Who's Your Idol-Drama Skit

Who's Your Idol-Drama Skit

Themes: Idolatry, worshiping false gods, reality t.v., putting other things first in your life; money; pleasure; workaholics; fearing God
Categories: Youth, Sin, Christian Living 

Based on the reality show "American Idol," this skit is a variation of one of our other skits, "America's Idol." The skit includes the same judges: Randy "What's up dawg?" Jackson, Paula "I love everybody" Abdul, and Simon "Cranky pants" Cowell, only this time they are in search of America's next perfect idol.  This year the contenders are a man who seeks pleasure in everything and a workaholic woman who worships money.  Their mottos seem to be "I deny myself nothing" and "The more money you make/spend, the happier you'll be."  There's only one contestant who doesn't quite agree: Olivia, also known as the Dynamic Disciple.  Her motto is "Fear God and keep His commands," which isn't a popular opinion with Simon.  Who will stand out in this year's search?  And, is there anything that can make Simon tremble?  

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: The .American Idol. stage. Three judges (Randy, Simon and Paula) sit at a table, with files in front of them. The contestants walk in one by one. 

Simon:             (looking at his watch) Can we get on with this already? 

Randy:             You got someplace else to be, dawg? 

Simon:             Time is money, Randy! 

Paula:              Chill out Simon!  This year's contestants are going to be great. 

Simon:             You think they're great every year, Paula. 

Paula:              Well, they usually are.  I can't wait to see what they've got for us! 

Simon:             (looking at his watch again) I can't wait any longer either.  (yelling off to the side) Is the first contestant ready yet or not?  Time is wasting! 

(Bob rushes in) 

Randy:             Hey dawg, how ya doin.?  What's your name and why are you here? 

Bob:                 Well Randy, my name is Bob and I'm here because I think I've got the perfect American idol.  

Randy:             Okay dawg, tell us what you got.  

Bob:                 I've been married for about twelve years... 

Simon:             Twelve years?  

Bob:                 Yes sir. 

Simon:             To the same person?  

Bob:                 Yes sir. 

Simon:             Are you kidding me?  

Bob:                 No sir.  But. 

Randy:             Twelve years?  That's not good, dawg.  A solid marriage isn't idol material, know what I mean? You gotta bring something better than that, dawg! 

Paula:              There's nothing wrong with a good marriage! 

Simon:             There is for America's idol.  Nobody wants to hear about his great marriage.  It's dreadful! 

Bob:                 You didn't let me finish, Simon. 

Paula:              He's good at interrupting.  Go on, Bob.  Tell us what you wanted to say. 

Bob:                 It's true I've been married for 12 years but I've also let myself indulge in many other kinds of pleasures. 

Simon:             (interested) Other kinds of pleasures? 

Bob:                 Yes, sir. 

Simon:             Like what?    

Bob:                 Flirting. 

Simon:             Ghastly!   That's kid's stuff.  

Randy:             This doesn't look for you dawg.  You know what I'm sayin.?  Come on, .flirting.?  Get real, dawg! 

Paula:              There's nothing wrong with flirting!  I love to flirt!       

Randy:             You love everything, Paula. 

Simon:             You think mere flirting is good enough to be America's Idol? It's useless that's what it is.  Ghastly!  

Bob:                 But there's more!   

Simon:             Like what?  Batting your eyes?  Get off my stage, Bob!  You're horrible! 

Bob:                 No, wait!  There really is more.  I don't deny myself anything.  

Paula:              Anything? 

Bob:                 Anything!  If it feels good or looks good, I engage in it.  

Randy:             Way to go, dawg! 

Simon:             All right.  I'll give you another chance, Bob.  I'm listening. 

Bob:                 There've been lots of times when I've been away on business and I'll meet some beautiful woman. 

Simon:             And? 

Bob:                 And I end up inviting her back to my room.  

Simon:             Even though you're married? 

Bob:                 Of course.  I'm all about the pleasure and believe me, spending time with other women is very pleasurable! 

Randy:             All right, now we're getting. somewhere!  What else? 

Bob:                 I've spent thousands of dollars on useless things just because I thought they'd give me pleasure. 

Simon:             Like? 

Bob:                 Sports cars. 

Paula:              (clapping her hands in delight) Oh, I love sports cars!  

Bob:                 Me too.  I love how it feels to be behind the wheel of a fine machine. 

Randy:             How many cars have you had, man?  

Bob:                 Gosh, I don't know.  I lost count.  I get one car and I'm happy for awhile but then I find one that can go faster or looks better, so I get rid of the old one and buy the newest and latest thing. 

Simon:             That's excellent, Bob!