Lasso of Truth-Drama Skit

Lasso of Truth-Drama Skit

Themes: Truth, lies, lying to spare another's feelings, no good can come from telling lies, truth comes out in the end, honesty is the best policy, secrecy
Categories: Family, Topical, Christian Living 

Doris thinks lying is a despicable habit.  However, unbeknownst to Doris, her family has been lying to her on a regular basis in order to "spare her feelings," and to prove the adage, "what you don't know won't hurt you."   Until now, Doris has believed her husband actually likes her "crunchy" meatloaf; her son never watches the "soapy" show "Desperate Divas," and her daughter would never take anything of hers without permission.  However, today all that is about to change: When Doris wins a bid on e-bay for Wonder Woman's "Lasso of Truth," (a device, that when used, will force people to tell the truth) her family will have to be honest with her, once and for all. Can Doris handle the honest truth and is it true that truth will set you free?

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (2 Male, 2 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Settng:  A living room.  Doris, a middle aged woman, sits reading a magazine. 

Phone rings 

Doris:              (answers phone) Hello? (pause)  Hi honey.  (pause)  You're running late?  Isn't that the third time this week?  (pause) Working late again, huh?  (pause) So, when do you think you'll be home?  (pause, she looks at her watch) Okay.  I've got meatloaf in the oven--you're favorite.  (pause) All right, see you soon.  Bye.  (she hangs up, goes back to reading her magazine) 

A .buzzzz. is heard from offstage 

Doris:              (puts down the magazine) Sounds like the dryer is done.  Time to fold the clothes.  (she exits stage right, while Brett and Angie, two teenagers, enter stage left) 

Brett:               (puts down his backpack, looks around) What stinks in here? 

Angie:              (puts her purse down, yells toward side of stage) Mom, are you home? 

Doris:              (from offstage) I'm folding some clothes.  I'll be out in a minute. 

Brett:               (continues to look around) What is that smell? 

Angie:              (sits down, picks up her mom's magazine and begins to look through it) It smells like Mom's meatloaf.  

Brett:               (disgusted) Again?  Didn't we just have that like a week ago? 

Angie:              (looks up at Brett) It's Dad's favorite, (she overemphasizes the word .favorite.) remember? 

Brett:               (sits in a chair) Why doesn't he just tell her the truth?  

Angie:              Why don't you? 

Brett:               Tell Mom her meatloaf tastes like wet dog hair?  I don't think so! 

Angie:              Chicken! 

Brett:               Her chicken ain't so good either.  

Angie:              (looks to the side stage) Shh, she's coming! 

Doris:              (enters) Hey kiddos.  How was your day? 

Brett:               Okay.  

Angie:              Non-eventful.  

Doris:              (looking at Angie quizzically) Angie, are you wearing my lipstick? 

Angie:              (offended) No!  

Doris:              Are you sure?  

Angie:              (sarcastic) I think I would know if I used your lipstick mom.  

Doris:              I'm just asking because it looks an awful lot like my shade. 

Angie:              Mom, there's a thousand shades of lipstick out there! Just because this one looks like your shade, doesn't mean it is. 

Doris:              All right.  I was just asking.  You know how I feel about you using my things without permission. 

Angie:              Yes, Mom. (sighs)  You've told me a million times. 

Doris:              Well, consider this a million and one.  (to Brett) How did that sack lunch I packed for you last night work out? 

Brett:               Oh, it was great.  It helped keep me from being hungry during the game.  It gave me lots of energy. 

Doris:              Glad to hear it.  You know, I could make you a meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow if you'd like.  That is, if your father doesn't eat it all tonight.  Meatloaf is his favorite you know. 

Brett:               Yeah, I know. 

(Doris walks away from Brett, with her back turned.  While her back is
turned, he makes
.gagging. gestures to Angie about the meatloaf.  As soon as Doris turns back around to 
face him, he immediately stops, so that she doesn't notice) 

Angie:              Where's Dad?  Shouldn't he be home by now? 

Doris:              He's working late again. 

Angie:              He's been working late a lot this week. 

Doris:              Well, he's trying to finish that project for his boss so he's been putting in some extra hours.  

Brett:               So, how was your day, Mom? 

Doris:              Pretty good.  The package I'd been waiting for finally came today. 

Brett:               What package? 

Doris:              I was on e-bay last week and I won the bid on something, and it arrived today.  (she walks over to a box and pulls out what looks like a should have a knot in it and look like a lasso) Isn't it cool? 

Angie:              (not impressed) It's a rope. 

Doris:              No dear.  It's much more than that. 

Brett:               Then what is it? 

Doris:              It's a Lasso of Truth. 

Brett:               A what? 

Doris:              A Lasso of Truth. You're much too young to know this Brett, but when I was younger there used to be a t'v. show called .Wonder Woman..   The main character was a super hero type, and she carried around this Lasso of Truth. 

Angie:              What did she do with it..rope burn. them to death? (laughs)  

Brett:               (laughs as well) Good one, Ang. 

Doris:              (not amused) No.  She put this around a perpetrator and it forced him to tell the truth.  As a matter of fact, I'd like to give it a try right now.  (she quickly wraps the rope around Angie's body) 

Angie:              (laughing) Mom, what are you doing? You know that doesn't really work, right?  It was just a t'v. show. 

Doris:              Nevertheless, I'd like to try it out.   

Angie:              (not worried) Whatever. 

Doris:              Now, remember 2 weeks ago when you had that date with Chad? 

Angie:              (unaffected) Yeah. 

Doris:              You asked if you could wear my black dress with the lace on the shoulders, correct? 

Angie:              (swallows hard, starting to look worried) Yeah. 

Doris:              I told you it wasn't appropriate for a girl your age to wear such a dress on a date.  However, a few days later, I noticed a dry cleaning receipt in the trash for one black dress.  When I questioned you about it you said it belonged to your friend, Maria, and that you had picked up a dress for her after school one day.  Do you remember that conversation, Angie? 

Angie looking extremely worried, shakes her head .yes. 

Doris:              What I want to know is, what really happened with the dress and that receipt? 

Angie:              (blurts out very quickly) I took the dress from your closet, wore it on my date and dropped mustard on it. Then I took it to the cleaners, had it dry cleaned and put it back in the closet before you'd notice it was gone. Then I threw the receipt away hoping you'd never discover it! (lets out a small scream then quickly covers her mouth in disbelief) 

                        (uncovers her mouth) I can't believe I just said that! 

Doris:              That's why they call it the Lasso of Truth! 

Angie:              But, that can't be real! It's just a prop for a show! 

Doris:              It appears to be real, all right, and worth every penny! (smiles wide) Now, what about my perfume?  You claimed it must be a faulty bottle since it somehow seems to be .evaporating.. 

Angie:              (a look of anguish, then again speaks quickly, as if forcing herself to speak the words) I wore it once, Chad loved it, so now I sneak into your room in the mornings and spray it on before I go to school! 

Doris:              (getting close to Angie's face) Is that my lipstick? 

Angie:              (as if being tortured, and she can't take it anymore) Yes! 

Doris:              Why didn't you tell me the truth when I originally asked? 

Angie:              I figured, what you don't know, won't hurt you. 

Doris:              I see. (releases the rope from around Angie) Thank you.  That's all I wanted to know.  

Angie is relieved  

Doris:              For now.  (pause) And by the way, you're grounded. 

Angie's relief is gone 

Doris:              (to Brett) Your turn. 

Brett:               (immediately concerned) Me?  What did I do? 

Doris:              We'll see in a minute.