Ride the Wave-Drama Skit

Ride the Wave-Drama Skit

Themes: Being prepared; life/surfing analogies
Categories: Topical, Christian Living 

When Frank spots a "surfer dude" practicing surfing on the beach, he stops to offer his assistance.  Through their conversation, Frank learns this is the surfer's first time at riding the waves, and doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing.  Frank offers some sound advice, and then learns that life itself is also somewhat like a surfing lesson: we've got to be prepared if we want to succeed.


This skit was originally written for a theme called "Catch a Wave," where surfing principles were introduced and used as a parallel to describe various aspects of life.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 2 (2 Male)
Length: 3-5 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A 'surfer dude. is standing on a surfboard (real or imaginary), acting as if he is surfing on a wave.  The 'surfer dude. character should be a little ditzy. He is a hip, young man, possibly dressed in a Hawaiian shirt or shorts. Optional: The instrumental song .Wipeout. can be playing in the back ground for the first minute or so, as the surfer dude does various poses on the surfboard: things like standing on one foot, trying to ride backwards etc. The more animated the surfer is, the better.  He should look like he's having a great time doing all his 'tricks..  

(Frank enters, and watches for a moment off to the side.  The music fades) 

Frank:              Excuse me, can I help you with anything? 

Surfer:             Dude, you've got to try out this board!  It's like, way cool! 

Frank:              That's a surfboard, isn't it? 

Surfer:             Totally! 

Frank:              Don't they usually work better in the water? 

Surfer:             Like, duh!  I was just practicing, bro.  Everybody knows you can't catch a wave standing on the beach! 

Frank:              Good point. 

Surfer:             Are you, like myself, a surf enthusiast? 

Frank:              (laughs) Me?  No.  I don't know very much about surfing at all. 

Surfer:             Then what are you doing out here on the beach, dude? 

Frank:              I'm not sure really.  I guess I'm looking for some inspiration. 

Surfer:             Righteous!  

Frank:              So, how long have you been a surfer? 

Surfer:             (looks at his watch) Like, 6 minutes. 

Frank:              (a bit shocked) Six minutes?  

Surfer:             Yeah, this is my first time out.  I'm totally stoked! 

Frank:              Are you sure you know what you're doing?  

Surfer:             Totally!  

Frank:              Really? .Cause I would think you'd need lessons or something before hitting the waves.  

Surfer:             Like, hello?  Why do you think I was practicing out here in the sand first, dude?  Watch this! 

                       (he bends his knees and puts his hands out to balance himself in a typical surf stance, then he raises one leg and moves the rest of his body around a little bit, while balancing himself of the board)  

Surfer:             Dude, aren't I awesome!  I'm a natural! 

Frank:              (trying to be polite but still hesitant) Oh sure, yeah, you're definitely a natural..dude (the word is a bit awkward and forced).    I was just thinking though that maybe you should get some professional advice before hitting the water.  

Surfer:             (quitting his pose, becoming defensive) Dude, are you like, trying to poop on my party? 

Frank:              No sir, I'm not trying to poop on your party at all, I just don't want to see you get hurt. 

Surfer:             How so, bro? 

Frank:              Well, let's say you're out in the water and you catch a huge wave. 

Surfer:             Righteous! 

Frank:              But because you weren't prepared for what to do, you wipe out. 

Surfer:            Not righteous!