Loyal Friends-Drama Skit

Loyal Friends-Drama Skit

Themes: The friendship of Ruth and Naomi; loyalty; God provides
Categories: Women's Ministry, Friendship, Children, Bible Characters 

This skit tells the story of Naomi and Ruth, from a simple viewpoint.  The narrator reads the lines while various children act out what is being read.  The story travels through the marriage of Emilech and Naomi, to the birth and marriage of their sons, to the death of Emilech and the sons, to the fields of Boaz, and eventual marriage of Ruth and Boaz.  The kids will have fun participating in this story told in a simple and brief way.

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 8 (4 Male, 3 Female, 1 Neutral)
This is a skit originally written for young children (kindergarten/first grade) with an adult narrator (or older child). The audience participates in the skit: various actors act out parts of the skit while the narrator reads the lines, however, the only speaking parts belong to the narrator.
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Narrator:        Once upon a time, in the town of Moab, lived a man named Emilech (Emilech enters), 

 his wife Naomi (Naomi enters) 

and their two sons, Mahlon and Kilion.  (Mahlon and Kilion enter). 

Emilech went to work each day (pretends to grab a briefcase and walks to the side of the room), 

While Naomi stayed at home to be with her sons.  She cooked for them (pretends to whip something in a bowl), played games with them (they all pretend to jump rope) and cleaned up after them. (she pretends to sweep). 

They were a happy family.  (Emilech re-enters and they all hold hands, and walk around in a circle) 

But after many years, Emilech died.  (he gasps and makes noises, then falls to the floor) 

And Naomi was left alone with her sons. (Naomi and the sons sob loudly) 

Eventually the sons grew up and got married.  (Everyone in the audience cheers) 

 Mahlon married a woman named Orpah (Orpah enters and stands next to Mahlon.audience claps) 

And Kilion married a woman named Ruth. (Ruth enters and stands next to Kilion--audience claps) 

And they were all very happy.  (The two sons, the two daughters-in-law and Naomi all join hands and walk around in a circle) 

After many years, both Mahlon and Kilion died.  (Mahlon and Kilion make noises and fall to the ground) 

And the women were sad.  (Naomi, Ruth and Orpah sob loudly) 

One day, Naomi decided to go back to her home in the town of Bethlehem, where many of her friends and other family members lived.  Ruth and Orpah wanted to go with her, so they all packed their suitcases (they act like they are packing a suitcase) and headed for Bethlehem.  (they walk around the room) 

After awhile, Naomi stopped (she stops) and told Ruth and Orpah to go back to their parent's home to be with their families.  (she points to each girl and then points in the opposite direction) 

Orpah didn't want to at first (she shakes her head 'no.) but Naomi said .yes. (Naomi shakes her head .yes.) and Orpah finally agreed.  (Orpah shakes her head .yes.) 

Orpah said goodbye to Naomi (she waves goodbye) and then returned to her home. (she exits) 

Naomi tried to convince Ruth to return to her home too (Naomi points to Ruth, then points to the opposite direction) but Ruth would hear none of it. (Ruth shakes her head 'no.) 

.Go home to your family,. Naomi told Ruth.  (she points in another direction) .Go back to all your friends and to your homeland.  You'll be much happier there.  You don't have to stay with me..   

But again, Ruth refused.  (she shakes her head 'no.) Ruth said, .Where you go (Ruth points to Naomi), I go! (Ruth points to herself)  Nothing can come between us!. (Ruth puts her arm around Naomi) 

So, the two set out together.  (they walk around)  and arrived in Bethlehem.  (they stop)