The Solid Rock-Drama Skit

The Solid Rock-Drama Skit

Themes: God, the Solid Rock; good vs. evil; God's power vs. evil forces; nothing can change God's love for us; salvation
Categories: Children, Sin, God/Satan, Life Situations, Topical 

No sooner has Lisa made a decision to accept God into her heart than two evil villains, Two Face (a liar) and Dark Vader (fear) show up.  Not only do they challenge Lisa and her friend, Meg to battle but they also claim they can destroy the Solid Rock on which their trust is placed.  By telling lies and producing fear in the girls, the villains feel their victory is sealed.  However, when Truthmeister and Prayer Warrior appear, the villains easy victory is thwarted.  Truthmeister points out all the flaws in Two Face's lies, and Prayer Warrior gives the girls plenty of ammunition full of strength and protection.  Through battle, the girls learn that nothing, nothing can destroy the Solid Rock and God's love for us.  

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 6 (4 Male, 2 Female)
The characters of Dark Vader and the Prayer Warrior should be played by men but Truthmeister and Two Face can be played by women if necessary.
Length: 10-12 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting: A large rock/boulder sits in the middle of the stage.  All the children sit near the rock (either in front of, behind, to the side or around it depending on the size of the stage). Lisa and Meg, (played by two older children or teens) also sit near the rock, praying. They have their backs to the rock. 

Lisa:                (head bowed as she prays) .Dear God, it's me, Lisa.  This is the first time I've ever done this but my friend, Meg, says praying is just like talking to your best friend.  So, even though I'm a little nervous, I'm going to try to talk to you.  

I want to let you know I've been learning a lot of good things about you and that I want you to be a part of my life from now on.  Please forgive me for not always making good choices and for behaving badly sometimes.  I want you to come into my heart and be my best friend from now on.  Thank you for being here for me.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen. 

(Both girls open their eyes and look to each other) 

Meg:                (smiling) I'm so happy for you, Lisa!  See, praying isn't so hard, is it? 

Lisa:                No.  It really is like talking to a friend. 

Meg:                How do you feel? 

Lisa:                I feel great!  Like I can do anything! (noticing the rock for the first time) Whoa!  (She stands up and nervously takes a few steps back)  Where did that come from? 

Meg:                That rock? It's been here the whole time.  You just couldn't see it before. 

Lisa:                What is it? 

Meg:                It's a symbol of God. 

Lisa:                (confused) God is a rock? That's not exactly how I pictured Him.  I thought He'd have more hair. 

Meg:                I didn't say that's what God looks like, I said it's a symbol of know like a thought or an idea. 

Lisa:                Oh, I get it.  I think.  It's like when you go the restroom there's a picture of a man or woman on the door so you know which one to go into. 

Meg:                Sort of.  It's more like when you see a cross: you don't immediately think of a peanut butter sandwich. Instead you might think of Jesus or a church.  

Lisa:                Okay, I'm starting to see what you mean. I understand that it's a symbol but what I don't get, is why a rock?  What does a rock have to do with God?  Does He collect them or something? 

Meg:                No, not quite.  The Bible talks about God being a rock because rocks, especially big ones like this, are strong.  You can hide behind them for protection and you can't move them. 

Lisa:                So, God is like a rock because He's strong, He protects us and He's not going anywhere? 

Meg:                Exactly! 

Lisa:                That's so cool! 

(One of the Super Villains, Two Face enters.he comes .bouncing in like a
clown.  Two
Face is a liar.  He can be dressed like a clown with his face made to look completely different on both sides, to resemble two faces.  Everything Two Face does or says is based on lies) 

Two Face:       What's so cool? 

Lisa:                Who are you? 

Two Face:       (disappointed) Aw, you mean you don't recognize me?  

Lisa:                Should I? 

Two Face:       Of course.  

Meg:                I know who you are.  You're Two Face! 

Two Face:       Correct! 

Lisa:                Who's Two Face? 

Meg:                He's a big fat liar that's who he is!  

Two Face:       Liar is such an ugly word.  I prefer 'truth challenged..  

Meg:                However you put it, you're still a liar.  

Two Face:       I don't think so.  I'll prove it.  Let's take your little friend here.  Lisa, do you really think you can change your ways?  

Lisa:                What are you talking about? 

Two Face:       You say you want to be different.  You say you want to do better, but you don't really mean it, do you?  

Lisa:                Of course I do!

Two Face:       No you don't.  Being bad is more fun and you enjoy it. 

Lisa:                That's not true! 

Two Face:       Oh no?  Then how come when your parents weren't at home the other day you played video games for 2 hours even though they told you not to? 

Lisa:                (concerned) I.I shouldn't have.  I know that was wrong. 

Two Face:       But you'd do it again tomorrow.if you thought you could get away with it. Right?  You can't help yourself.  You'll never be able to change. 

Lisa:                (stammering) I.I.(she hides behind the rock)  

Two Face:       That's what I thought!  You're a coward! Do you really think this rock can protect you? I've got super strength! (he begins to pound on the rock) I'll make this thing crumble into teeny tiny pebbles! 

Lisa:                Help! 

(One of the good guys, Truthmeister .pronounced 'truth my ster..enters.  Truthmeister tells the truth and points out the flaws in the villain's accusations.  This character can be dressed in white and/or with a cape) 

Truth:               I don't think so, Two Face! 

Two Face:       (amused) Well, looky what we have here.  And just who do you think you are? 

Meg:                Truthmeister!  

Lisa:                (peeking out from behind the rock, she speaks to Meg) Truthmeister?  Who's that? 

Meg:                One of the good guys.  You can come out now. 

Lisa:                Are you sure? 

Meg:                Oh yeah.  This ought to be good!