The Cars in Dad's Garage-Drama Skit

The Cars in Dad's Garage-Drama Skit

Themes: Father's Day; father's providing for their family, comparing the care of your car to the care of your children, appreciating the things dad's do for the family
Categories: Youth, Family, Father's Day, Children 

The Ford family of cars has a motto: Designed for Living.  Engineered to Last."  So, when the Ford family of cars has a problem, it's natural they turn to their mechanic dad. Young Ford Coupe was playing in the gravel and got a cracked windshield, while teenage son Ford Mustang wants to take a spin with his favorite gal, Mazda Miata.  "Tang" (as he's called) wants to look good for his date, but has a problem: his engine seems to overheat whenever Miata is near.  Not to mention Ford Focus, the small compact car is leaking fluids and needs an oil change, while Ford Taurus is discouraged because she can't compete with all the beautiful cars in Hot Rod magazine.  What's a Father Ford to do?  What any good mechanic would do: he fixes each problems as it arises.


All dads play a significant role in providing for their children.  This skit uses the car/mechanic relationship as a metaphor for the relationship between a father and his children.  It's a lighthearted reminder of the appreciation we feel towards dads and all they do for the family.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (3 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A garage.  There should be a sign visible that says .Ford's Garage.  Designed for living.  Engineered to last..  The Dad is a car but should be dressed to resemble a mechanic.  The kids should be dressed or costumed to resemble cars.  The names of the kids all resemble actual Ford cars.  Coupe can be either a young boy or a young 'tomboy. type girl.  Tang (Mustang) is a teenage boy.  Taurus is a teenage girl. Focus is a small/young child (a compact car).   Optional: As part of the costume, each child could have a license plate with his/her name on it.   

As the skit open, Dad sits reading a newspaper, as Coupe comes racing in.  Coupe should look dirty and disheveled: his hair a mess, a dirty face etc.  Coupe is very energetic, loud and animated. 

Coupe:            (makes loud card sounds and he comes racing in, running in large circles) Vroom!  Vroom!   

Dad looks up from his newspaper 

Coupe:            (pretends to honk a horn) Beep, Beep! Vroom!  Vroom! (he continues to run around) 

Dad:                Coupe!  Where you goin. in such a hurry? 

Coupe:            Hi, Dad.  No where, just playin.. (he continues to run around) 

Dad:                Then slow down, little buddy or you're gonna rack up a whole bunch of miles.  You've got your whole life ahead of you for that. 

Coupe:            I'm fine, Dad!  (ignoring him, he continues to spin around) 

Dad:                (looking more closely at Coupe) No you're not.  Coupe, you're a mess!  What have you been doing? 

Coupe:            I was doing donuts in the mud. 

Dad:                (puts down the newspaper, stands, and pulls a rag from out of his pocket) Come here a second.   

Coupe goes to stand in front of Dad but continues to spin in smaller circles 

Dad:                (tries to look him over, to no avail) Hold still!   

Coupe stops and Dad looks him over 

Dad:                You're filthy!  You've got mud all over your windshield.  It's a wonder you can even see! 

Coupe:            (with a 'so what. attitude) I can see just fine, Dad. 

Dad:                (looking at his feet) You've got mud in your tires too, and along the frame of your body.  

Coupe:            (looks down) Cool! 

Dad:                (looking at his mouth) Open up. 

Coupe opens his mouth 

Dad:                You've got bugs in your grill. 

Coupe:            Big ones? 

Dad:                Yes. 

Coupe:            Awesome! 

Dad:                Not awesome.   

Coupe:            Why? 

Dad:                Because it's not attractive to have dragonfly wings hanging from your grill.  

Coupe:            I don't care about that! 

Dad:                You will.  Now come on, let's see if we can get you cleaned up before your mother sees you and she blows a gasket.  (he begins wiping Coupe's face)   


Coupe:            What? 

Dad:                Have you been sliding in the gravel again? 

Coupe:            (swallows hard and looks down) No, Sir. 

Dad:                Coupe? 

Coupe:            (giving in) Maybe just a little.   I was playing Red Light, Green Light. 

Dad:                (horrified) Red light, green light! Coupe! 

Coupe:            (defensive) But it's fun! 

Dad:                (angry) It's fun to go 70 miles an hour on a gravel road and then slam on your brakes on an unpredictable road? 

Coupe:            (hesitant) Sometimes. 

Dad:                How many times have I told you that gravel can be dangerous? 

Coupe:            Um.(thinking).a lot? 

Dad:                That's right, and apparently I have to tell you again.  Too many things can happen that you can't predict on gravel.  All it takes is one time to lose control, and that's it. 

Coupe:            I'd be totaled? 

Dad:                Yep. 

Coupe:            But you could fix me, right?  You're the best mechanic in the whole world! 

Dad:                I'm a good mechanic, Coupe, but not even I could fix you if you were in that bad of shape.  Besides, accidents always take their toll.  

Coupe:            They do? 

Dad:                Yes.  Once you're in an accident, you never run quite the same again.  

Coupe:            I didn't know that. 

Dad:                Is that how you got that crack in your windshield, by playing on the gravel?  (points to Coupe's head) 

Coupe:            (shaking his head .yes.) One of the rocks flew back at me when I came to a sudden stop.  

Dad:                You're lucky this wasn't more serious but I will to have to replace the whole windshield, Coupe. 

Coupe:            But it's only a tiny crack.  You can barely see it. 

Dad:                It's more than a tiny crack, and believe me, it will only get worse.  The crack will continue to grow until it covers the whole windshield.  

Coupe:            But Dad. 

Dad:                No buts, Coupe.  I'm afraid you'll have to be confined to the garage until I can get this fixed.  

Coupe:            I can't leave the garage?  

Dad:                Not until the windshield is fixed.  That's one of the consequences.  

Coupe:            Man! 

Dad:                Rules of the road are in place to protect the safety of your car.  I know you're young and you think your warranty will last forever, but it won't.  

Coupe:            I know.  I understand, Dad.  I'm sorry.  I should have been more careful.  I promise, I'll be more careful next time. 

Dad:                That's what I like to hear.  Now, why don't you park yourself over there and I'll see if I can find a replacement for that windshield.  

Coupe:            Okay.  (he goes to sit near the side of the stage) 

Dad:                And Coupe? 

Coupe:            Yeah, Dad? 

Dad:                I'll fix it for free this time, but next time this happens, you're paying for it with your own gas money.  Understood? 

Coupe:            Yes, Sir.  (he sits looking bored) 

Before Dad can investigate the windshield, Tang comes roaring in 

Tang:               Dad, you gotta fix me up!  

Dad:                Hey, there's my big guy!  (gives him a high five) 

Coupe:            Hey Mustang.  

Tang:               (to Coupe) I told you, call me Tang.  It's sounds cooler. 

Coupe:            (purposely divides the word into two syllables) Sor-ry! Hey Tang (emphasizes the Tang) whassup? 

Tang:               (looking closely at Coupe) You been playing in the gravel again, Coupe? 

Coupe:            How did you know? 

Tang:               I can spot that cracked windshield a mile away.  It's only gonna get worse you know.  Been there, done that. 

Dad:                (to Coupe) See?  

Tang:               Anyway, you gotta help me, Dad.  I'm going out for a drive and I need you to fix me up with a wax and polish.  

Dad:                A wax and a polish? 

Tang:               Yeah, and if you could shine up my hubcaps that would be great too. 

Dad:                She must be something special for you to want to look that good! 

Tang:               She is.  It's that cute little Mazda Miata down the street. 

Dad:                The red one? 

Tang:               Yeah! 

Dad:                No wonder you want to look good.