Love Me Tender-Drama Skit

Love Me Tender-Drama Skit

Themes: Marriage, relationships, compromise, speaking each other's "love language," making each other happy, thinking of other's needs
Categories: Love & Marriage, Valentine's Day 

Based on Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages," this skit explores the idea that each person has different needs that must be met in their relationships.  As the skit opens we find two couples who have not been relating to each other very well.  One man seeks affirming words from his derogatory wife, while another husband yearns to be close to his wife who often feels overwhelmed by her overly affectionate husband.  The wives also seem to yearn for the kind of attention their well-meaning husbands don't provide.  When the therapist suggests a rather unconventional approach in therapy, the couples are at first jealous and enraged but soon realize the wisdom in his words.  With a little nudge in the right direction, the couples find that pleasing one another can be a lot easier than they thought, and that the benefits are worth the effort.

Style: Comedy

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Characters: 5 (3 Male, 2 Female)
The therapist character could be gender neutral with a few minor changes in the script.
Length: 5-8 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Setting:  A therapist's office.  Two couples sit waiting for the therapist to come in. 

Bob:                 (to the other couple) Are you guys here for the same reason we                         are? 

Mark:               (looks at Renee, then back at Bob) We don't relate to each other very well. 

Bob:                 Us either. 

Jan:                 (to Renee) It's like we're speaking a completely different language! 

Renee:            (relieved, to Jan) I thought it was just us! 

Jan:                 I've heard this guy is really good. 

Mark:               I hope so or we're gonna be in serious trouble. 

Renee:            (looking at Mark, speaking sarcastically) We're already in serious trouble.  That's why we're here.  

Mark:               Don't you ever have anything positive to say? 

Renee:              Of course I do.  I'm positively sure we're in serious trouble. 

Mark:               I don't want to fight today.  Here. (reaches behind him, pulls out a flower and gives it to Renee who  takes it reluctantly)  

Renee:            Why would you give me a flower right now? 

Mark:               Because I want to make you feel better. 

Jan:                 (noticing the kind gesture) Oh, that is so sweet! I just love flowers! 

Renee:            If you're trying to make me feel better why don't you just give me a hug or something? 

Mark:               Why would I do that? 

Renee:            (exasperated) So I would feel better! 

Mark:               I gave you the flower so you'd feel better. 

Renee:            (she sighs) Whatever. (she angrily puts the flower in her lap) 

Bob:                 (to Mark) I think the hug would have been better. (puts his arm around Jan and squeezes her shoulder) My Jan just loves hugs.  Isn't that right, hon? 

(Jan is not so sure but she tries to manage a smile

Bob:                 Jan? 

Jan:                 (hesitates) Hugs are good. I guess.   (looking at Renee's flower in her lap) That flower sure is pretty though. 

Bob:                 You can't hug a flower. 

Jan:                 You can't buy a hug at Tiffany's

Bob:                 Exactly!  That's why hugs are better! 

Renee:            Amen! 

Mark:               (to Renee) What are you talking about? 

The therapist, Hank enters 

Hank:               Hello everyone.  I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long. 

(Both couples rise to greet Hank) 

Bob:                 (extends his hand to Hank & they shake hands) Not at all.  I'm Bob and this is my wife, Jan. 

Hank:               Nice to meet you.  And that would make you Mark? (he looks to Mark and extends his hand to shake)  

Mark:               Yes, and this is my wife, Renee. 

Hank:               Good to meet you both.  I'm Hank, as you probably already know.  Let's  sit down and we'll get started.  (they all sit) I've had a chance to read your files so I have a pretty good idea of why you're here but I'd like to hear from each of you.  Now, who wants to go first? 

(They all begin to talk at exactly the time. The following lines can be said and/or the actors can improvise as well. The point is for them all to speak over each other at the same time) 

                        Bob:     She never wants to spend any time with me.  It's like pulling teeth to get her to go anywhere with me.  I don't think she ever wants to be with me! 

                        Jan:     He never buys me anything.  All he wants to do is hold hands or sit by me or put his arm around me.  I'm smothering! 

                        Mark:   She never has anything good to say to me.  She always puts me down or nags at me.  I can't take it anymore! 

                        Renee:            He's always giving me stuff.  A flower here, a gift certificate there.  All I really want is for him to hold my hand or give me a foot massage! 

Hank:   (raises his voice) Okay hold it!  This isn't going to work.  We'll have to try another approach.