In the Army Now-Drama Set

In the Army Now-Drama Set

Themes: Spiritual lessons, spiritual training, learning about God and Jesus
Categories: Youth, With God, Children, Topical, Christian Living 

Alexandria (Alex) and Brian have each been recruited for an Army Adventure but both have different ideas of what that actually means.  Tomboy Alex thinks she's joining the army where she can show off her fighting skills, and Brian thinks he's been invited to a spa, perfect for a spoiled rich kid.  Neither realize they  will be taking part in spiritual training. 

Part 1:  Alex and Brian meet accidentally.  Alex says she's on her way to join the army and Brian says he got lost looking for an adventure spa.  When Alex finally shows up at the Army Adventure she's ready to get into combat immediately and is surprised to learn she will need a lot of basic training before entering into battle. When Brian shows up, claiming his navigation system was broken, the pair both feel they are in the wrong place. However, Sergeant Bart Jackson assures them that not only are they in the right place but that their spiritual training begins now.  

Part 2:  When studying the crucifixion of Jesus, Alex and Brian can't understand why a man of his power and influence would willingly agree to such a horrible act of violence.  Alex thinks Jesus should have fought back, while Brian says the King of Jews could have bribed someone to take his place.  It's not until they are introduced to the phrase "by his stripes we are healed" do they begin to fully understand the full impact of Jesus' actions.  

Part 3:  After a five-mile run Alex looks refreshed, while Brian is begging for "water!"  Sergeant Bart uses this time to show how living water quenches our spiritual thirst, just as actual water quenches our physical thirst. 


This is a series of 3 skits. The skits build upon each other, and each are about 5 minutes long. Due to the nature of the skits, they cannot be sold separately.

This series was originally written as a companion to the "Army Adventure Camp" VBS by Walk by Faith Press.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
No in set: 3
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: An army camp. Alex is a girl but is a tomboy who takes the army very seriously.  She should be dressed in camouflage or fatigues'something masculine.  Brian is a spoiled, rich kid who is dressed in a polo type shirt and nice dress pants or shorts.  He has a .preppy. look. A small desk should be to the side of the main stage with a telephone and a few Bibles on it. 

Alex enters to the side of the main stage carrying a duffle bag over her shoulder.  She stands looking at the map and compass in her hands.  Brian enters slightly behind Alex.  She is unaware of his presence.  Brian has a fancy overnight bag over his shoulder. He walks up behind Alex and taps her on the shoulder, initially catching her off guard. 

Alex:            (immediately drops her duffle bag, the map and compass, and gets into a karate type stance.) Hiii yaaa!  

Brian:   (just as surprised as Alex) Whoa!   

Alex:    Don't come any closer!  I know karate. 

Brian:   Take it easy!  Look, I didn't mean to scare you.   

Alex:    (looking quickly around, she speaks in an accusing tone) Who sent you? 

Brian:   No one.   

Alex:    Then how did you find me? 

Brian:   I was walking along the same path and I was about to pass you. 

Alex:   (suspicious) But you didn't.  You tapped me on the shoulder.  Why? 

Brian:   (confused) Huh? 

Alex:    Look, don't toy with me!  I'm warning you, I could snap you like a twig! (she makes some karate moves) 

Brian:   (worried) Listen, I don't know what you're talking about.  I'm on my way to a spa and I thought you might be able to help me.  I think I'm lost.   

Alex:    What kind of spa? 

Brian:   An adventure spa.  The kind where you get back massages, go swimming in the pool, relax in the hot tub, sleep late in the mornings and order room service with the all you can eat blueberry pancakes, and maybe play a round of golf or two. 

Alex:    (relaxing) Oh.   

Brian:   Have you seen any place like that? 

Alex:    No.   

Brian:   (noticing the way she is dressed) Who are supposed to be?  GI Joe? 

Alex:    Who's that? 

Brian:   I don't know, some army dude action figure back when my parents were little.   

Alex:    (looks down at her clothes) Then, yeah, I'm supposed to be something like that.  Who are you supposed to be?  Ken? 

Brian:   Ken who? 

Alex:    Like the dolls, Ken and Barbie.   

Brian:   You think I look like a Ken doll?  My mom told me I looked debonair! 

Alex:    Whatever that means.   

Brian:   It means handsome, smooth.  You know, like Brad Pitt. 

Alex:     (laughs) You're a long way from Brad Pitt! 

Brian:   (getting angry) Well, you're a long way from Angelina Jolie! 

Alex:    Why, I oughta.(she makes a fist) 

Brian:   (putting his hands up to protect his face) Don't hit me!  I've got family pictures coming up next week! 

Alex:    (laughs) Forget it.  (she picks up her duffle bag and map & compass) 

Brian:   So, where are you going? 

Alex:    I'm joining the army. 

Brian:   Oh.  Then that would explain why you're dressed like that.   

Alex:    Yeah.  I can't wait to get into battle. 

Brian:    Obviously!  You've been trying to beat me up ever since I got here! 

Alex:     (smiles) Sorry, it's habit.  I've got four older brothers.   

Brian:   So, the army won't be much different for you, huh? 

Alex:    I love the army! 

Brian:   What's to love? 

Alex:    Everything!  Five mile hikes, field exercises, foot marches, rifle marksmanship, the uniforms.I love everything about it.  I can't wait to join! 

Brian:   Not me!  That's the last place I want to be. 

Alex:    (to herself) Especially in those clothes!

Brian:   What was that? 

Alex:    Nothing.  Look, I need to get going.  Good luck with your spa. 

Brian:   If I ever find it!   

Alex and Brian go off in different directions