The Popularity Contest-Drama Skit

The Popularity Contest-Drama Skit

Themes: Santa vs. Jesus, Christmas, what is the appropriate focus of Christmas, is it okay to have Santa and Jesus, Christmas spirit, Christ in Christmas, Santa and Christmas
Categories: Christmas 

Who is more popular at Christmas: Santa or Jesus? Well, that's exactly what Santa intends to find out.  Santa has been up all night doing research on his computer.  Mrs. Claus is horrified to find out Santa has "googled" Jesus.  "Is that even allowed?" she wants to know.  But according to Santa, anyone can be googled, even Jesus.  After all, Santa believes it's important to keep an eye on his competition.  His research shows gift giving is down and letters to Santa have slacked off, while more people are saying prayers and attending church instead of Christmas shopping. Santa feels more and more people are relying on Jesus instead of him, and he doesn't like it one bit! So, he sets a meeting with Jesus to discuss who should have the rightful place of honor at Christmas.  After all, Santa feels that while Jesus may have laid claims to the holiday first, he (Santa) has really made it into what it is today.  Through their discussion, Santa begins to realize he has lost the focus of what Christmas really is and he learns that Jesus isn't so bad after all, and that perhaps their is room during the holidays for the both of them. 

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  The North Pole.  Santa sits at his computer, with a cell phone nearby.  He has a plate of cookies that he eats and a coffee mug sitting on a desk or table.  The mug should have a picture of Santa on it if possible.  The jest is that Santa has been up all night doing research on his computer.  He's been drinking mug after mug of hot chocolate so he has the .jitters. due to all the caffeine and sugar. 

As Mrs. Claus enters, Santa continues to type and read on his computer.  

Mrs. Claus:      (enters) My goodness, Santa!  Have you been up all night? 

Santa:              (he talks very fast) Yep!  I was going to come to bed around midnight and then I thought, who am I kidding? I know I'll just lay there thinking about Christmas.  Plus, if I tossed and turned all night I knew I'd keep you up and everyone knows how cranky you can be when you don't get your beauty sleep.  So, I thought I can go to bed and have a cranky Mrs. Claus or I can stay up, do a little research and focus on my work. So here I am! (he takes a sip from his mug) 

Mrs. Claus:      How much hot chocolate have you had? 

Santa:              Not much.  Just 3 or 4. 

Mrs. Claus:      Cups? 

Santa:              Gallons.  

Mrs. Claus:      Maybe you should go easy on it for the rest of the day.  

Santa:              Why?  I feel fine! (his left leg begins to bounce up and down quickly, like a nervous side effect) 

Mrs. Claus:      (noticing the leg) I'll get you some water. (she takes the mug and exits) 

Santa:              (continues to talk to her) You know, I've been doing a lot of research and I don't think Christmas is going to be the same this year. 

Mrs. Claus:      (re-enters with a large glass of water) Here, drink this.  Maybe it will dilute all the caffeine and sugar. 

Santa:              Hey, where's my mug? 

Mrs. Claus:      In the dishwasher. 

Santa:              (upset) But I like that mug.  It had my picture on it.  

Mrs. Claus:      You'll get over it.  Now, what were you saying? 

Santa:              I said I've been doing some research. 

Mrs. Claus:      I thought you said last night you were going to read your Christmas letters from all the kids.  

Santa:              I did. 

Mrs. Claus:      How could you?  I don't see any stacks of letters. 

Santa:              Letters?  Where have you been, dear?  Kids don't send letters anymore.  They send e-mails.  Or text messages.  See? (he picks up the cell phone near his computer and hands it to Mrs. Claus) 

Mrs. Claus:      (she reads from the phone'she reads the letters one by one, except for the word .Thanks. and .Matt.)  I  W SKT BD.  Thanks, YMBFF Matt. DS.

                        What?  That doesn't make any sense! 

Santa:              Of course it does.  (he takes the phone from her and reads) .Dear Santa, I want a skateboard. Thanks, you're my best friend forever, Matt..  Really dear, you need to keep up with the times! 

Mrs. Claus:      So, what kind of research were you doing? 

Santa:              I googled Jesus to see what he's been doing lately. 

Mrs. Claus:      Did you just say you googled Jesus? 

Santa:              Yeah, and I found.. 

Mrs. Claus:      Is that even allowed? 

Santa:              You can google anyone, dear. 

Mrs. Claus:      But Jesus?  That seems wrong somehow! 

Santa:              Hey, he's my competition.  I have to keep an eye on what he's been up to. 

Mrs. Santa:      Really Santa, must we go through this every year? 

Santa:              Through what? 

Mrs. Santa:      This ridiculous competition you have with him. 

Santa:              Hey, he's trying to horn in on my holiday! 

Mrs. Claus:            Your holiday? 

Santa:              Okay, so maybe it was his holiday first, but I'm the one that people think of now when they hear the word .Christmas..  I made this holiday into what it is today. 

Mrs. Claus:      You commercialized it, you mean.

Santa:              Call it what you will.  I like to think of it as publicity. 

Mrs. Claus:      More like shameless self-promotion. 

Santa:              You don't think he promotes himself? 

Mrs. Claus:      I don't see Jesus getting upset because the mug with his picture on it got put in the dishwasher. 

Santa:              Look, you may think he's this nice guy and all but you're forgetting that he's also our competition.  If we're not careful, he could put us out of business! 

Mrs. Claus:      What are you talking about? 

Santa:              I'm talking about this. (he indicates the computer screen) 

Mrs. Claus:      (confused) What am I looking at?  

Santa:              It's a graph. 

Mrs. Claus:      Of what? 

Santa:              Of recent poll numbers. 

Mrs. Claus:      (confused) Poll numbers? 

Santa:              You really do need to get out of the kitchen more often, dear.  

Mrs. Claus:      But you love my cookies! 

Santa:              Yes, I do.  (he pats his belly) A little too much.  But that's not the point. 

Mrs. Claus:      Why is this line slanted down so much? 

Santa:              That's what I'm trying to tell you.  The graph represents Christmas activity.  Look, gift giving is down this year.  

Mrs. Claus:      I'm not surprised. Financially, it's been a rough year on nearly everyone.  (hopeful) But look here, this line goes way up.  That's good, isn't it? 

Santa:              No. That's his graph.  

Mrs. Claus:      By .his. I assume you mean, Jesus.   

Santa:              Yes.  It appears instead of spending time at the mall, more and more people are going to church.  

Mrs. Claus:      And what's this line? 

Santa:              Letters to Santa.  They're down too this year.

Mrs. Claus:      But the amounts of prayers said are way up. 

Santa:              Yes.  

Mrs. Claus:      And take a look at this one.  More and more Christmas songs are being sung about Jesus: .Silent Night, .The First Noel,. and .Hark the Herald Angels Sing.. 

Santa:              I know.  That one I really don't get.  I mean come on, you can't beat Bruce Springstein's version of .Santa Claus is Coming to Town.! (pause) I've always been the favorite at Christmas but now my approval rating is going down and his are going up.  Where are all my fans?  Where's my loyal  peeps?