashion.  This is gonna be great!

 Smith:              I don't think it's going to be so great.

 Jenkins:           Why not?  You could definitely use whatever they're giving out.  (playing off of his earlier phrase) No offense. 

Smith:              Because if this is the place I think it is, you're here for Army training, same as me.

 Jenkins:           (laughs) Army training?  No way!

 Miller:               I'm afraid so. 

 Jenkins:           (disgusted) You mean like soldiers and marching and guns and stuff?

 Miller:               That's the one.

 Jenkins:           (dismayed) No cute boots with little buckles and high-heeled shoes with thin straps and sequins?

 Smith:              Not unless they're for target practice!

 Ford:                (scared) Target practice?  Where?  (she hides behind Jenkins)

 Jenkins:           (looks physically ill) I think I'm going to be sick.

 Miller:               Really?  (reaching into his pack) I think I've got some Pepto-Bismol in here. 

 Jenkins:           No thanks.

 Miller:               Are you sure?  It's the new cherry flavored kind.

 Jenkins shakes her head 'no. 

Miller:               Suit yourself.  I think I'll have some though.  My stomach was feeling a little queasy earlier.  (pulls out a bottle resembling the Pepto-Bismol and gulps a bunch of it down) 

Smith:              Whoa!  Slow down! You're gonna make yourself sick.

 Miller:               I'm already sick, so it doesn't matter. 

 Smith:              (looking at Miller's pack) What all do you have in there?

 Miller:               Band-aids, anti-septic, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, neo-sporin, aspirin, multi-vitamins.

Smith:              What do you need all that stuff for?

 Miller:               I have a lot of physical problems. 

 Jenkins:           Sounds like you have lot of mental problems too. 

Miller:               At least I knew boot camp wasn't a place to get free boots!

 Ford:                (coming out from behind Jenkins) You two aren't going to argue, are you? I hate arguing.

 Smith:              What's your story?

 Ford:                My parents think I'm a nervous Nellie.

 Smith:              A what?

 Ford:                A nervous Nellie.  You know, someone who is afraid and nervous all the time.  

 Smith:              Yeah, I could see that about you.

 Ford:                I guess the Army is supposed to toughen me up or something. 

 A noise off stage is heard

 Ford:                (scared) What was that?  You think it was a wild animal coming to eat us? 

Miller:               (digging into his pack) I think I've got some bug spray in here!

 Jenkins:           (sarcastic) You think some bug spray is going to shoo away a wild animal? 

Miller:               You're right.  I better use the mosquito netting instead.

 Smith walks to the side stage

 Ford:                Don't go over there!  You'll be ripped from limb to limb! (hides behind Miller)

 Smith:              (looks off stage) I don't think so.  I think it's just the Drill Sergeant.  He's coming this way.  Everyone stand at attention.

 Jenkins:           Where's that?

 Smith:              Just do what I do.