Fight for Your Life-Drama Skit

Fight for Your Life-Drama Skit

Themes: Making wise choices; building your life on the "rock"; fighting for good
Categories: Children, Topical, Christian Living 

Max and Alex want to learn to "fight" (handle life's lessons), so they show up at a boxing ring. However, the owner of the ring tells them they need to train before they can even think about stepping into the ring.  With the help of Rocky and Sandy, the coaches, Max and Alex begin their training.  Rocky is a firm believer in hard work and makes Alex train long and hard.  But Sandy has a more laid back approach and Max finds her methods more appealing, in spite of the fact that  she is a "girl."   After a week of vigorous and not so vigorous training, who will still be standing at the end of the final round? 


This skit is loosely based on the "Wise Man and Foolish Man:" one who built his house on the rock and the other who built his house on the sand.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (4 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 10-12 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A boxing ring.  This can be imaginary (implied) or can be as elaborate as you want it to be.   

Two boys, Alex and Max enter and look around.   

Alex:                Is this the place? 

Max:                 I think so.  This matches the address in the phone book. 

Alex:                (calling) Hello?  Is anybody here? 

Fred:                (from off stage) I'll be right there.  

Max:                 When do you think we'll be ready to fight? 

Alex:                Fight?  We have to learn the basics first. 

Max:                 What basics? 

Alex:                You know, like punching (throws a punch to the side), dodging (moves his head back and forth as if to dodge punches,) and footwork (he dances around a little moving his feet). 

Max:                 Aw man, I just want to get in there and fight! 

Alex:                But you don't even know what you're doing yet! 

Max:                 How hard can it be? 

Fred enters 

Fred:                Sorry to keep you boys waiting.  I'm Fred.  I own this place.  

Max:                 I'm Max. 

Alex:                I'm Alex. 

Fred:                I take it you boys are here to learn how to fight. 

Max and Alex(very excited) Yeah! 

Fred:                Then you've come to the right place.  

Max:                 When do we get to step into the ring? 

Fred:                I like your enthusiasm, Max but you're going to need some training before you step into the ring. 

Alex:                (to Max) See, I told you. 

Max:                 What kind of training? 

Fred:                Well, I'll let our coaches explain all that to you. 

Alex:                We get coaches? 

Fred:                Of course.  You can't step into the ring unprepared.  The coaches are here to train you and to teach you everything you need to know.   Want to meet them? 

Max:                 Sure.  

Fred:                (calls to the side) Hey guys, come on out! 

(Rocky and Sandy enter. They are dressed in some kind of athletic gear, like t-shirts and sweat pants etc.) 

Fred:                Meet our new trainees, Max and Alex. 

(Rocky shakes both boys hands) 

Rocky:             (to Alex) You've got a strong handshake young man.  I like that. 

Sandy:             (shakes both of their hands) Nice to meet you both. 

Max:                 (to Sandy) You're a coach? 

Sandy:             Yes, I am. 

Max:                 But you're a girl!  

Sandy:             Is that a problem? 

Max:                 (hesitates) Well. 

Fred:                Don't let this .girl. fool you.  She's won more boxing matches than you can probably count. 

Max:                 (to Rocky) Is she that good? 

Rocky:             She's pretty good at what she does. 

Max:                 Can she take you

Alex:                Max, that's rude! 

Max:                 Sorry. 

Rocky:             I understand.  You just want a good fight. 

Max:                 Exactly! 

Rocky:             Well, we'll have to wait and see how well you do.  

Alex:                Do you both train us? 

Sandy:             No, you get to choose. 

Max:                 All right!  I choose. 

Fred:                (interrupts) You many want to wait and hear what each coach has to say first.  

Max:                 Why?  The choice seems pretty clear to me.  (to Sandy) No                          offense. 

Sandy:             None taken. 

Fred:                Each of these coaches has a different approach and unique teaching style.  You may find you fit better with one than the other.  Rocky, why don't you go first? 

Rocky:             Well, I believe in working hard.  The training isn't always easy but it pays off in the end.  

Alex:                So if we choose you, we'll be working a lot and training really hard? 

Rocky:             Yes. 

Max:                 That sort of sounds like a drag.  

Rocky:             It might be at first but I can guarantee that by the time you step into the ring you'll be well prepared for the fight. 

Fred:                What about you, Sandy? 

Sandy:             I have a more laid back approach.  I believe training should be fun.  There's no sense working yourself to death. 

Max:                 Now, that's more like it! 

Alex:                But will we still be able to fight well if you train us? 

Sandy:             That depends on you.  But in my opinion, big, strong guys like you and Max shouldn't have any problems at all. I think you'll be naturals.  

Max:                 That settles it.  I want her!