I Wish-Puppet Skit

I Wish-Puppet Skit

Themes: Appreciating your uniqueness, person's with disabilities, celebrating who you are
Categories: Personal, Friendship, Children, Special Olympics 

Kara finds herself feeling sorry for all the activities she seems to miss out on since she is in a wheelchair.  It isn't until her friend, Jen shows up that she realizes she has many more abilities than she originally thought, and that perhaps she should focus on all the things she can do, rather than the things she can't.


Originally written for Special Olympics.

Style: Drama

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Characters: 2 (2 Female)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  As the scene opens, Kara has her head down. Kara and Jen are both in wheelchairs. 

Jen:     (enters) Hi Kara.  

Kara:   (sounding sad and dejected) Hi. 

Jen:     Are you okay?  You seem a little sad today. 

Kara:   I was just watching the other kids play tag.  

Jen:     Some of those kids are really fast, especially Jack!  He hardly ever gets tagged. 

Kara:   I know.  I wish I could run like him.  

Jen:     Is that what's bothering you?  

Kara:   I guess so.  Jen, don't you ever get tired of being in a wheelchair?  Don't you ever wish you could run and play like the other kids? 

Jen:      Sometimes.  I'd like to be able to go on hiking trails through the forest like they do at camp.  I think that would be a lot of fun. 

Kara:   Do you ever get sad about not being able to?

Jen:     Of course.  It's normal to be sad about it sometimes. 

Kara:   How do you stop feeling sad?  

Jen:     When that happens I try to think of all the things I can do instead of all the things I can't

Kara:   I can't do much of anything.  All I can do is sit in this wheelchair and watch all the other kids do what I only wish I could do.  

Jen:     That's not true.  

Kara:   Yes, it is.  I can't walk, I can't run, and I can't dance.  

Jen:     Neither can half of the kids in 9th grade.  Have you ever seen Charlie Walsh dance? 

Kara:   (laughs) Yes! 

Jen:     I mean, come on, what's up with that thing he does with his arms?  

Kara:   (laughs) I don't know but he looks like a chicken!  

Jen:     (laughs) See, you wouldn't want to look like that, would you? 

Kara:   No! (getting serious again) But I'd love to dance like Laura Miller.  She looks so graceful when she dances.  She's like a ballerina floating on clouds.  I'd give anything to be able to dance like she does. 

Jen:     Okay, so maybe you'll never be able to dance like Laura, but there are lots of other things you can do, Kara. 

Kara:   Like what?  Wheelies down the school hall? 

Jen:     You have to admit that's a little fun! 

Kara:   Okay, maybe just a little, but that's not the kind of things I mean.  I want to be able to do important things, Jen. 

Jen:     You do, every day. 

Kara:   Like what? 

Jen:     For one thing, you're a great friend. You know how to make people laugh and you're a good listener. 

Kara:   (pause) I'm sorry, what did you say?  

Jen:     Kara! 

Kara:   (laughs) Just kidding!