Working it Out-Drama Skit

Working it Out-Drama Skit

Themes: Self-esteem, comparing yourself to others
Categories: Life Situations, Women's Ministry 

Elaine joins an aerobics class in the hopes of getting into better shape. Ashamed of the extra pounds she's gained, she comes to class dressed like the "Incredible Bulk," with layers and layers of clothing.  Here, she tries to avoid Laurie, an old high school classmate, who unknowingly, has enrolled in the same class. Laurie has her own reason for avoiding Elaine and while they both try to comically avoid the other to protect their self-esteem, they realize in the end, they really aren't so different. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 4 (4 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  An aerobics studio.  Jan is doing some stretching exercises when her friend, Elaine, shows up, dressed in several layers of .workout. clothing, which should be very apparent.  Elaine should look heavily .padded.. The top layer of clothing should be sweat pants and a large jacket with a hood that can be easily removed.  Elaine also carries a bottle of water and a towel when she enters.   

Jan:                  Hey, you made it! 

Elaine:              (Growls at her)  Yeah, I made it.  I can't believe I let you talk me into this. 

Jan:                  (looking her up & down, noticing her friends .outfit..)  Elaine, what are you wearing? 

Elaine:              (looks down at her clothes)  What?  It's just workout clothes. 

Jan:                  You look like the Incredible Bulk! 

Elaine:              (Hurt) Okay, I know.  It's just that all this makes me a little uncomfortable. 

Jan:                  Look, I'm sorry, but you're going to get way too hot in that .get-up..  You need to remove some of those layers. 

Elaine:              Do I have to? 

Jan:                  We came here to work out, not pass out. 

Elaine:              (Conceding, she begins to remove the top layer of clothing.  If possible, she should remove two pairs of sweat pants, and the hooded jacket..  She looks around, noticing the walls are covered from the ceiling to the floor in mirrors.)  Why do all these places have to have so many mirrors?  Don't they know that just walking through those doors is agonizing enough, without having to look at yourself from every angle! 

Jan:                  Elaine, stop it.  That's why you're here, right, to get back into shape.  Everyone is here for the same reason.  We're all in the same boat. 

Elaine:              (laughing)  I hope it's a big boat! 

(Laurie and Sheila enter.  They do not see the other two women right off, however, Elaine eventually notices the pair) 

Elaine:              (Trying to hide behind Jan)  I don't believe this! 

Jan:                  Elaine, what are you doing? 

Elaine:              Shhhh!  Look over there.  That's Laurie Ketzler.  Remember her from high school? 

Jan:                  (looking in Laurie's direction)  Wow!  It is Laurie.  Gosh, I haven't seen her in about 8 years.  Let's go over and say hi. 

Elaine:              Are you crazy? I'm not going over there!  I can't let her see me like this.  (Hurriedly tries to put her layers of clothing back on.  All she really needs is the hooded jacket.)   

Jan:                  Why not?  (She receives a dirty look from Elaine)  I'd like to know what she's been up to all these years. 

Elaine:              (begging)  Please, please don't let her see us Jan!  I look terrible.  Remember how thin I was back in high school? 

Jan:                  So, you've gained a few pounds.  So what?  We all have. 

Elaine:              (tying the hood of the jacket very tight, trying to cover her own face)  There.  Maybe now she won't recognize me.  Oh no, I think she saw us.  Here, try to hide.  (Tries to hide herself and Jan behind a towel) 

(Meanwhile, Laurie has spotted Jan and Elaine) 

Laurie:              (Turning around very quickly, her back to Jan and Elaine)  This is awful Sheila!  The first few months I'm back in town, and I run into my old high school friends.  I look horrible! 

Sheila:              What are you talking about?  You look fine. 

Laurie:              You don't understand.  I used to look a lot better than this.  I don't want them to see me.  Maybe we can hide out in the back and they will never even know we are here.  Class is about to start anyhow.  (The two begin stretching out a little) 

Elaine:              (Dropping the towel)  Whew!  Maybe she didn't see us after all. 

Jan:                  You're being ridiculous. 

Elaine:              I hope we can get a spot in the back.  I hate it when you have to be in the front row and have everyone watching you all the time. 

Jan:                  Well, if you want a spot in the back, we better find one now.  Class is about to begin. 

(At the same time, all 4 women go for the same spot, somewhat hurriedly. Laurie and Sheila get there first.  It is then, that they all meet face to face for the first time.  Elaine is somewhat miffed that she didn't get the back row spot, while Jan is trying to make conversation with Laurie.) 

Jan:                  Hi Laurie.  I thought that was you over there.  How have you been doing? 

Laurie:              (very uncomfortable)  I've been doing fine.  Is that you Elaine? 

Elaine:              (Her hood is still over her face, and she tries to disguise her voice)  Elaine who?  (She receives a jab in the side from Jan, and finally unties her hood and removes it from her face)  I mean, yes, it's me, Elaine. 

Laurie:              I thought so.  You seem, umm, (pausing) different.  (Reacting to Elaine's many layers of clothes) 

Elaine:              (Trying to be non-chalant) Oh yes, well, I usually look a lot better than this but I've, ummm, ...been on some medication, for back ummm, back pain.  Yeah, back pain. (Obviously, lying)  It causes me to, uh..., retain water.  I'm very bloated.  (She gets strange looks from everyone) 

Laurie:              I understand.  Me too. 

Jan & Sheila:     (at the same time)  What? 

Laurie:    Well, no, I don't mean I'm bloated.  I just meant that I'm usually in much better shape than this too, but I, uh..(trying to think of a decent lie) I, uh, ..broke my leg a couple months 3 different places.  Very painful. (embellishing) I couldn't walk or hardly even move for a long time.  Anyway, I've been inactive for awhile, on the count of my injury and all.  So, I can understand what Elaine means.  Well, it looks like class is about to begin.