What's the Difference-Drama Skit

What's the Difference-Drama Skit

Themes: Helping others, reaching out, witnessing, evangelism, teen issues, caring, Satan's tactics
Categories: Personal, Sin, Life Situations, God/Satan, Christian Living 

Lucifer and his Chief demon prepare for a monthly status meeting.  Things appear to be going well for Lucifer's kingdom, as we see firsthand the negative effects in the life of teens when they have no one who really cares for them.  But uh-oh, there's dissention in the ranks when one church decides to "mentor" a young woman.  Now, Lucifer's plans may crumble, unless he can counter-act the good will of those "Jesus Freaks."

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 6 (3 Male, 3 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: Lucifer awaits the arrival of his chief Demon, Benzer.  He should stand off to either side of the stage.  Center stage should be the other characters, spaced a few feet apart, sitting in chairs..  They should be in a .freeze. position.                            

 Lucifer:                   (Looking at his watch)  Where is Benzer?  He knows how I hate to be kept

waiting.  (Yelling)  Beeeennnnzzzeeeeeerr!   

Benzer:                   (Rushes in from side door, out of breath.  He has a clipboard in his hands) Yes, sir, Lucifer, sir!  Sorry I'm late sir but there was a problem in Sector 9 that needed my immediate attention. 

Lucifer:                   (irritated) Someone else could have handled Sector 9.  Don't let this happen again Benzer or I'm afraid I'll have to find myself a new Chief Demon. 

Benzer:                   Yes sir.  It won't happen again sir.  My sincerest apologies.  (Pause) 

Lucifer:                   (growing impatient) Get on with the report Benzer. 

Benzer:                   Yes sir.  (Flips through the papers on his clipboard) Since our meeting last month, I'm happy to report that things have been going well in Sectors 415 and 825.   

Lucifer:                   Show me. 

(They both move  in closer towards characters on stage.  Benzer loudly claps his hands twice to 'turn on. the scene.after the two claps, Dana comes to life)   

Lucifer:                   (looks at Benzer oddly) What was that? 

Benzer:                   It seems our remote control has been misplaced again sir, so I have to do things the old fashioned way. 

Lucifer:                   This is the 6th time this year that remote has been lost.  Who's currently overseeing that operation? 

Benzer:                   (checking the clipboard) That would be Forgetfulness, sir.  He can't keep track of the remote because he keeps forgetting where he put it last. 

Lucifer:                   (bopping Benzer on the side of the head) Hello, anybody in there?  You can't put Forgetfulness in charge of the remote.  Re-assign him, and put Perfection in charge instead.  That remote will never be lost again.   

Benzer:                   I'll make a note of that sir.  (scribbles something on his clipboard

Lucifer:                   Now, what's the story on this one? (points at Dana

(Dana is mindlessly watching a pretend t'v.  She looks bored and depressed. Occasionally, she pretends to change the channel with her remote.  This character has no lines)

Benzer: This is Dana. I'm happy to report that her grades have fallen even lower in the past month. She's getting mostly D's now and is very close to failing biology.

Lucifer: D's are good, but not good enough. I want that F in biology by the end of the week, and see if you can't get her to fail math as well.

Benzer: (making notes on his clipboard) I'll get right on that. I'll assign her Indifference. He always does a good job in these kinds of cases.

Lucifer: That sounds good. Now, what about her parents? Are they attempting to help her out in any way?

Benzer: No sir. Busyness is taking care of her parents. He's got them both working 50 to 60 hours a week, so they aren't around much. Even when they are, they're too tired to notice much of anything. Both are too preoccupied with their own lives to offer any kind of real concern.

Lucifer: Excellent. What about her friends? Anyone trying to cheer her up or involve her in anything?

Benzer: Oh no sir! She's still fairly new to town and hasn't made any real friends yet. Most of the kids snub her because she's an "outsider." Depression is doing a real number on her.

Lucifer: (smiling) That's music to my ears Benzer. Music to my ears. Next case.