Traditional Values-Drama Skit

Traditional Values-Drama Skit

Themes: Compromise, change, family, marriage, tradition, expectations, Christmas
Categories: Love & Marriage, Christmas, Topical, Life Situations 

As a newlywed couple begins planning their first Christmas together, they realize their expectations for the event differ dramatically.  The husband refers to his wife as a "princess," while she thinks he is a "country hick."  Eventually, these two must work out their differences.  But how?  Told in a two part-skit,  this skit illustrates the value of compromise and uniting as "one."

Style: Comedy/Drama

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Characters: 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Length: 8-10 minutes
Excerpt (Sample)

Sue: That was my mom on the phone. We were just making the final plans for Christmas Eve.


Tom: (confused) What do you mean you and your mom "were making the final plans?" What does your mom have to do with it?


Sue: (Her turn to be confused) Huh?


Tom: Why are you and your mom making plans for Christmas Eve when we're going to be spending Christmas Eve with my family?


Sue: We're not spending it with your family. We're meeting my parents and my brother and his wife for dinner on The Plaza downtown.


Tom: Sue, you seem to be a little confused. You see, every year, I spend Christmas Eve at my folk's house, with the rest of my family.


Sue: Well, that's going to be a little hard to do this year, since you'll be dining downtown with me and my family.


Tom: Since when?


Sue: Since forever! It's tradition in my family and since you are part of my family now, you are a part my tradition.


Tom: Now, wait just a minute. It's tradition in my family that we all gather at my parents house, and since you are my wife, you will partake of my family tradition!

Tom:                 Since when? 


Sue:                 Since forever!  It's tradition in my family and since you are part of my family now, you are a part my tradition. 


Tom:                 Now, wait just a minute.  It's tradition in my family that we all gather at my parents house, and since you are my wife, you will partake of my family tradition! 


(They bicker for a few seconds) 


Tom:                 Whoa!  Time out!  This is getting us nowhere.  We obviously can't be in two places at once.  Why don't you tell me what you do with your family on Christmas Eve, and then I'll tell you what we do with mine.  We'll decide which one sounds better and that's where we'll spend Christmas Eve. 


Sue:                 Okay.  Every year my family meets on The Plaza for dinner, and afterwards we take a carriage ride.  Then we all split up and go shopping for one gift that best symbolizes the spirit of Christmas.  Whoever finds the most creative gift gets to keep all the other gifts, and they also don't have to help with doing dishes on Christmas Day. 


Tom:                 That all sounds very nice, but you see, with my family, we all gather at mom & dad's for homemade chili.  After dinner, we all help decorate the Christmas tree, while listening to our favorite Christmas music.  Mom just loves Elvis! (Strikes an Elvis pose and dances/sings in Elvis style)  .I'll have a blue Christmas without you!.  Then, we watch old home movies while drinking egg-nog and cracking pecans for pecan pie the next day.  It's a blast! 


Sue:                 (not convinced)  Wouldn't you like to try something different this year? 


Tom:                 Like dinner on The Plaza and carriage rides?  Honey, we can't afford stuff like that.  We're newlyweds remember?  Do the words 'tight budget. mean anything to you? 


Sue:                 But it's tradition.  Besides, I bet my parents would help us out if we asked them to. 


Tom:                 Absolutely not!  Besides, I don't want to spend Christmas Eve in some fancy-schmancy restaurant, then go shopping on one of the busiest nights of the year.  Doesn't it sound better to spend a relaxing evening in a warm country house? 


Sue:                 Eating your mom's fire alarm chili?  No thank, I'm still recuperating from the last batch. 


Tom:                 Come on Sue, can't you come down from your golden pedestal just for one night? 


Sue:                 What's that supposed to mean? 


Tom:                 Well princess, it means that you don't have to spend a lot of money and eat in fancy restaurants to have a good time. 


Sue:                 Is that what you think I'm a princess? 


Tom:                 If the glass slipper fits. 


Sue:                 Look Tom, just because I wasn't raised in a barn and taught to eat road-kill doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun. 


Tom:                 Are you sure you've never eaten road-kill?  Remember, I've eaten your mother's cooking!  Oh, now I get it that's why you all have to eat out on Christmas Eve!