Dear Jesus-Drama Skit

Dear Jesus-Drama Skit

Themes: Where would we be without Jesus, Jesus is always there for us, Jesus as a friend, comforter, healer etc., the difference Jesus can make in our lives
Categories: With God, Easter, Topical, Life Situations, God/Satan, Christian Living, Bible Characters 

Ted and Jill and have given a mysterious, priceless box.  They don't know why the box was given to them or what it contains, but they do know it's very heavy.  Imagine their surprise when they open the box to discover it's empty.  Or is it?  When Jill puts her hand in the box she can feel something in there but still can't see anything.  It sounds impossible, but the situation becomes more so when Jill and Ted begin pulling letters out of the box that date all the way back to Jesus era!  They find letters from Jarius, who's daughter he thought dead, the women who touched the hem of Jesus' garment, the adulteress woman who was about to be stoned and even from Mary, Jesus' mother.  Each letter contains some kind of sentiment on what their life would have been like had Jesus not been a part of it.  More current letters also appear as we hear from a little girl afraid of the dark, a grieving husband and a prison inmate convicted of murder.  In the end, Ted and Jill are reminded of their own life and what it would mean if Jesus weren't a part of it.  

Style: Drama

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Characters: 5 (2 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: An open stage. 

Ted and Jill enter.  Ted is carrying a large box. 

Ted:     Can we stop and open it now?  This thing is heavy! 

Jill:       Okay, put it down. (looking around)  This place looks secluded enough.  

Ted:     (puts down the box) I don't see why we couldn't just open it where we found it.  

Jill:       We didn't find it, it was given to us. It's obviously something priceless.    

Ted:     If it's so priceless how come that guy just gave it to us?  

Jill:       I don't know.  Maybe he knew we needed it.  Besides, it doesn't matter why he gave it to us; the point is that it's ours now.  So, let's open it. 

Jill stands back as Ted opens the box. He stands in awe and shock 

Jill:            (excited) What is it?  Gold?  

Ted shakes his head 'no. 

Jill:       Rare jewels? 

Ted shakes his head 'no. 

Jill:            Money? 

Ted shakes his head 'no. 

Ted:     It's empty. 

Jill:            Empty?  I thought you said it was heavy. 

Ted:     It is.  This doesn't make any sense. 

Jill:       Let me see.  (goes to the box and looks inside)  It's empty.  

Ted:     That's what I said. 

Jill:       Why would that man give us an empty box? 

Ted:     The better question is, why is it heavy if it's empty?  This box is nothing but cardboard. 

Jill:       Maybe it's a special type of cardboard.  

Jill sticks her hand inside the box and feels around.  She looks shocked. 

Jill:       Ted? 

Ted:     What? 

Jill:       It's not empty. 

Ted:     Of course it is.  I just looked inside and there's nothing in it. 

Jill:       Put your hand in here. 

Ted puts his hand inside 

Ted:     What is that? 

Jill:       I don't know.  

Ted:     It feels like paper. 

Jill:       Like letters. 

(Jill pulls out a folded sheet of paper) 

Ted:     How did you do that? 

Jill:       I don't know. 

Ted:     It's a magic box or something.  What's on the paper? 

Jill unfolds the paper and begins to read 

Jill:       Dear Jesus, 

You saved my life.  Those men were ready to stone me.  If you hadn't stepped in, today I would have taken my last breath.  I will never forget your words, .Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..   How can I ever repay you for your kindness?  All I can say is thank you.  Without you, my life would have never been the same.  

Ted:     You don't think that's the adulteress woman from the Bible do you? 

Jill:       That would be impossible.  Wouldn't it? 

Ted:     On the other hand, we have a mysterious, heavy, empty box that really isn't empty.  

Jill:       Right.  See what you pull out.

Ted:     (pulls a letter from the box and begins to read) 

            Dear Jesus, 

            As of today, I am no longer sick.  I consider that quite a miracle since I have been bleeding abnormally for almost 12 years.  I was one of many trying to get close to you today.  I knew if I could just reach out and touch you I could be healed.  You sensed my presence when I gently touched the hem of your garment and in that moment, I knew I would be well.  You have changed my life forever.  Where would I be without you?  

Jill:            (incredulous) The woman who touched the hem of Jesus. garment?  Can it be? 

Ted:     It must be.  There's no other explanation.  

Jill:       (pulls out another letter, reads silently for a moment) This one is from Jarius. 

Ted:     Who's that? 

Jill:       The man who's daughter died.  He ran to find Jesus and Jesus told him his daughter was only sleeping, then he raised her from the dead. 

Ted:     This is unbelievable! (he pulls out another letter and reads silently for a moment) Jill, look at this one.  

Jill:       Who's it from? 

Ted:     Jesus. mother. 

Jill:       (goes to stand near Ted and reads aloud) 

            My dearest son, 

You are my precious child--my miracle from God.  It has been my greatest joy to know you.  

Mary enters and stands on the side of the stage.  She and Jill say a few words in unison. 

Mary & Jill:  (in unison) To give birth under remarkable circumstances. 

Jill continues to look at the letter but stops reading aloud, as Mary continues to recite on her own. 

Mary:   'to watch you grow into a wise young man and incredible teacher. I've watched  some follow you, some doubt you and some grow to despise you.  I've watched you heal and perform astounding miracles.  A mother could never be more proud of a son, than I am of you.  

Ted:     The letter seems to go on a bit but then down here she talks about the crucifixion. 

Mary:   To stand by and watch what they did to they mocked you, spit upon you.beat you.hung your innocent body on a cross to die.  It was almost more than a mother could take.  But then you looked at me and in spite of what was happening, the love I saw in your eyes was the glimmer of hope not only for me, but for a lost world.  

Jill:       (points at the letter) Look, this must have been after his resurrection (reads from the letter) Will people ever realize what a truly tremendous gift they have in you?  

Mary:   A miracle sent from heaven. 

Ted:     (reads from the letter) You are going to change the world, my son.  

Mary:   The world is a different place because you have been in it.  What a joy to know you!  I love you.  I have been blessed to be your mother. 

Mary exits 

Ted:     These letters date back thousands of years.  I still don't know how this is possible! 

Jill:       I wonder if they're all from Jesus. time period. 

Ted:            There's only one way to find out.  (he sticks his hand in the box and pulls out another letter)  Jill, this one is from a few years ago. (shows her the letter) Look at the date, March 16, 2001.  

Jill:       It looks like a child wrote it. 

Ted:     (begins to read) Dear Jesus. 

Gretta enters and stands on side stage 

Gretta: Thank you for sitting with me again in my room last night. I'm always so afraid of the dark.except when you are around.